Love During Lockup: Are Max and Tara Medlock Still Together?

In the tumultuous world of ‘Love During Lockup,’ where love is tested behind prison bars and relationships are anything but conventional, Max and Tara Medlock’s journey took viewers on a rollercoaster ride filled with twists, turns, and unexpected detours. Their story unfolded during season 3 of the show. Max, a charismatic individual, entered the scene through a unique connection—a phone relationship with the enigmatic inmate Tara. Despite Tara’s mugshot and a handful of old photos, she remained a mysterious figure onscreen.

Max and Tara Medlock’s Romance Wasn’t Destined To Live For Long

On the show, throughout Max’s blossoming romance with Tara, he found himself entangled in a peculiar living arrangement with his somewhat girlfriend and OnlyFans partner, Alessa. Alessa and Max had an agreement—a partnership to create content and generate income while Max enjoyed the comforts of living rent-free with her. However, complications arose when Alessa’s jealousy flared up due to Max’s expressed interest in dating inmates. Frustrated and unwilling to share her man, Alessa promptly kicked Max to the curb, relegating him to crash on a friend’s couch.

As Max navigated the complexities of his love life, Tara’s anticipated video chat with him never materialized. Unbeknownst to Max, Tara had been released from prison without a word to him. Feeling abandoned and unimportant, Max reflected on his experience with Tara, expressing his disappointment and concluding that she never truly cared about him. In a surprising turn of events, viewers witnessed that Max’s breakup with Tara became a catalyst for him and Alessa to reconcile. A flashback clip captured a date when Max pledged to do better in their relationship with Alessa.

Uncertain about the future, Max admitted to keeping his options open, exploring connections with other inmates. Then came Elizabeth, a Georgian seeking emotional, mental, and financial support. Max, intrigued by Elizabeth’s openness, engaged in a flirty video chat with her. Their conversations ranged from compliments to discussions about workout routines, with Elizabeth making a bold move that caught Max’s attention. This all happened on the show when viewers wanted to see more of Tara and Max, but eventually, the relationship died down.

Max and Tara Medlock Were Never in a Relationship

The ‘Love During Lockup’ journey ended, but Max and Tara’s stories continued beyond the confines of reality television. In April 2022, Tara found herself on the wrong side of the law once again, getting arrested in Georgia for missing a court date. Reportedly, despite a low bond, Tara spent five weeks behind bars. Fast forward to December 2022, Tara is again active, signaling her release. It seems she is away from the prison as according to the reports she has completed her probation too. In an intriguing interview, Tara addressed the nature of her relationship with Max, suggesting a stark contrast in their perspectives. While Max painted a picture of a romantic involvement, Tara insisted they were merely friends.

While Max keeps her life under wraps now and is now away from any limelight, Tara revealed that she has co-hosted ‘Red Flags with Lily & Tara.’ The revelation didn’t stop there—she has casually disclosed being married to her high school sweetheart. Their relationship, however, is a little unconventional, as they have chosen to maintain an open dynamic where seeing other people is acceptable. Despite this arrangement, Tara and her high school sweetheart never went through a divorce. Delving deeper into Tara’s personal life, reportedly, she has an attraction to women and is currently dating someone. The identity of her new partner remains shrouded in mystery, adding an element of intrigue.

In the ever-evolving saga of Max and Tara Medlock, the post-show revelations have brought forth a tapestry of complexities. Tara’s legal troubles, her ambiguous relationship with Max, and her unconventional marriage have painted a vivid picture of a life far from the conventional norms. As Tara embarks on a new chapter, co-hosting a podcast and exploring relationships outside the bounds of societal expectations, viewers remain hooked to her story.

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