Masterchef Australia Season 4: Where Are The Contestants Now?

The season 4 of Network Ten’s ‘MasterChef Australia’ introduced a diverse group of passionate contestants who showcased their culinary skills, competing in various challenges to impress the judges and advance in the competition in 2012. As the season unfolded, viewers witnessed the contestants’ culinary journey. Some have emerged as front-runners, while others live a private life now. Let’s know more about the ones we have found.

Andy Allen is a MasterChef Judge Today

Andy Allen, the winner of ‘MasterChef Australia’ season 4, has continued to make significant strides in the culinary world since his victory. In the ‘Special All Stars’ season, he showcased his expertise by participating in the seafood challenge, where he assisted the final four contestants. His culinary journey extended to season 6 and season 10. Season 11 saw him in a competitive light as he faced off against contestant Sandeep Pandit as a guest chef. Although he lost, this didn’t deter his passion for the culinary arts. Allen took on the role of a judge in season 12, further solidifying his position in the ‘MasterChef’ family.

Beyond the ‘MasterChef’ kitchen, he co-owns the renowned restaurant Three Blue Ducks, boasting five locations across Australia. His culinary ventures expanded with the launch of a beer called Travla in Australia. In 2018, his restaurant earned a prestigious Chef’s Hat. His hosting prowess extended to programs like ‘Farm To Fork’ and ‘Three Blue Ducks” on Network 10. The culmination of his culinary expertise materialized in the form of his first cookbook, ‘The Next Element,’ published in 2012. Diversifying his portfolio, he became an ambassador for Volvo Cars Australia and Samsung Australia. He also championed environmental causes as an ambassador for the Let’s Clean Up Our Backyard campaign with Clean Up Australia.

In May 2023, Allen played a poignant role as a pallbearer for the late Jock Zonfrillo. Personal life milestones unfolded for him as he got engaged in May 2020 and exchanged vows with his wife, Alex Davey, on October 8, 2022. His global culinary footprint expanded further with a visit to India in 2024, where he unveiled ITC’s homegrown chocolate brand Fabelle’s new collection with the Australian Macadamia Society. To stay connected with his audience, he maintains a presence on YouTube, running his channel.

Julia Taylor Has Contributed to Various Culinary Establishments

In the ‘MasterChef Australia’ universe, Julia Taylor, left an indelible mark, particularly in the ‘Special All Stars’ season. Her pivotal role in assisting contestant Kate Bracks to victory in the seafood challenge showcased her culinary prowess. Post-‘MasterChef,’ Taylor embarked on a remarkable journey, earning a prestigious scholarship at the Superior Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney, a testament to her dedication to the art of pastry. Her culinary expertise is best exemplified by her renowned creations, including the irresistible melting moments, macarons, syrup cake, and puff pastry, which she skillfully showcased during her time on ‘MasterChef.’

Her talent extends beyond the competition, as she has contributed to various culinary establishments, including Zumbo Patisserie, Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio, Albert Street Food & Wine, and The Press Club. A unique facet of Taylor’s journey is her role as the chef liaison at Breville. In this capacity, she focuses on both recipe and appliance development, illustrating her commitment to advancing culinary innovation and technology. Interestingly, she maintains a low profile on social media, refraining from its use. This deliberate choice allows her to channel her energy and focus into her culinary pursuits and professional engagements.

Audra Morrice is The Ambassador of The Pacific Asia Travel Association

Audra Morrice, a notable figure in the culinary world, has not only left her mark on ‘MasterChef Australia’ but has also expanded her influence globally. After showcasing her culinary talents on ‘MasterChef Australia,’ she took on the role of co-host and judge for ‘MasterChef Asia’ in 2015. She continues to contribute her expertise as a judge for ‘MasterChef Singapore’ and has even been featured as a guest judge on ‘MasterChef Poland,’ further solidifying her international culinary presence. In addition to her television appearances, she has ventured into hosting her cooking show, ‘Tasty Conversations,’ broadcasted on SBS Food Network in Australia.

