MasterChef Canada Season 6: Where Are the Contestants Now?

When it comes to competitive cooking reality series, very few can match up to the ‘MasterChef Canada’ hype. With incredibly talented home cooks arriving from all over Canada, the cooking, presentation, and adrenaline rush runs high throughout the cookouts, even as Alvin Leung, Claudio Aprile, and Michael Bonancini judge every minute detail to the hilt. Season 6, which premiered on CTV in 2019, saw Kingston, Nova Scotia native Jennifer Crawford get crowned the ultimate winner. With significant time having come to pass since the season wrapped up, fans can’t help but wonder where their favorite home cooks currently are.

Jennifer Crawford Has Expanded Their Career to Professional Wrestling

After Jennifer Crawford won ‘MasterChef Canada’ in season 6, they and their partner, Logan Aubé, moved from Toronto to Jennifer’s hometown in Hants County, Nova Scotia. The pair purchased an 1866 farmhouse and gave it a gorgeous makeover. Being queer in the city was hard, but Nova Scotia gave them much-needed comfort and a feeling of community, which also aided the recovering alcoholic to work on themself. The food creative and public speaker had a massive career shift in 2021 and turned to professional wrestling through their alter-ego, Moon Miss.

Although the year was great for them in the arena, they faced a setback after breaking their leg. Throughout 2022, they co-wrote and co-produced the CBC documentaries, ‘Bump and Feed’ and ‘To the Moon’ to talk about their transformation from winning the show to becoming a loud wrestling professional. While they’ve chosen to expand their career in the wrestling ring, Jennifer has also ensured that their cooking ambitions stay consistent. Their social media profile shows a mix-bag of content from their fights to their cooking exploits, amidst which they also speak on queer rights and social causes.

Andre Bhagwandat is Working on His Fitness and Basketball

The runner-up of season 6, Andre Bhagwandcouldn’tat, had quite a lateral shift in his life after the show wrapped up. While he went on to participate in ‘MasterChef Canada: Back to Win,’ he did not get very far and was placed seventh. However, that didn’t deter him, as he kept himself busy hosting private events and pop-ups when the pandemic hit. Keeping his food ambitions to the side, the frontline worker and his wife decided to give their all in trying to help the patients who came in.

While Andre did start to maintain a YouTube page on his cooking exploits, it’s been several years since anything new has been uploaded there. He also opened Bhagy’s Bakehouse in 2023, but Google says the place is permanently closed. On the personal front, Andre has a 3-year-old son named Zayden from his former marriage. He and his partner, Amy, are set to welcome their child sometime in 2024 after sharing the good news in a December 2023 post. Andre has been religiously working on his basketball and fitness with his partner. Although dishes are occasionally visible on his social media profile, food primarily seems to have taken a slight backseat for now.

Joshua “Josh” Miller Now Has a Thriving Career as a Private Chef

Joshua “Josh” Miller AKA The Bearded Prairie Chef, was a part of the top 3. A funny yet equally talented content and recipe developer, he primarily focuses on dishing out simple, classy, homemade Saskatchewan foods and flavors. Josh has also started his career as a private chef and provides elegant and authentic dining experiences within the comforts of one’s home. His social media profile gives a lip-smacking glimpse into the hearty dishes he whips up for his clients, friends, and adorable family.

Cryssi Larocque is Making Strides as a Personal Chef

Cryssi LaRocque was happily slogging in the aviation industry when ‘MasterChef Canada’ changed her life. Soon after, she took up the role of a chef at Daytona’s Kitchen & Creative Catering. This was just the start, as she continued to dabble through a few more joints before deciding to start Cryssi’s Tiny Kitchen in January 2023. Her part-time business provides a chef-on-demand service wherein she creates customized menus and experiences for her clients, irrespective of the event and occasion. In July 2023, she shared an update on her recovery from a radical hysterectomy surgery. Cryssi spoke of the surgery as an eye-opener, leading to the decision to prioritize her health and happiness.

