Max DeVries’ Mom and Sister Have Not Given Up on Him Even Till Today

‘Never Seen Again’ is a Paramount+ series focused on various true stories revolving around cases of disappearance for which the loved ones of the victims continue to seek answers. Episodes 1 and 2 of the show’s fifth season are two parts of the story titled ‘Max DeVries: Nightmare in Paradise.’ Apart from learning the details of the disappearance of Max DeVries, the world also gets to know more about the struggles that his mother and sister, Yvonne and Dominique DeVries, have gone through in the past many years. Their heartfelt words have helped them gain the love of many, with the public becoming curious about the recent updates in their lives.

Yvonne DeVries Continues To Fight For Her Son

Mother to Max DeVries, Yvonne DeVries, has left no stone unturned in trying to find out just what happened to her son, who disappeared in Aruba on May 12, 2004. In the documentary series, she talked about the lovely life that she had been living with her two children, Max and Dominique DeVries, as well as her husband, George DeVries. However, the latter passed away suddenly due to a heart attack on November 10, 2002, leaving his family devastated.

It was George who instilled a love for water and water-related activities in his children, which is why Yvonne thought that a trip to Aruba might just be what her kids needed to move along the healing process, hopefully. While there, she and her family were apparently approached by two men who claimed to be a pair of adopted fathers and sons. As shared by Yvonee, after they had established a good rapport with the DeVries family, the younger of the two men took Max to jet ski one day, and they returned safely.

On May 12, 2004, the older man apparently also asked Max if he wanted to go jet skiing once more. Though initially reluctant, Yvonne had given permission, not realizing that this would be the last time she would see her son. When the man accompanying her son came back alone, she allegedly saw scratch marks on his body and believed that her son might have inflicted those wounds on him as a way to defend herself. However, she had apparently not been able to successfully have the man tested for her son’s DNA.

Coming back home after humorous days of searching, Yvonne apparently got the help of Cory Williams, a former detective in the Michigan Police Department. Since then, Yvonne has continued to hope that her son’s ultimate fate will be made known to all. Over the years, she has been contacted by two different women who have claimed to be former partners of the younger of the two men that the DeVries family apparently met in Aruba. The statements given by the ladies, who prefer to keep their identities hidden, have alluded to the fact that both men had something to do with Max’s fate, which might have been darker than a simple accident in the open waters.

Dominique DeVries Regerts Having Lost Her Chance At a Sibling Connection

When her brother Max DeVries disappeared on May 12, 2004, in Aruba, Dominique DeVries had only been 12 years old. She was two years younger than him and did seem to have a good connection with her, not unlike what one might expect from siblings of that age. The date of her brother has certainly weighed hard on Dominique, who lost both her father, George De Vries, and her brother quite quickly.

In the Paramount+ documentary series, Dominiuuque could not help but praise the strength her mother, Yvonne DeVries, had shown during one of the most challenging times in their lives. She claimed that Yvonne had tried her best not to break down in front of her daughter and to be the support she needed. Dominique shared about the hope she and her mother had felt when the Federal Bureau of Investigation had assigned an officer to the case of MaxDevries and the disappointment that had followed after the officer was reassigned. She openly lamented the fact that she lost the chance of growing up with her sibling and stated how she can often not help herself when it comes to imagining what it would have been like had Max remained with them.

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