Is Michael From Love After Lockup Together With Megan or Sarah?

‘Love After Lockup’ has had its fair share of dramatic love stories, but perhaps none as chaotic as the rollercoaster romance involving Michael Simmons, Megan Nash, and Sarah Simmons. The saga unfolded in seasons 2 and 3, weaving a tangled web of deceit, multiple engagements, secret marriages, pregnancies, and even a stint behind bars for Michael. As viewers were introduced to the personalities, little did they know they were about to witness the series’ only three-person love triangle, with Michael juggling between Megan and Sarah. This tale of love, betrayal, and unexpected twists captivated audiences, leaving them eagerly anticipating the resolution of this tumultuous affair.

The Love Triangle Of Michael, Sarah and Meghan on the Show

The unsuspecting center of this love triangle on the show was Megan Nash, who was saving herself for a special man. But she didn’t know that Michael, serving a two-year sentence for a parole violation across the country, was not only engaged but already married to Sarah, the mother of his young daughter. As Megan enthusiastically planned her wedding to Michael, blissfully unaware of his double life, the truth began to unravel. Shockingly, Sarah and Michael weren’t just engaged—they were secretly married. Michael managed to spend time with both women without them discovering each other’s existence. To make matters worse, he impregnated Sarah again.

Michael, torn between the two women, couldn’t decide whether to choose Megan or stick with Sarah, with whom he had a six-year history. Even his mother, privy to his dual relationships, urged him to prioritize his wife and daughter. Eventually, Michael seemed to lean towards ending things with Megan, but fate took an unexpected turn when he was sent back to prison for four months due to a parole violation during a visit with Megan. Sarah, in a moment of revelation, discovered Michael’s affair by checking his phone while he was behind bars. The confrontation was explosive, and she vowed to divorce him, expressing disbelief at enduring years of deception.

Seeking closure, the season concluded with both declaring they were done with Michael, who remained incarcerated, and Sarah expressing her desire for a divorce. Viewers further witnessed at the end of the season that Michael relocated to Miami after his release, moving in with his new girlfriend, Maria. However, their relationship crumbled, prompting Michael’s return to New York, where he spent time with his daughters and attempted to reconcile with his estranged wife, Sarah. Amidst this chaos, Sarah also briefly dated Malcolm.

Michael, Sarah and Meghan are No Longer In Contact With Each Other

As the dust settled on the ‘Love After Lockup’ drama, the post-show lives of the trio unfolded in surprising ways. Megan Nash, once entwined in a web of love with Michael Simmons, spilled the beans about a past pregnancy, carrying the torch for Simmons’ child. The plot thickened with the heart-wrenching revelation of a miscarriage. Post-show, Megan disappeared from the digital stage, only to resurface with a mysterious new profile. Quizzed by a curious netizen about her relationship status with Michael, Megan has now shattered any illusions of happily-ever-after, declaring her newfound single status.

Veiling her romantic escapades in secrecy, she now keeps her dating profile under wraps, leaving fans eager for the next chapter of her love life. Meanwhile, in the tangled web of matrimonial ties, Sarah and Michael’s story has also taken a different turn. Fearful of the marriage plunge for the second time, Sarah Simmons has bared her soul, disclosing a blossoming romance with an incredible man. However, the shadow of an unresolved past looms large, as she and Michael are still legally hitched. Undeterred, Sarah redirects her focus to self-improvement and quality time with her two daughters, carving a path of independence.

As for Michael’s romantic escapades, the plot thickened with the introduction of Maria into the story, as witnessed by viewers of the show. Despite a rocky past marked by legal troubles, Michael and Maria have stayed strong and have welcomed a baby girl into the world. However, Michael’s penchant for legal entanglements persists, with a recent arrest in March 2023 on two felony charges. A perplexing twist emerges as Michael, previously convicted of felony child neglect in 2021, manages to find solace in the arms of Maria. Against all odds, it appears Michael Simmons has stumbled upon his elusive happily ever after, navigating the tempest of legal woes and tumultuous relationships.

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