Her passion for sharing culinary experiences extended to the publication of her first cookbook, ‘My Kitchen, Your Table,’ in 2016, followed by another cookbook titled ‘Cook & Feast’ in 2018. Beyond the screen and pages, Audra plays a vital role in the culinary industry by providing consultancy services for cafes and restaurants in Sydney. Her expertise spans menu creation, staff training, and operational enhancements. Impressively, she holds the position of creative food consultant for Laguna Phuket Resorts and Hotels, showcasing her diverse range of culinary involvement. She is not only a chef but also a producer of her line of all-natural gluten-free products.

Her catering business in Sydney caters to both private and corporate events, showcasing her versatility in the culinary business. In 2022, she received a notable appointment as the Ambassador for Sustainable, Gastronomic Tourism by The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). She further contributes to the culinary and cultural exchange as a board member of the Australia-ASEAN council. Balancing her professional and personal life, Audra is married to Carl Anderson and is the proud mother of two boys. Her multifaceted career includes speaking engagements and hosting events like the launch of The Regent’s Taste Studio in 2022, a luxury dining experience seamlessly blending gastronomy and art.

Mindy Woods is Now a Chef-Restaurateur

Mindy Woods, who appeared again on season 14 of ‘MasterChef Australia,’ demonstrated her culinary prowess with aspirations to secure another title. Despite her efforts, she was eliminated. She delved into hosting a TV show focused on Southeast Asian food traditions, showcasing her dedication to culinary exploration. The Australian Government recognized her talent, inviting her as a guest chef at the 2020 World Expo in Dubai. Her commitment to eco-friendly food production led her to study sustainable horticulture, expanding her knowledge in the field.

Currently, she owns the Karkalla restaurant in Byron Bay, acclaimed for its locally sourced seasonal produce and native ingredients. The establishment earned recognition in 2024 from The Australian Good Food Guide. Since 2015, she has served as the Co-creator & Director at Gourmet Earth. She also held the position of Head Chef at Shirt Bar for a year and is the Head of Culinary Development at Lotus Dining. In 2024, she participated in and hosted the First Nations Bushfood and Botanicals Alliance Australia Symposium on Larrakia Country. On the personal front, she married her wife Rachelle in 2017, balancing her professional success with a fulfilling personal life.

Ben Milbourne is an Entrepreneur Today

As for Ben Milbourne, after his ‘MasterChef’ journey, he returned to teaching but eventually transitioned into the role of a company director at Cultivate Productions. His contributions during the ‘Special All Stars’ season included aiding contestants as a guest on Masterclass. In season 5, he continued his guest appearances on Masterclass. Despite his elimination in season 12, he has flourished as the Owner and Director of Food By Ben & One Degree, showcasing his strengths in Mexican and seafood cooking. His cookbooks like ‘Mexican Craving’ in 2013 and ‘Tasmanian Trail’ in 2014, reflect his culinary expertise.

With around 100 cookbooks in his possession, he joined Hobart’s Peacock and Jones restaurant in 2021. Ben’s media career soared with shows like ‘Ben’s Menu’ and appearances in ‘Andy and Ben Eat Australia’ on SBS Food Network. A close bond with fellow contestant Andy Allen has endured beyond the kitchen. In his personal life, Ben, his wife Sally, and their two children, Jack and Charlotte, reside in Spreyton, forming a wholesome family unit.

Kylie Millar Has Worked at Renowned Restaurants

Kylie Millar has since made significant strides in the culinary world. Following the show, she took on diverse roles, showcasing her culinary skills and expertise. In season 5, she returned as a guest judge for an elimination challenge, setting the stage for her ongoing involvement in subsequent seasons. Notably, she emerged as a guest chef in season 7, and later in season 9, she resumed her role as a guest judge for another pressure test. Venturing beyond the ‘MasterChef’ realm, she has worked in some of the top restaurants, including Blue Hill, Ben Shewry’s Attica, and Spain’s elite Mugaritz. She honed her craft by gaining valuable experience at renowned establishments.

Millar kickstarted her journey with work experience alongside Aussie pastry maestro Darren Purchese at Burch & Purchese, followed by a stint at Sydney’s Pei Modern. Notably, her culinary prowess earned her the prestigious title of the 2018 Josephine Pignolet Young Chef of the Year. In addition to her culinary achievements, Millar has embraced the role of a loving aunt, adding a personal touch to her professional journey.

