10 Horror Movies Like Late Night with the Devil You Must See

‘Late Night with the Devil’ is a horror film that transports us to 1977, when late-night talk show host Jack Delroy broadcasts a live communion with the devil, having terrible consequences. Jack Delroy is running a late-night show while struggling to recover from tragic personal events. In a bid to increase his ratings on the night of Halloween, he invites the survivor of a satanic cult who is said to be possessed by the devil. His idea works as viewers from across the country tune into the program.

However, the girl’s possession is revealed to be much more real than anyone had imagined, resulting in horrifying pandemonium. Under the direction of Cameron and Colin Cairnes, ‘Late Night with the Devil’ slowly draws us in with its nostalgic and quirky setup, only to shift gears and drive us headfirst into a house of horrors. These are some films similar to ‘Late Night With the Devil’ which blend the genre’s tropes into unsettling and terrifying narratives.

10. Wish Upon (2017)

Directed by John R. Leonetti, ‘Wish Upon’ centers on Clare, a teenage girl who discovers a mysterious Chinese music box that grants her seven wishes. Initially thrilled by her newfound power, Clare soon realizes that each wish comes with a deadly price. Just like Jack Delroy’s greed and ambition led to the terrible deaths of those around him, Clare’s desires spiral out of control, and people near her suffer gruesome fates. As she desperately tries to undo the sinister pact she unwittingly made with the evil entity inside the box, ‘Wish Upon’ narrates a modern iteration of the chilling Monkey’s Paw.

9. Superhost (2021)

With Brandon Christensen in the director’s chair, ‘Superhost’ follows two travel vloggers, Teddy and Claire, who are on a weekend getaway to review a picturesque Airbnb property. Their channel struggles to gain momentum, but as they reach the property and record their eccentric host, Rebecca, their followers begin to increase. Extending their stay with the incentive of recording Rebecca even more, they fail to notice the sinister tingle behind her sunken eyes.

As strange and disturbing events begin to unfold, Teddy and Claire find themselves trapped in a nightmare as Rebecca’s true intentions become increasingly twisted and deadly. Much like ‘Late Night With the Devil,’ the film is presented to us through a digital medium, in a found footage style. With its gripping narrative and nail-biting suspense, ‘Superhost’ offers yet another harrowing experience fueled by the protagonists’ greed.

8. Stigmata (1999)

Helmed by Rupert Wainwright, ‘Stigmata’ introduces us to Frankie Paige, a hairdresser who begins to exhibit signs of stigmata – the spontaneous manifestation of wounds similar to those of Christ’s crucifixion. As Frankie experiences increasingly terrifying and inexplicable phenomena, including speaking in foreign languages she has never learned, Father Andrew Kiernan, a Vatican investigator, is tasked with uncovering the truth behind her affliction. Their journey leads them to a shocking revelation about the origins of Christianity and a clandestine conspiracy within the Church. With its eerie atmosphere and thought-provoking themes, ‘Stigmata’ will enthrall those who are intrigued by the haunting Christian elements presented by ‘Late Night With the Devil.’

7. The Cleansing Hour (2019)

In the directorial hands of Damien LeVeck, ‘The Cleansing Hour’ revolves around an online exorcism livestream that turns into a desperate battle for survival. Max and Drew, hosts of the show, orchestrate fake exorcisms for their online audience until a real demon possesses their latest guest, Drew’s fiancée, Lane. As the situation spirals out of control, the demon seeks to make the duo despair, seeking to reveal a dark secret they’ve hidden from each other.

As the demonic presence wreaks havoc, the livestream becomes a race against time to save Lane’s soul and stop the evil entity’s rampage. Quite similar to ‘Late Night With the Devil,’ ‘The Cleansing Hour’ also features showmen who dabble into the occult for views, getting a lot more than they bargained for.

