Moriah Gaynor: Survivor Contestant Works For The City of San Diego

Reality shows like ‘Survivor’ offer a unique glimpse into the diverse personalities of their contestants, showcasing various facets of human nature. These shows provide a platform for individuals to challenge themselves, overcome obstacles, and reveal their true character. This authenticity resonates with viewers as they witness people like themselves navigating trials and celebrating victories, creating a sense of shared triumph. Similarly, Moriah Gaynor, a contestant on season 46 of ‘Survivor,’ captured the attention of viewers with her on-screen presence, leaving them intrigued about the person beneath her bold exterior.

Moriah Gaynor Was a Brilliant Child Growing Up in Florida

Moriah Gaynor, born in 1995 in Boca Raton, Florida, was recognized as a “go-getter” from an early age. Known as a friend who meticulously planned trips and demonstrated exceptional organizational skills, she went above and beyond for those she cared about. Academically gifted, Moriah excelled in her studies, showcasing her intelligence throughout her school years. Moriah pursued her education at the University of Florida, earning a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations. Driven by a passion for leveraging technology to create meaningful impacts and a desire to work with the government to enhance transparency and accountability, Moriah sought opportunities aligned with her aspirations.


With a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Moriah Aims to Bring About Change to the Community

In 2020, Moriah Gaynor seized the opportunity to relocate to San Diego, where her passion for politics came to the forefront. Volunteering for a local mayoral campaign, Moriah’s talents and hard work quickly propelled her through the campaign ranks, eventually landing her a position as a deputy campaign manager. Subsequently, she transitioned to a role as a project manager at Epic Systems, where she played a crucial role in overseeing the installation of new healthcare IT software in hospitals throughout the country. Following her roles in the political arena, Moriah took on the position of Communications Director for San Diego City Council District One.

In this capacity, she spearheaded initiatives aimed at providing timely, accurate, and essential information to the district’s residents. Subsequently, in September 2022, Moriah transitioned to a role as a Program Coordinator in the Performance & Analytics Department, showcasing her versatility and effectiveness in various domains. In her current role as a Program Coordinator, Moriah actively engages with the Get It Done System, utilizing a blend of technology and accountability to enhance the relationship between residents and their local administration. Simultaneously, she pursued a Master’s degree in Public Administration at San Diego State University, successfully graduating with commendable scores in 2023.

Moriah’s commitment to public service and her academic achievements underscore her dedication to making a positive impact in her community. While talking about her work, she said, “I am such a nerd for doing a little thing and getting a major accomplishment. I just took a new service for people who can report on their phones, like, ‘Oh, my neighbor’s running an illegal short-term vacation rental.’ And I helped to make that happen. I’m like, ‘Yes, I did it! Illegal short-term vacation rentals are on the app!’” In addition to her diverse interests, Moriah runs a digital store offering clothing items, tote bags, mugs, and more. What makes her digital store unique is that the proceeds from sales contribute to supporting various non-profit and charitable organizations, including Planned Parenthood and the Trevor Project.

Moriah Gaynor Has Kept Her Dating Life Under Wraps

Moriah Gaynor, at 28 years old, maintains a private stance on her dating life, choosing not to disclose whether she is currently in a relationship. Living a fulfilled and happy life, she shares her days with her beloved dog, Opus. An enthusiast of surfing and beer brewing, Moriah enjoys the company of friends and family in her life and is also a passionate Dungeons & Dragons player. She is engaging in exciting adventures and looking forward to more experiences in the future.

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