7 Movies Appropriate For the 7 Days of the Week

Every day of the week has a flavour. Our moods and situations are dictated not just by our will but also by the circumstances that we find ourselves in. Keeping that in mind, we created a list of seven films that can be watched on each of the seven days of the week.


1. Sunday: ‘The Holiday’

Sunday evenings can be a mixed bag of emotions. The reality however is that the sight of an approaching Monday morning is neither ignorable nor inevitable.

‘The Holiday’ is about two women, unhappy in their shoes for contrasting reasons and how they try to find peace by exchanging their lives. With its joyous complexion, the film is bound to inject some cheer in your life.


2. Monday: ‘Rushmore’

Packaged in at 93 minutes, Rushmore is a dose of slick and subtle humor by Wes Anderson. The film will surely get you out of your Monday blues.

The central character of the film, Max, is imperfectly perfect (aren’t we all?) and Bill Murray’s comedy timing is impeccable. The film is not taxing on the mind and the is surely a stress buster after a long day at work.


3. Tuesday: ‘Cinderella Man’

The second day of the week might end up being a never ending one at work. An inspiring piece of cinema however, can ensure that you end on a high. ‘Cinderella Man’ is one of the films that can provide you just that.

Boxer movies are aplenty but none which reflect the gloom of the Depression, the aura of the ring and the struggle within a person so flawlessly. Russel Crowe’s vigour will surely add energy to your week.


4. Wednesday: ‘Leon: The Professional’

Three days into the week, a film which is power-packed with action, drama and thrill will certainly get the ‘juices flowing’ in the words of Norman Stansfield played by Gary Oldman.

The intensity that Jean Reno creates is supplemented by an adoloscent Natalie Portman in her debut and will surely put you on the edge of your seats. A perfect way to end any mid-week crisis.


5. Thursday: ‘The Bucket List’

You are probably already counting down to the weekend. A party, a vacation or a good long sleep, whatever be the reason, it is important to get the positivity going.

‘The Bucket List’ is a story of two men, at possibly the fag end of their lives, going out to discover the world they could never see. The movie will surely help your attitude towards life and is bound to inspire a travel plan or two.


6. Friday: ‘Mulholland Drive’

Horror movies on Friday the 13th might be clichéd. So we are going a step further by recommending you a film filled with mystery and drama.

Mulholland Drive is a mind-boggling film which has the potential to keep you thinking for hours. The screenplay is gripping and puzzling at the same time. The beauty of the film also lies in the fact that the blend of dreams and reality leaves the viewers with the precise expressions that the protagonist is going through. A film that can only be watched when the weekend is in your vicinity to reflect on it.


7. Saturday: ‘The Lives of Others’

If you are watching a film on a Saturday, you are probably an avid fan of cinema. You deserve the best that there is and not many films exceed the brilliance of ‘The Lives of Others’.

The film is based on East Germany and how its people live a life closely watched over by the powerful politicians. In a world where any innovation is looked at with suspicion lies a battle between the survival of opinion and an abstract goal guided by near absolutism. The film is tantalizing in its sequences and is a reflection of the society that the people lived in the cold war era.

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