6. The Medium (2021)

Under the direction of Banjong Pisanthanakun, ‘The Medium’ transports us to rural Thailand, where a family of shamans worships a local healer as the conduit of the benevolent deity Ba Yan. Looking to capture any signs of supernatural phenomenon, a film crew treks into the mountains and begins to record their daily lives. When the healer’s niece, Nim, begins to display telltale signs of divine awakening, the family are delighted to think that she will become the next medium for the goddess.

However, disturbing events begin taking place and Nim herself seems to fall under the shadow of a malevolent presence. Like ‘Late Night With the Devil,’ the Thai-language film is shot in the found-footage style. But through the camera crew, we seem to uncover the unfolding madness in the mountain community firsthand, making for a deeply unsettling experience.

5. Deadstream (2022)

From the minds of Joseph and Vanessa Winter, ‘Deadstream’ presents a genre-bending horror film that follows Shawn Ruddy, a desperate streamer, as he spends one night in the most haunted house in the country. The film lulls us into a sense of security with the facetiously peppy energy we have come to recognize from streamers, only to slowly unveil a creepy narrative around the house. As the suspense is built and Shawn is trembling with the things he begins to see, the movie once again tilts our expectations on their head and dons a whacky garment of over-the-top horror.

Fans of the genre will be drawn into the film as it deftly juggles horror, parody, and comedy without one diluting the others. Adding to the entertainment is the constant interaction between Shawn and his audience in chat, with a realistic and hilarious depiction of how skeptical online viewers would respond in such situations.

4. Brooklyn 45 (2023)

Directed by Ted Geoghegan. ‘Brooklyn 45’ delves into the chilling events of an impromptu séance held by a group of World War II veterans in a Brooklyn brownstone. As the friends gather to help a friend reconnect with his recently deceased wife, they break the ritual and become trapped by a vengeful spirit. With eerie manifestations and shocking revelations regarding the members’ dark pasts, the séance uncovers unresolved guilt among the group, culminating in a desperate struggle for survival against supernatural and human threats alike. Through the haunting atmosphere and intense character dynamics, the film will likely entice fans of ‘Late Night With the Devil.’ Its appeal is further multiplied with a retro environment and a twist-filled narrative.

3. Host (2020)

A group of friends decide to hold a virtual seance over Zoom during the COVID-19 lockdown. However, their seemingly harmless gathering takes a sinister turn when they unwittingly summon a malevolent spirit into their homes. The friends find themselves trapped in a nightmarish scenario where they must confront their deepest fears to survive. Directed by Rob Savage, the film makes innovative use of technology and suspenseful storytelling, and will likely appeal to enthusiasts of films like ‘Late Night With the Devil.’ Through each of the characters’ webcams, we are immersed in a chilling narrative that slowly mounts its terror, compelling us to look over our shoulders to ensure the sanctity of our own homes.

2. REC (2007)

Directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, ‘REC’ presents an incredibly realistic found-footage account of a television reporter following a group of firefighters as they respond to a distress call in a dingy complex of apartments. However, their mundane assignment quickly descends into chaos when they are trapped inside the building with its residents, who begin to react abnormally to their presence. With its intense atmosphere and relentless tension, ‘REC’ delivers heart-pounding scenes and visceral visuals that enthusiasts of ‘Late Night With the Devil’ must experience.

1. WNUF Halloween Special (2013)

Under the direction of Chris LaMartinam, the ‘WNUF Halloween Special’ transports back to the 1980s, when a local TV station broadcasts a live Halloween special from a haunted house. Set up as a nostalgic throwback to the era of VHS tapes and cheesy local programming, the film follows a team of reporters as they investigate a supposedly haunted house with a dark history. As the night unfolds and eerie noises are heard around the house, the reporters and their crew find themselves confronting genuine terror. Blending found footage with mockumentary elements, ‘WNUF Halloween Special’ strikes a similar chord to ‘Late Night With the Devil,’ capturing the essence of classic Halloween programming while delivering genuine scares and clever satire.

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