Are Matt and Alla From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiancé’ is indeed a turbulent ride. Etched with the promise of romance, it cannot but also keep it real through the many ups and downs a couple has to endure in a cross-cultural meeting of love. The show, in many ways, has established a cult following of its own, imparting the viewers with much curiosity to keep in touch with the recent events in the lives of its participants. Even at the peak of its drama, we cannot help but be more immersed in the lives of these couples.

Matt and Alla: 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Dating sites seem to open a portal for international dating experience as these two, like many other couples from the show, met each other through a dating website. They weren’t lucky the first time round as Matt married someone else soon after they had met. However, who can stop what destiny has planned for us? The couple got together eventually and went ahead to get married.

The two faced quite the criticism from Matt’s family regarding their relationship. This was quite the bummer as Matt really hoped that they would all get along together. Alla, who came down to Kentucky to live with Matt, wasn’t very enthusiastic about the arrangement as she wanted them to live together in a bigger city.

The couple faced yet another setback when Matt’s friend got very vocally offended about Alla not marrying Matt out of love but perhaps for other gains. This was a significant set back during the show as it became a very awkward moment for the couple and their other friends who were present for that dinner. Later, much of these differences were sorted out. They also managed to outweigh the cons and go-ahead to enter a new chapter in their lives, but are they still together?

Matt and Alla: Are They Still Together?

Yes! The couple who we rooted for are together and doing quite well. The duo, along with their son, seems to be very happy and bonding deeply as a family. The two, in many of their posts, seem star-struck and falling more in love with each passing day. The many pictures of them at sunsets, traveling, or merely sitting on the sofa lacks no intensity. Matt’s fourth time seems to be his lucky charm.

Alla, who is quite active on her Instagram page, regularly posts pictures of the two and their family. One of their recent adventures included skydiving. The couple really seems to be living it up in Cincinnati. They also seem to have done their fair share of photoshoots at all the romantic spots they could find. The couple’s fans are definitely consuming all of the titbits with much fascination.

Matt, who is also quite active on social media, makes a public comment about how lucky he has been to meet and get married to Alla. His status reads:  Married to my precious love AllA and father of the most amazing and awesome 11-year-old Max. Love to travel!! Work at Northern Kentucky Auto Sales.”

Matt’s quest for love through marriage seems to have worked this time. Another exciting news that might make everyone happy is that the couple is soon expecting a child together.

Matt and Alla have posted many pictures about this happy event concerning the addition of a new member to their family. The couple replies to everyone’s comments and likes. Happy endings are a rarity, but definitely not for these two. 

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