Megan Kingsbury: Where is Maddi Kingsbury’s Sister Now?

Image Credit: Megan Kingsbury/TikTok

On March 31, 2023, when Madeline Kingsbury responded to an old picture sent by her older sister, Megan Kingsbury, little did Megan know that it would mark their final conversation. The subsequent weeks proved to be incredibly challenging for Megan and her family as they tirelessly searched for Madeline and sought answers regarding her disappearance. The devastating confirmation of Madeline’s fate came in June 2023 when her remains were discovered. In the CBS’ ’48 Hours’ episode titled ‘The Disappearance of Maddi Kingsbury,’ Megan recounts cherished memories of her and shares how she coped with losing her.

Megan Kingsbury Used Social Media to Spread Word About Her Sister

Growing up Megan Kingsbury doted on Madeline, her younger sister, and their brother Steven. The trio shared a joyful upbringing with their parents, embodying qualities of intelligence, humor, and ambition. Megan pursued her education diligently, earning an Associate of Arts degree from Inver Hills Community College and later completing her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from Metro State University in 2017. Throughout their lives, the siblings remained close-knit, offering unwavering support to one another.

On the morning of March 31, 2023, Megan received a text from Madeline, a routine exchange that belied the tragic events to follow. After dropping off her kids at daycare, Madeline responded to an old photo Megan had sent. That evening, when Megan’s mother, Krista Neber, attempted to call Madeline but received no answer, she alerted Megan. Initially, the lack of response was dismissed as Madeline being occupied. However, concern grew when Madeline remained unreachable the following day. Megan reached out to one of Madeline’s friends, who reported that while the house appeared dark, Madeline’s car remained parked in the driveway.

Alarmed, Megan and her family contacted Adam Fravel, Madeline’s ex-boyfriend, who expressed worry over her absence and disclosed that he had taken their children to his parents’ house. The following day, Megan sensed that something was amiss and joined her family in filing a missing person report for Madeline. With a determination to increase awareness about her sister’s disappearance, Megan took to TikTok, creating a heartfelt appeal for assistance and urging viewers to provide any information they might have. The video gained immense traction, amassing half a million views and leading to a surge in tips received by the police.

On June 7, Megan received a phone call informing her that the human remains discovered had been positively identified as Madeline’s. Recalling the moment, she expressed her profound shock and grief, stating, “I was on the floor and like screamed, crying…what do you say when somebody tells you something like that? There’s nothing that you can say.” Megan was further stunned to learn that Fravel had been charged with the second-degree murder of her sister. Throughout the subsequent developments in the case, Megan continued to provide updates to her followers on TikTok.

Megan Kingsbury is Settled in Minnesota Today

Megan Kingsbury remains highly engaged on social media, frequently sharing cherished memories of her sister, Madeline Kingsbury. She ensures that every detail related to the case is brought to light, determined that her sister will not be forgotten. Megan’s activism is evident in her efforts to raise awareness through merchandise and calls for justice for Madeline. Additionally, she actively amplifies messages and notifications concerning individuals and their families experiencing distress, offering her insights on grieving in the hopes of aiding others going through similar losses.

Megan currently holds the position of Client Success Representative at IC System, where she oversees account portfolios and manages client relations and communications. Before this role, she served as a Front Desk Coordinator and Senior Claims Account Representative. Eager to further develop her skills, Megan is currently completing a certified course in Project Management through Google. Beyond her professional endeavors, Megan is deeply committed to social causes, often lending her support to initiatives addressing domestic violence and other important issues.

In 2022, Megan became engaged to William Hancock, and the couple is preparing to tie the knot in 2024. Megan expressed that organizing these arrangements without her sister feels strange, as if life is progressing without her presence, but she acknowledges it as part of moving forward. Alongside her son, Logan, and her cherished dog, Finnigan, Megan has established her home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is getting ready to embrace this new chapter in her life. She intends to keep her sister’s memory alive for as long as she lives.

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