Alice Zaslavsky is an Author and Broadcaster

Alice Zaslavsky’s journey has been remarkable. Initially a teacher until 2012, she transitioned into the culinary world and quickly became the official face of Prahran Market. She has authored three award-winning cookbooks—Alice’s Food A-Z, In Praise of Veg, and The Joy of Better Cooking—solidifying her status as a culinary authority. Beyond her books, she has embraced various roles, hosting live events and managing her website, where she shares recipes and conducts cooking demonstrations. Her commitment to food literacy is evident through projects like Phenomenon and NomCast. Zaslavsky’s influence extends to the airwaves as the host of Saturday Breakfast on ABC Radio Melbourne.

Furthermore, she has served as a food judge for prestigious organizations like Dairy Australia, the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, the Kansas City BBQ Society, and Good Food. Since March 2023, Zaslavsky has contributed to Guardian Australia, further establishing herself as a prominent voice in the culinary landscape. Her participation in events such as the Margaret River Gourmet Escape alongside culinary luminaries like Nigella Lawson and Rick Stein underscores her continued impact on the industry. Additionally, she has taken on speaking engagements, including the 2018 Joan Kirner Young Woman Leaders launch. Her personal life is equally fulfilling, being married to Nick Fallu and enjoying parenthood with their daughter Hazel.

Beau Cook is a Firefighter at Fire Rescue Victoria

Shifting the focus to Beau Cook, a memorable contestant from season 4 who has pursued diverse paths. Since 2020, he has served as the Leading Firefighter at Fire Rescue Victoria, following a six-year stint as a Career Firefighter at the Country Fire Authority. In addition to his firefighting career, Cook has immersed himself in his love for food through ventures like Beau Cook’s Food Porn. His culinary journey extends beyond the kitchen, as he has engaged in activities such as personal training, food coaching, and mentoring healthy habits. His dedication to the culinary world was highlighted in a feature in Lupo Magazine. Living a life accompanied by his canine companion, he continues to make a mark both in his professional and personal spheres.

Wade Drummond Now Owns Mr Drummond’s Foods

Wade Drummond has carved a niche for himself as a Food consultant and entrepreneur. As the owner of Leake St Cafeteria and Mr Drummonds Foods, Drummond has combined his culinary expertise with a passion for community engagement. Leake St Cafeteria serves as the hub for his initiative, Cooking for A Generation, where kids in impoverished areas are taught essential nutrition and cooking skills. Despite the cafe’s crowdfunding success, it has since closed its doors. Her culinary journey also includes a 12-month tenure as the head chef at SoHo Lane until 2021. He also hosts pop-up shops featuring Mr Drummonds Foods.

Debra Sederlan is a Yoga Teacher Today

Debra Sederlan, a season 4 contestant, embarked on a unique path after the show. After starting a blog in 2012, which is no longer active, Sederlan returned to East Gippsland in 2013. Her mission was to uncover the hidden gems and rugged beauty of her hometown, showcasing local producers and their diverse offerings. In 2019, she transitioned to become a yoga teacher at Swan Cove Yoga, adding another dimension to her multifaceted career. Her commitment to showcasing the richness of East Gippsland and her transition to yoga instruction reflects her diverse interests and continued engagement with her community.

Amina Elshafei Has Returned to Nursing

Amina Elshafei, a returning contestant on ‘MasterChef Australia’ in 2020, has continued to make strides in the culinary world. Her cookbook, ‘Amina’s Home Cooking,’ published in 2015, reflects her passion for sharing diverse and delicious recipes. She also writes a recipe column for The Australian Women’s Weekly magazine and makes appearances on Studio 10. Beyond her culinary pursuits, she has returned to her job as a pediatric nurse in New South Wales, showcasing her dedication to both her profession and family. Amina is now a mother of two young children, Aya and Zayd, with her Lebanese husband.

