MasterChef Australia Season 15: Where Are The Contestants Now?

In the fiery crucible of ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 15, culinary dreams were forged into reality. From the opening sizzle to the final taste, contestants battled with spatulas and creativity to tantalize the taste buds of judges and viewers alike. As the season premiered in 2023 on Network Ten, the spotlight shifted to the diverse paths each contestant would tread in the culinary world. Since bidding adieu to the ‘MasterChef’ kitchen, these culinary artisans have embarked on varied odyssey. Join us as we peel back the layers of time and taste, unraveling the culinary destinies of the season 15 contestants.

Brent Draper is Now an Ambassador of Coles

Brent Draper, a contestant who returned to clinch the coveted title, has since expanded his culinary empire far beyond the confines of the ‘MasterChef’ kitchen. With the launch of his ‘Behind the Drapes’ podcast, Draper invites listeners into the tantalizing world of gastronomy, sharing insider tips and culinary adventures. His partnership with Coles has seen him become a household name, creating mouthwatering content that tantalizes taste buds and inspires home cooks nationwide. In a delectable twist, Draper’s journey took an unexpected turn when he became associated with S&W Mayonnaise, adding a creamy touch to his culinary repertoire.

Collaborating with Bourne Coffee further cemented his status as a connoisseur of all things delicious. But it’s not just about the culinary conquests for Draper; even his personal life is a recipe for happiness. Sharing his journey with his wife Shonleigh and their two children, he has found solace in the tranquil beauty of the Northern Rivers, NSW. Nestled between the rolling waves of the beach and the lush hinterland, it’s a place he proudly calls home, where every sunset paints a picture of contentment.

Rhiannon Anderson Wants to Travel The World

Rhiannon Anderson’s journey took a different yet equally inspiring trajectory. Post the show, she revealed her newfound passion for promoting local fresh produce and supporting farmers across Australia. Her dream of opening a restaurant in Townsville took a backseat as she set her sights on a grander adventure – traversing the Australian landscape, cooking with ingredients sourced from farmers’ markets, and sharing her culinary exploits with the world. Her aspirations to host a television show blossomed, fueled by her natural charisma and love for being in front of the cameras.

But Anderson’s heart beats not only for food but also for a cause close to her soul. Supporting the vital work of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF), she champions the fight against a disease that affects countless women worldwide. In January 2024, she took a well-deserved holiday in South Australia, soaking in the sun-kissed landscapes and drawing inspiration from the vibrant culinary scene. Adding a sweet touch to her story, Anderson revels in the joy of grandmotherhood, doting on her grandchildren with boundless love and affection. Her journey is not just about culinary conquests; it’s about spreading love and leaving a legacy that transcends the confines of the kitchen.

Declan Cleary is Associated With Lee Kum Kee Australia

In the illustrious culinary journey of ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 15, Declan Cleary emerged as a shining star, his presence resonating far beyond the confines of the kitchen. While he may not have clinched the coveted title, his indomitable spirit and infectious passion for cooking have left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans across Australia. As the newly appointed Lee Kum Kee Australia Ambassador for 2024, Cleary continues to spread his culinary wings, bringing the flavors of Asia to kitchens nationwide. In a candid interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, he expressed his gratitude for his journey, highlighting the joy of making it to the semi-final and the overwhelming support from fans and family alike.

With a humble demeanor, Cleary acknowledged his unconventional approach to cooking, drawing inspiration from his globe-trotting adventures to exotic locales such as Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea, where he embarked on the legendary Kokoda Track. This wanderlust-infused culinary palette fuels his creativity, setting him apart as a truly unique culinary artist. Looking towards the future, he dreams of opening a seafood restaurant, a testament to his love for the ocean’s bounty. His vision extends beyond the kitchen as he explores opportunities for branding and promotional partnerships, content creation, and cooking demonstrations. From Asian sauces to pizza ovens and power tools, Cleary’s versatility knows no bounds.

