MasterChef Canada Season 2: Where Are the Contestants Now?

As the culinary battle unfolded in the sizzling kitchens of CTV’s ‘MasterChef Canada’ season 2 in 2015, a diverse group of passionate home cooks showcased their gastronomic prowess and vied for the coveted title. Fast forward to today, and the contestants have embarked on unique culinary journeys, each carving their distinctive paths in the world of food. Some have established themselves as renowned chefs, charming diners with their innovative creations, while others have embraced culinary education, sharing their knowledge with aspiring chefs. They have proven that their time under the intense spotlight was just the beginning of a flavorful adventure, and the echoes of their culinary triumphs continue to resonate in kitchens around the globe.

David Jorge Has Stepped Down From Joseph Richard Group

David Jorge, the triumphant winner of ‘MasterChef Canada’ season 2, has forged a successful culinary journey post-victory. Following his win, he established three restaurants named S+L Kitchen & Bar in Langley, Abbotsford, and Surrey between 2016 and 2017. In 2020, he stepped down as Corporate Chef and partner at Joseph Richard Group and S+L Kitchen & Bar, transitioning into semi-retirement from his concrete contracting company, Jorge Group. Maintaining an active online presence, David runs a YouTube channel showcasing his culinary expertise and investments.

Notably, he participated in the ‘MasterChef Canada: All-Star Family Edition’ special. In December 2023, he collaborated with Christopher Siu to open Daan Go Cake Lab in Vancouver. He partnered with the Women of Nepal House for the Ally Global Foundation and cooked for over 200 people rescued from human trafficking. Happily married to Tanis Jorge, David is a family man, enjoying vacations with his two sons, JJ and Nuno.

Line Pelletier is Working With the Federal Government of Canada  

Line Pelletier, the runner-up of ‘MasterChef Canada,’ has experienced a journey filled with culinary endeavors, personal challenges, and a tenacious spirit. Following her appearance on the show, she continued to showcase her culinary talents by cooking for various events and even founded The Saucy Line, a recipe development venture. Although the platform is no longer active, her dedication to the culinary world persisted. In 2019, she showcased her skills on the Food Network’s ‘Beat Bobby Flay.’ Unfortunately, the same year brought a personal trial as Line was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Despite facing this formidable challenge, she sought a new beginning in 2020, residing in Gatineau, Quebec, and working as a Computer Systems Technician for the Federal Government of Canada. Life took a heartbreaking turn for Line when, amidst her battles with cancer and chemotherapy, she lost her daughter Chelsey in 2022. The tragedy was compounded by the distressing discovery that someone had created a false IMDb page declaring her death. This misinformation hampered her negotiations for a cooking show aimed at helping cancer patients with nutritious and palatable recipes during their challenging treatments.

Cody Karey is a Singer and Producer

Cody Karey transitioned into the world of music after the show. As the Founder and Musical Artist at Cody Karey Music, he co-founded the vocal-pop trio, Parallel 3, in 2016. Cody’s musical journey includes being a professional classically trained singer and international performer. He is associated with the band Citizen West and Verve Music Group. He has also joined hands with Bloodline Design, a unisex jewelry and watch line, and gimbOWL, a shopping and retail venture.

Sabrina Poirier Keeps Her Life Under The Wraps

Sabrina Poirier, who participated in Canadian Gastronomic Week in Brazil in 2016, has kept her professional and personal life discreet. She is married to Anthony Papalia, and the couple welcomed a daughter named Gloria.

Christopher Siu is Opening a New Eatery

Christopher Siu again participated in season 7 of ‘MasterChef Canada’ and won the season. Since his appearance for the first time on the show, he seamlessly blended his culinary passion with academia. Returning to the University of Toronto to complete his pharmacy degree, Siu opened DaanGo Cake Lab, a pastry shop with four locations. His achievements include winning the 2019 Toronto Kam Cha competition and receiving the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs’ Young Entrepreneur Award in 2020. His dedication to innovation is evident as he explores the intersection of AI with flavors, designs, and recipes. In 2021, he got married to his long-time girlfriend, Angel.