Julia “Jules” Pike Lives a Private Life

Julia “Jules” Pike, who celebrated a new job with a bottle of Laurent-Perrier in 2013, has since gone off air and is not active on social media. The details about her current endeavors and lifestyle remain undisclosed.

Andrew Strickland Continued to be a Hairdresser

Andrew Strickland returned to his job as a hairdresser at Shed Hairdressing after his ‘MasterChef’ journey. He maintains an active presence on Facebook, sharing glimpses of his life, which revolves around buying trucks, watching his guitars, and engaging in usual homely activities. Despite his active presence, he keeps details about his personal life and profession private.

Tregan Borg is a Sales Representative

Tregan Borg, after her show stint, joined Jamie’s Ministry of Food Limited for six months. Then, she worked with VincentCare Victoria for two years as a Youth Justice Homelessness Assistance & Intensive Support Worker. In 2015, she became the Wellbeing Coordinator at the Department of Education. She has since worked as a sales representative at The Grifter Brewing Co. and also worked at Hawke’s Brewing Co. She is married to Harry Walsh and is a mother to their daughter, Olive.

Sam Davis Embraces a Personal and Enjoyable Lifestyle

Sam Davis is known for giving up cooking and now enjoys traveling with his wife, Gemma Davis. He showcases their adventures on Instagram. Although unclear about his current profession, he embraces a personal and enjoyable lifestyle.

Emma O’Shaughnessy Stays Away From Limelight

Emma O’Shaughnessy chose to keep her life private post-‘MasterChef,’ stepping away from the public eye. While she was spotted at Amsterdam Airport in 2014, she remains out of the limelight.

Filippo Silvestro Fell Into Trouble After The Show

Filippo Silvestro faced legal issues in 2015. According to the reports of The Cairns Post Australia, he was accused of drug possession. He was sentenced to two years behind bars but immediately put on parole. At the time, he worked as a chef at a Brisbane restaurant. 

Mario Mohorko is a Theater Artist Today

Mario Mohorko now claims himself to be a Theatre tragic, motor-sport enthusiast, and sim racer. He is associated with PLOS Musical Productions. He has performed in numerous stage productions and won his first official golf competition in 2024. Mario also worked as a Sales Manager at Horsepower Factory Ltd.

Dalvinder Dhami Now Stays in Singapore

Dalvinder Dhami, known for impressing judges with her curry, has been selling her Indian dishes at Singapore’s local market after her ‘MasterChef Australia’ stint. She is a mother of three kids and lives a very private life.

Tran Kim “TK” Nguyen Works at South Australia Tourism Commission

Tran Kim “TK” Nguyen, a food blogger today, completed her Bachelor of Design Studies in Architectural Studies from the University of Adelaide in 2012. She has worked with various organizations and is also currently the Marketing Manager at the South Australian Tourism Commission. TK got married to Ben Doecke in 2022 and has two dogs, Milo and Nala.

Kath von Witt is Now a Gallery Director

Image Credit: Hawkesbury Regional Gallery/Facebook

Kath von Witt got involved in gardening around 2012 and currently works as the Director of Hawkesbury Regional Gallery. She gave birth to Felix James Isambard Rowley with her husband Alastair Rowley in November 2012.

Matt Howell Keeps Her Life Under The Wraps

Matt Howell was an arts and commerce student when he applied for the show. With his dedication and his experience in the culinary department, he made it to the top 24. Post-show, he lives a quiet life and does not reveal his personal or professional life publicly.

Lydia Guerrini is an English Teacher Today

Lydia Guerrini is now a Teacher of English, Home Economics, Psychology, ESL & Health. She also received the 2023 B.J. Hickey Biblical Foundation Scholarship from the Centre for Faith Enrichment, Perth. She is happily married to Michael Wheeler and is a mother of two.

Kevin Perry is Now The Head of Customer Experience and Personalization

Kevin Perry, in 2012, became the CEO of Stadium Grub Australia and founded Dinner’s Ready in 2013. He is currently working at IVE Group as the Head of Customer Experience and Personalisation. Since 2023, he has been an Advisory Board Member – Data & Analytics at the Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association (ACXPA). Kevin is married to his husband Erik.

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