Morgan Peterson: Blown Away Season 4 Winner Now Has Her Own Studio

The recently released season 4 of Netflix’s ‘Blown Away’ continues to shine a bright light on various talented glassblowers who are eager to use their imagination to life via glass. For Morgan Peterson, winner of this particular installment of the series, glassblowing is a medium that has allowed her to explore her somewhat unique thought process. The unique nature of her work and her indisputable skills have allowed Morgan to garner supporters who remain curious about her current whereabouts.

Morgan Peterson’s Darker Themes Appealed to Many

When Morgan Peterson entered the Netflix series, she had been somewhat apprehensive that her tendency to lean towards darker themes when it came to her glass pieces might limit her. However, most of her other cast members remained appreciative throughout her on-screen journey about her meticulousness and the ability to think truly outside the box. The competition started when every contestant was given a show of their skills in the first round.

Although Morgan did not win the very first round, she was able to bag the second level of the competition, which was dedicated to the childhood dreams of the artists. Morgan herself made a striking piece that depicted how she wanted to be a knife thrower in the circus as a child, but it would have likely led to a possibly bloody result. In collaboration with Jonathan Capps, she cruised through the third round, which was a team challenge.

The fourth round of the season was dedicated to the world of horror, an area Morgan seemed to thrive in. Her creation of a man-eater mushroom easily appealed to the judges and helped her earn another top spot. For the next few rounds, Morgan continued to showcase her skills and remained adamant about not being the next one to go home. However, it was not until the penultimate round that she once again claimed the top spot.

Though not confident in her ability when it came to the Venetian style of glass blowing, Morgan gave it her all in order to not lose the competition. While she did not win the first task of the round, she did still impress the judges with her short and stout drinking vessel. Acknowledging her own struggle when it came to chasing after expertise in the Venetian style, her masterpiece for the round was a stunning glass piece that seemed a commentary on the very idea, which earned her many points and landed her the top spot once more.

Now, in the finals, Morgan had to face Ryan Thompson. She knew that the challenge was certainly not going to be easy, but she was excited to bring her long-awaited imagined installation to life. Over the course of 10 hours, she and those working alongside her created six different crime scenes that came alongside glow-in-the-dark handprints and footprints. The interactive nature of the whole creation certainly appealed to the judges, who declared her the winner of the competition.

Where is Morgan Peterson Now?

Morgan Peterson’s dedication to the craft of glassblowing has certainly not wavered since her time on the Netflix show. Indulging in her somewhat darker ideas, she enjoys making pieces that are both visually appealing and yet perhaps not always suitable for the faint of heart. As of writing, Morgan lives in Seattle, Washington, and is a proud Glass Blower and art Handler for Chihuly Studio. Additionally, she has a studio named after herself where she serves as a glassblower, fabricator, artist, and cold worker.

Given her status as the winner, Morgan has also been happily promoting season 4 of ‘Blown Away.’ The artist’s supporters have certainly been quite happy that she is a part of the show and has gained such a prestigious victory. Her joy when it comes to her fellow contestants is truly understandable, given just how much everyone seemed to respect each other on the show. A fan of ‘Point Break’ and ‘The Office,’ Morgan considers herself an expert on the two.

It seems like Morgan also enjoys drag shows and likely takes much joy in when working on her own fashion. The reality TV star also seems dedicated to her health and has occasionally posted videos of herself exercising with much gusto. Morgan has been open about how, while she is an accomplished glassblower, she often also uses other mediums to express her vision. Her primary inspirations seem to be pop culture and true crime, with a heavy dose of satire.

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