Beyond his culinary prowess, he is a multifaceted individual, engaging in speaking engagements on topics ranging from construction to mental health advocacy and motivational speaking. His journey is not just about food; it’s a celebration of resilience, passion, and the pursuit of dreams. Adding a sweet note to his story, he shares his life with his partner, Talya Santos, their bond a testament to love’s enduring power. Together, they navigate life’s adventures, savoring every moment and embracing the unknown with open arms.

Theo Loizou is a Content Creator

Theo Loizou, the official ambassador of Gozney Outdoor Pizza Ovens, showcased his culinary prowess both inside and outside the MasterChef kitchen. From attending prestigious events like the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival to using his platform for a noble cause and raising funds for Yiayia Next Door Social Enterprise, Loizou’s journey is as inspiring as it is flavorful. With a knack for collaboration and a penchant for content creation on Instagram and TikTok, he continues to delight audiences with his culinary creations. Currently, in the process of opening a bakery, Loizou’s future burns bright, especially with Laure by his side, sharing in life’s savory moments.

Cath Collins Now Shares Her Recipes on Social Media

Cath Collins, a top 5 contestant, found her culinary calling beyond the ‘MasterChef’ realm. Associated with Cosmic Cookware Australia, she brings the flavors of home cooking to life, sharing her delectable recipes with the world through social media platforms.

Malissa Fedele is the Founder of Good Day Wellness

Malissa Fedele, a powerhouse of wellness, has transitioned from ‘MasterChef’ to hosting ‘The Good Day Wellness’ Podcast and founding Good Day Wellness and the Good Day Journal. Although her YouTube channel lies dormant, her impact on the nutrition world remains profound, having served as a nutritionist at Happy Way until November 2023.

Rue Mupedzi is a Private Chef

Rue Mupedzi, a private chef at Gathar, has left her culinary footprint across Australia. From her association with treats and platters to her delectable BBQ sauce sold in Coles, Mupedzi’s journey is a testament to her culinary prowess and entrepreneurial spirit. Attending her co-star Adi Nevgi’s wedding, she embraces both camaraderie and creativity in her culinary endeavors.

Adi Nevgi Continues to Honor Her Indian Roots Through Her Cooking

Speaking of Adi Nevgi, her journey post-‘MasterChef’ is a blend of her passion for food and her commitment to medicine. Balancing her role as an endocrinologist at Monash Medical Centre with her culinary aspirations, Nevgi’s star continues to rise. From publishing recipes on Instagram to pursuing collaborations with food brands, she navigates the intersection of food and health with grace. Getting married in December 2023, her journey is a celebration of love, learning, and the pursuit of culinary dreams.

Ralph Kahango Has Served as an Internal Auditor

In the flavorful aftermath of season 15, the culinary adventures of Ralph Kahango have taken him on an exhilarating journey of exploration and discovery. Transitioning from his role as an Internal Auditor at the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, Kahango has embarked on a globetrotting escapade, sampling diverse dishes from exotic locales and sharing his gastronomic exploits on social media. From cooking up tantalizing recipes to attending prestigious food and wine gatherings, Kahango’s culinary odyssey is a feast for the senses.

Antonio Cruz Vaamonde Works as a Private Caterer

In the bustling world of culinary endeavors, Antonio Cruz Vaamonde stands out as a polymath of gastronomy and technology. By day, he delves into the intricacies of software development as a Senior Software Developer at Servcorp, showcasing his prowess in the digital realm. However, it’s his passion for food that truly sets him apart. Living with his faithful companion Ziggy, a golden retriever who adds warmth and companionship to his home, Vaamonde dons the hat of a private caterer, delighting palates with his culinary creations.

Additionally, he extends his culinary expertise to the digital landscape, where he shares his culinary adventures and insights as a digital content creator on food. His association with MoleMap Australia adds yet another layer to his multifaceted persona, blending his love for food with a commitment to health and wellness.

Grace Jupp Co-Owns an Olive Oil Company With Her Husband

Grace Jupp’s journey is one of olives, jars, and impending motherhood. As an Olive Producer at Main Ridge Olive Company, Jupp immerses herself in the rich world of olive cultivation, infusing her work with a deep love and respect for the land. Simultaneously, she takes on the role of Marketing Director, where she weaves narratives that celebrate the essence of Main Ridge Olive Company.

