Morgan Davies Plays Koby in One Piece. Here’s All We Know About The Actor.

Since its debut, Netflix’s ‘One Piece,’ has been garnering massive acclaim from audiences and critics alike. The live-action interpretation of the renowned Japanese manga series with the same title features captivating performances by several talented actors who beautifully bring the interesting characters to life. One of these characters is Koby, a cabin boy on the Alvida Pirates’ ship, serving under the cruel Captain Alvida. The mistreated boy’s life takes a dramatic turn after meeting Monkey D. Luffy.

Up-and-coming actor Morgan Davies essays the complex character of Koby, and his compelling portrayal of this popular figure has garnered a lot of attention from fans across the globe. Naturally, many must be interested to know more about the young actor, his family, his path to success, and whether or not he has a special someone in his life.

Morgan Davies is an Australian Native

Born on November 27, 2001, Morgan Davies is an Australian native and was raised in Rozelle, a vibrant suburb in the inner west portion of Sydney in New South Wales. Not much is known about his father, as Morgan was raised in the love and support of his mother, Elaine. It was the latter who saw an advertisement for an acting job in the school newsletter when Morgan was just 7-years-old and took Morgan for the audition. It was during the audition itself that young Morgan started enjoying the process of acting and the rest is history. He got a lot of significant parts in important movies in the years that followed but there was a life-changing moment that Morgan experienced.

In an interview with Vogue Australia, he said, “At 13 I came out as trans, just to mum and Catherine (his trusted agent and friend Catherine Poulton) and a few close friends. I was going through a lot, thinking: ‘Who the f–k am I and where am I going?’” At a young age, Morgan found it challenging to openly express his gender identity, leading him to decide to not talk about it with the world. “When I first came out I quit acting for a bit, because not only were there no roles for trans people at the time, but I was so uncomfortable with myself about how I looked, how I presented, and how I looked on screen, and how people perceived me,” he told Out in Perth.

Morgan added, “I wouldn’t say I ‘un-came-out’, but due to a couple of factors, I was finding life really hard at the time, I found it hard to be trans, I was at school and I wasn’t comfortable sharing it, I didn’t want to deal with it, I able to act at the time. I wouldn’t say I de-transitioned, because I’ve always been trans in my heart, but I started taking female roles again, it kind of showed me where the industry was at the time, because I started getting roles as soon as I stopped identifying as trans.”

The subsequent years were marked by significant challenges, culminating in on-set anxiety. However, a turning point in Morgan’s life occurred in 2020 when he accepted the role of Oberon in the acclaimed TV series ‘The End,’ created by the renowned Australian writer Samantha Strauss. The series follows the journey of a transgender teenager as they grapple with the process of transitioning and seeking acceptance. Although the role had been previously offered to him, Morgan felt that with some additional years under his belt, the timing was now right.

Morgan Davies Shined Globally With Evil Dead Rise

A few years after his debut as Brittany in ‘Green Fire Envy’ in 2008, Morgan Davies landed the role of Simone opposite Charlotte Gainsbourg in the 2010 French-Australian film ‘The Tree.’ Very swiftly, his mother packed their bags and they drove to Queensland, where the filming took place for four months. Morgan was nominated for several awards for his performance and life changed when the film was chosen to close at the Cannes Film Festival and greeted with a standing ovation. Talking about it, Morgan told Vogue Australia, “It was insane, I was going to nightclubs, I was with Kirsten Dunst at 3am, but my main memory of Cannes was getting room service when I got back: mac and cheese.”

Morgan went on to star in ‘The Hunter’ starring Wille Dafoe, followed by roles in films and shows like ‘Julian,’ ‘Terra Nova,’ ‘Growing Up,’ ‘Calliope’s Prelude,’ ‘Devil’s Playground,’ ‘Storm Boy’ and ‘The Girlfriend Experience.’ He was 17 when he started the shoot for ‘The End.’ Even though the journey was not easy, he said, “I would do it all again, feel like if I saw a show like this when I was younger maybe I wouldn’t have felt so horrible.” Morgan is a natural when it comes to acting and the resounding success of the series paved the way for bigger things. He had already gotten much acclaim and more than a couple of AACTA nominations for his work, but his horizons were just beginning to grow.

Morgan bagged two short films called ‘BUSSY’ and ‘Beautiful They’ in 2021 and made an appearance as a young man in ‘Blaze’. It was in June 2023 that he got the biggest hit of his career with ‘Evil Dead Rise,’ wherein his character, Danny, was acknowledged on a global scale. By the time the film was released, the news of him being cast as Koby in Netflix’s large-scale adaptation of ‘One Piece’ was already making the rounds. Other than on-screen entertainment, Morgan is looking to dabble in theater and finally shrug away from his crippling stage fright. He actively supports the rights of transgender individuals and mental health advocacy and willingly serves as a spokesperson for these important causes.

Morgan Davies’s Love For Travel

Morgan Davies is known for valuing his privacy and maintaining a low profile regarding his personal life. As of writing, he has kept the current status of his dating life under wraps. Given his remarkable success and acclaim as an actor, it’s reasonable to assume that he’s immersed in his upcoming and promising film projects. Following back-to-back triumphant ventures, he likely looks forward to cherishing quality moments with his loved ones. A glimpse into his Instagram profile reveals his passion for travel and penchant for light-hearted moments, showcasing his love for exploring new places and goofing around.

Morgan Davies has undeniably captured the hearts of his dedicated fan base, who not only adore him but also actively engage with his content, leaving comments filled with admiration and requesting frequent updates. As a charismatic and charming figure, he has become a true heartthrob, with numerous individuals harboring crushes on him. The anticipation surrounding his future endeavors is palpable, given the immense potential he possesses. We eagerly await to see the next steps in the journey of this rising star, and we extend our heartfelt best wishes for his continued success and growth in both his personal and professional life.

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