Michael Motamedi Sold Everything to be a Travel Influencer

Michael Motamedi has undertaken a remarkable journey post-reality TV. In 2016, he ventured into the spirits industry, becoming a shareholder and the Chief Marketing Officer at Rabbit Hole Spirits, a bourbon distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. However, in 2022, he decided to pivot his career and delve into real estate, initially focusing on renovating century-old homes in Louisville. His role as a developer in the city paved the way for additional hospitality ventures across North America. A significant turning point occurred in June 2023 when Michael, along with his wife Venessa and their baby daughter, embarked on a transformative adventure.

Selling their home and car, the Motamedi family embraced a nomadic lifestyle, exploring diverse cultures, sampling new cuisines, and forming lasting connections worldwide. GuideGeek, the A.I. assistant from Matador Network, fueled this unconventional journey. Michael actively shares his travel experiences, including a 30-day Street Food Challenge in Mexico City in 2023, on TikTok, where he engages with a vibrant community. As of February 2024, he extended his storytelling prowess to the realm of podcasts, launching ‘No Fixed Address: The World’s Most Extraordinary People.’ This series introduces listeners to fascinating individuals he encountered during his AI-guided global journey.

Kristen Dwyer Owns Seal Cove Grocery & Liquor Store

Kristen Dwyer has taken on entrepreneurial ventures after the show. In 2021, she acquired Seal Cove Grocery & Liquor Express, demonstrating her business acumen. Despite warnings against entering the sub sandwich industry, the Dwyers successfully expanded the menu, offering innovative options like donair subs, turkey with smoky chipotle sauce, chicken bacon ranch, and honey mustard ham. Their efforts were recognized in 2022 when they won The Best Sandwich and Sub Award from Community Votes St. John’s. Seal Cove Grocery & Liquor Express received the Bright Business Award for New Startup of the Year in the same year. Kristen, now a mother, has gracefully balanced her professional and personal life.

Kwasi Douglas Owns a Food Emporium

Kwasi Douglas has crafted a multifaceted career in the culinary world. He owns the Douglas Food Emporium and Culinary Institute, a newly constructed restaurant. He documented the entire construction process on social media and fans were delighted to see it all happen in front of their eyes. Additionally, he manages the food company at Ajax and serves as a Private Chef and caterer. Expanding his ventures, he owns Best Life, a food service distributor, and Rumboclaat, specializing in premium HARD cocktails and more. Kwasi enjoys a fulfilling family life. He is happily married to his wife, and a doting father to loving daughters.

Kevin Gregory Takes Cooking Classes

Kevin Gregory, residing in Fredericton, New Brunswick, has chosen to share his culinary expertise through workshops and teaching. An excellent uncle, he often spends time with his sister Karla’s children, imparting cooking skills and creating memorable moments. While he maintains a low profile on social media, fans can catch glimpses of Kevin through his sister’s accounts, providing a heartwarming insight into his family-oriented and teaching-centric lifestyle.

Debra Pangestu is a Senior Communications Advisor Today

Debra Pangestu, though eliminated from ‘MasterChef Canada,’ emerged with invaluable lessons and a resilient spirit. In an interview with Richmond News after her TV exit, she emphasized the positive experiences gained, particularly the realization of not underestimating oneself. Pangestu, acknowledging that handling stress wasn’t her forte, considered her endurance on the show a testament to her strength. Despite her run ending earlier than desired, she expressed no regrets and hinted at future plans that would build on her TV kitchen experience.

Beyond the kitchen, Pangestu maintained an active online presence by running a YouTube channel, sharing recipes, and showcasing her culinary skills. However, the channel is no longer active. Post-show, she continued her professional journey, serving as the Public Relations & Communications Officer at Credit Counseling Society until 2016. She then ventured into communication specialist roles with companies like Expedia Group and Arc’teryx Equipment. In 2021 she held the position of Specialist of Global Public Relations at Lululemon. Currently, she holds the role of Senior Communications Advisor at Intact, demonstrating her versatility and expertise in the field of communications.

