MDC 3 From World of Dance: Everything We Know

MDC 3 World of Dance

Since its inception on May 30, 2017, NBC’s ‘World of Dance’ has been treating the viewers with top-quality dance performances from supremely talented dancers across the globe. Created in collaboration with the world’s largest dance entertainment enterprise of the same name, the dance reality series has made a name for itself in the television scene. Season 4 of the series has introduced a fresh batch of contestants. The dancing trio, MDC 3, is one of the most creative and unique performers in the fourth season. Here’s everything you need to know about the members of the top-drawer team.

MDC 3: Where Are They From?

The MDC 3 has been formed by Shannon Mather, a world-renowned choreographer. Shannon is the founder of Mather Dance Company, a dance institute comprising highly skilled dancers ranging from ages five to eighteen. Open since 2009, it is located on Vía Rodeo, Placentia, in northern Orange County, California. The experts at the faculty provide first-rate training to students on various dance forms like Contemporary, Ballet, Latin Ballroom, Jazz, Musical Theater, Pointe, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, and Tap.

Apart from teaching professional dance moves and techniques, the company trains the students to enter the international world of dance and entertainment. It stands out from the rest of the institutes by also putting the focus on taking inspiration from their personal lives and conveying them through movements. The company also gives importance to imbibing proper discipline in all its students. Since its inception, they have participated in several competitions and also won many.

Who Are the Members of MDC 3?

The members of the MDC 3 are Madison Smith, Diego Pasillas, and Emma Mather. Diego Pasillas has been dancing since he was a child and has been to various dance classes before enrolling in MDC. The 17-year-old lives in the seaside city of Huntington Beach with his family.

Madison AKA Madi hails from the city of Murrieta, located in southwestern Riverside County, The 17-year-old comes from a family of artists. Her mother is a thespian, while her older sister is a dance performer. Naturally, Madi leaned towards dancing and took it up professionally by joining MDC. When Madi’s mother was battling breast cancer for the second time, Madi set up a dance routine to spread awareness.

Emma Mather is the youngest member of the group. The 15-year-old is the daughter of the mentor and choreographer, Shannon Mather. She has inherited her mother’s genes when it comes to dancing and despite being the youngest, the girl possesses the ability to sweep everyone off their feet with her flawless moves. She is a resident of Anaheim, in Orange County.

MDC 3’s Performances

The team of best friends has been participating in various competitions for over six years now. Their motto is to never give up, no matter what life throws at them. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this isn’t their first time on ‘World of Dance.’ Diego, Madi, and Emma have been trying to get selected for the past four years and because of their determination, hard work, and chemistry, the team has managed to finally sail through this year.

They have been a trio for the last seven years. Here’s a throwback picture of the three exceptional dancers from their first dance as a team, back in 2014!

Diego, Madi, and Emma love to spend their time dancing and training together at the dance academy. When they are not training or rehearsing for hours, the trio loves to let loose and indulge in offbeat, goofy, and funny dance moves. Here is a video to support the statement!

Apart from the trainers at Mather Dance Academy, Diego has also collaborated with other performers, including the popular choreographer, Talia Favia.

MDC 3 Prediction: How Far Will They Go?

On their official Instagram account, Madi stated, “What makes our trio unique is our storytelling and our ability to make the audience connect to our emotions through our movement.” After witnessing their emotionally charged performance in the Qualifiers, followed by another electrifying dance act in the Duels, we are sure the judges agree with what Madi believes.

By spinning a story of a bitter love triangle between two women and one man through contemporary dance moves, the trio becomes the first one to pick up their dance act, where they left off in the previous round. With a go-getter attitude, combined with their incredible synchronization, there is a great chance that the trio might spin its way to the finals, and even emerge as the winners.

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