Her association with Le Parfait – Preserving, Storage & Fermenting Jars adds another dimension to her culinary repertoire as she explores the art of preservation and fermentation. Collaborating with other brands and food companies, Jupp’s creative spirit knows no bounds as she seeks to leave her mark on the culinary world. Amidst her professional endeavors, Jupp also looks forward to a new chapter in her life as she eagerly anticipates the arrival of her baby in 2024, a joyful addition to her growing family.

Phil Conway is a Wine Buyer 

Phil Conway, now a Wine Buyer at Hairydog since April 2023, has seamlessly integrated his love for food and wine into his professional life. Through social media, he tantalizes taste buds with his recipes and captivates audiences with his cooking demonstrations. Happily married to Hayley Genovesi Conway, Phil’s journey is a celebration of love, passion, and the finer things in life.

Robbie Cooper Runs Online Workshops

Robbie Cooper, affectionately known as Uncle Robbie, emerges as a beacon of culinary inspiration in the digital realm. With a new knee acquired in January 2024, his resilience and determination shine through as he continues to pursue his passion for cooking. As a YouTube personality, he shares his culinary expertise with a global audience, offering tips, tricks, and mouthwatering recipes.

Delving into the realm of mob cooking, Cooper infuses every dish with love and creativity, focusing on creating delicious yet healthy meals. His dedication to culinary education is evident as he teaches cooking classes, empowering others to unleash their inner chef. Recently, he delivered two online workshops for teachers at Sydney Secondary College, sharing his knowledge and passion for cooking with educators and students alike. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of food, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of passion.

Alice Han is a Teaching Assistant Today

Alice Han, a visionary in the culinary and academic spheres, has embarked on a journey marked by intellect, innovation, and culinary creativity. Armed with a master’s degree from Stanford University, Han brings her scholarly prowess to The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) as a Teaching Assistant. Her role as Director (China) at Greenmantle LLC reflects her ability to bridge cultural divides and foster international collaboration.

During her tenure as Scholar-in-Residence at the Centre for Independent Studies, she showcased her intellectual depth and commitment to academic excellence. With her sights set on a long-term project, the bakery gym fusion concept known as Community Salon, Han pioneers a new frontier in culinary and wellness innovation. As she settles into her new home in London, her journey continues to unfold, promising a future filled with intellectual curiosity, culinary exploration, and visionary leadership.

Amy Tanner Continues to be a Chef

Amy Tanner’s journey unfolds at the intersection of wine and gastronomy, where she emerges as a formidable force in culinary innovation. Balancing her role at Cardwell Cellars with the nurturing of her brainchild, Amy’s Pizza, Tanner embodies the spirit of culinary entrepreneurship. Her affiliation with Bar Romantica further enhances her culinary repertoire, as she continues to carve her niche in the dynamic world of food and beverage.

Larissa Sewell Takes Cooking Classes

Larissa Sewell, adorned with the titles of twin mama, foodie, and urban kitchen gardener, embodies the essence of culinary creativity. As the driving force behind Graze Gourmet Platter Co., Sewell curates culinary experiences that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. Her cooking classes, conducted under the banner of Feast with Larissa, serve as a platform for sharing her passion and expertise with eager enthusiasts, enriching the culinary landscape one dish at a time.

Jessica Perri is Still a Pasta Enthusiast

Jessica Perri, the pasta aficionado and devoted family woman, finds solace and joy in the art of homemade pasta-making. Juggling her role as an Optometrist with her culinary pursuits, her kitchen becomes a sanctuary where tradition and innovation converge. With each handmade pasta creation, Perri pays homage to her Italian heritage while forging new memories with her loved ones, weaving a tapestry of culinary tradition and familial love.

Andrea Puglisi Holds Bartender Events

Andrea Puglisi, the master of flavors and mixology, orchestrates culinary symphonies that captivate the senses. As a private chef and event bartender, Puglisi’s creations transcend mere sustenance, offering a sensory journey of taste and texture. From intimate gatherings to grand events, his culinary prowess leaves an indelible mark, his collaborations with brands like Lola Migliore serving as a testament to his expertise and creativity.

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