Chanelle Saks Has Established a Budding Entrepreneurial Venture

Chanelle Saks, a Calgary native, was one of the top 5 castmates of her season. A self-proclaimed “Fashion Foodie,” Chanelle founded Chez Chanelle, intending to inspire people with cooking, styling, and photography. She shares her favorite recipes, life hacks, and lifestyle posts, hoping to inspire and give a broad idea of how to live the fashion foodie life. Her social media profile has a ton of recipes that she whips up and all sorts of food and travel content that she gathers from her experiences. Chanelle has also founded She Sells Seashells, a business venture that sells jewelry, soaps, candles, and crystals in British Columbia.

Rozin Abbas is the Co-Founder of a Successful Children’s Playroom Furniture Brand

Rozin Abbas, an enterprising home cook from Toronto, Ontario, has been dabbling with quite a few different things after his MasterChef stint concluded. He participated in season 16 of the reality show, ‘Dragons Den,’ and spoke of Roo & You, a business venture he co-founded in 2020. It is a well-known name when it comes to children’s playroom furniture. His foray into entrepreneurship doesn’t end there, as in 2023, he co-founded Never Bored Inc. with the intention of revolutionizing local adventure tourism. On the personal front, he and his wife, Steph Lasher, welcomed their first son, Noah Abbas, in November 2020. Three years later, in January 2023, they had their second son, Felix Abbas.

Jennifer “Jenny” Miller is Now the Owner of a Catering Business and Pop-Up Shop

Havre Boucher, Nova Scotia-based Jennifer “Jenny” Miller, the fun-loving stay-at-home mother, is now the proud owner of a catering and pop-up business, The Humble Table, that she founded in 2019. Her business venture is doing quite well at present, and with ample assistance from her loving family and friends, Jennifer has been able to whip up a storm for her clients and food enthusiasts. Her social media profile, which has been created particularly for her business, gives a glimpse into the tasty and fulfilling dishes she strives to provide each week.

Alyssa LeBlanc is Now a Food Content Creator

Alyssa LeBlanc, a former public servant from Tusket, Nova Scotia, perfected the art of wild game and Acadian cooking. A confident and proud hunter, Alyssa’s social media profile is filled with all sorts of recipes she keeps whipping up for her family from time to time and the hunting expeditions she often embarks on. In 2020, she married Cody Mood, and the couple welcomed their son, Johnny Michael Mood, on November 8, 2021. Young Johnny is often seen accompanying his mother on her hunts, and Alyssa ensures she shares adorable proofs of the same.

Anthony “Tony” La Ferrara is a Happy Home Cook Today

Anthony “Tony” La Ferrara, the oldest participant of the season, was born in Anzano di Puglia, and thanks to his Italian heritage, his cooking was also heavily influenced by it. Now a proud Nonno to his four grandchildren, Anthony primarily cooks for his family and keeps himself busy in the company of friends and family. In 2021, he hosted a 10-part video series of Tony’s Health Kitchen live on the Facebook page of Saffron Hub. He has also held onto his love for soccer and continues to coach and mentor with the National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada.

Colin Buckingham Now Runs an Event Management Business

Colin Buckingham, a car salesman from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, was in the top 10 of his season. Since the show ended, his life has changed quite a bit. He married Courtney Elizabeth in 2021, and the couple welcomed their first child in 2022. Colin now runs Best Kind Kitchen Party, which caters to all sorts of events. Colin has maintained a discreet profile and has chosen to keep his life and world after the show away from the public eye.

Cliff McArthur Prefers to Maintain a Low Profile

Cliff McArthur was the second castmate to get eliminated from season 6 of ‘MasterChef Canada.’ While the pit master was pretty active on his social media for a short while after the show ended, Cliff seems to have now gone off the radar. He does seem to continue providing catering services, as his bio indicates, but his current whereabouts aren’t very clear, as the last post on his social media profile was way back in 2019.

Steven Lapointe Has Established Himself as a Pastry Chef

Steven Lapointe was the first elimination of the season. The young international figure skater from Acton Vale, Quebec, has since then done quite well for himself by foraying into the culinary world. He works at Pearl Morissette’s RPM Bakehouse as their in-house pastry chef. Stephen isn’t very active on social media, but he appears to be an expert in baking and whipping up new creations with ease, as the bakehouse’s social media profile seems to suggest.

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