Kyle McKenna Now Owns a Food Truck

Kyle McKenna, another ‘MasterChef Canada’ alum, has embarked on a culinary venture of his own. Alongside his wife Alicia McKenna, he co-owns Johnny & Mae’s, a business with three food trucks situated in the St. John’s metro area. The couple expanded their operations in 2022, moving into Landwash Brewery in Mount Pearl, where they also run a seasonal truck. Adding to their joys, the McKennas welcomed a baby boy into their lives in 2021, balancing the responsibilities of parenthood with their thriving food business.

Deborah “Debbie” MacDonald Stays Away From Limelight

Image Credit: Chestico Place Port Hood’s Heritage Centre

Deborah “Debbie” MacDonald continued to share her passion for cooking even after the show. Participating in The Chestico Museum’s Newsmaker series in 2015, she recounted her ‘MasterChef Canada’ journey and the subsequent whirlwind adventure. Despite working full time, MacDonald found time to pursue her love of cooking and launched a line of Rook the Cook aprons. While she initially maintained a public profile, she has since gone private, providing limited updates to her fans.

Jennifer Motyer Has Again Found Love

Jennifer Motyer, earlier known as Jennifer Innis, has woven a diverse tapestry in her post-show life. Today, she thrives as a hairstylist and a registered dental hygienist at Aberdeen Dental. Adding another accolade to her name, Jennifer showcased her culinary prowess on ‘R2R’ season 2, reaching the finals and demonstrating her culinary finesse once again. Beyond the realms of dentistry and hairstyling, she holds a certificate in divorce coaching, embodying her commitment to supporting individuals through challenging life transitions. She tied the knot with Mike in 2019, and now revels in marital bliss, having found happiness after two failed marriages. Living harmoniously with Mike, Jennifer enjoys the company of her three children from previous unions, creating a loving and blended family.

Jonathan “Jon” Hameister-Ries Passed Away in 2021

Tragically, the life journey for Jonathan “Jon” Hameister-Ries took an unexpected turn. He reached the top 10 on the show and was one of the top chefs but god had other plans. He passed away on June 9, 2021, at the age of 37. His legacy lives on through his culinary contributions and the impact he left on those who had the privilege of witnessing his talent on the show. His restaurant, Meat City in Vancouver, stands as a testament to his culinary passion and creativity.

Tamara “Tammy” Wood is an Author Today

Tamara “Tammy” Wood, another culinary virtuoso from ‘MasterChef Canada,’ has continued to make waves in the culinary world. In 2020, she triumphed on the Food Network Canada competition ‘Wall of Chefs,’ securing a $10,000 cash prize and impressing some of Canada’s finest chefs. Undoubtedly a force in the culinary scene, Tammy also ventured into television with her show ‘Sossy Outdoors’ on the Canadian Sportsmen Channel, celebrating her talent for cooking fresh games from the West Coast.

She is also a food editor for BC Outdoor magazine and has penned her own Wild Game cookbooks, including the notable ‘Around the Woods in 30 Plates.’ Beyond her culinary ventures, she wears many hats, serving as a private caterer, cooking class teacher, private chef, hunter, angler, and mom to six children and now a loving granny. Tammy’s dedication to hunting, fishing, and cooking wild game is evident in her hunting and cooking show, ‘Saucy’s Got Game,’ further solidifying her status as a culinary trailblazer.

Andrew Al-Khouri Now Owns a Restaurant

Andrew Al-Khouri, a resilient competitor, graced the ‘MasterChef Canada’ stage once more in season 7. His journey continued as he established a culinary haven in Halifax, Nova Scotia, named aFrite Restaurant. Combining Mediterranean and Syrian fusion with a zero-waste mentality, aFrite pays homage to his mother. The restaurant, which opened in late 2017, is a testament to Andrew’s culinary prowess and commitment to sustainable practices.

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