10 Movies You Must Watch if You Love ‘Life is Beautiful’

Roberto Benigni’s Italian movie ‘Life is Beautiful’ is a masterpiece for exhibiting the extreme level of optimism towards making human life a beautiful one. Benigni emphasizes that the acceptance of the current situation thoroughly enables us to be satisfied with the life which is the ultimate goal of human life. It is not the situation around you, but the man himself is responsible who can ruin or flourish his own life through his beliefs and actions. The movie spreads positive approach through Guido’s character. Despite of surrounding religious and political disparities of the World War-II, Guido gets succeeded to keep himself and his son aloof from each type of evil thoughts. Here’s the list of movies similar to Life is Beautiful that are our recommendations which can deliver same or adjoining kind of sensitive experience. You can watch some of these movies like Life is Beautiful on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

10. Bol (2011)

This Pakistani movie, directed by Shoeb Mansoor describes the hell-like condition for the women in a family driven by a patriarchal father. Their lives are constantly in threat. Their minds are trapped in the jail of this house. The sisters strive to be freed from the orthodox house. However, they respect the father sincerely. They try to gather little happiness in that dirty atmosphere. Eventually, an incident compels a daughter to elope and the eldest sister to kill the father. Music plays an important role as a ray of hope. Finally, the female-led family receives their respectful acceptance by the society as the businesswomen.


9. Half Moon (2006)

The movie is directed by Bahaman Ghobadi, an Iranian-Kurdish filmmaker. A Kurdish musician from Iran – Mamo – wishes to perform in his last concert in Iraqi Kurdistan. He has been trying to get the permission since last seven months. He starts a long, difficult journey along with his ten sons in a ruined bus. He also ignores a warning of some impending danger to his life for this concert. On the half way, they stop at a small village to pick up a female Iranian singer – Hesho. It increases his problems as the Iranian woman was not allowed to sing in public or with men. She would not get authorized permit in Iraq. But Mamo is strongly determined and passionate, so he continues the journey across the border with a hope to spread the art, humanity, peace and love through his music.


8. Bombay (1995)

Director Mani Ratnam found the backdrop of the movie in the communal chaos in India, especially Mumbai (previously called as Bombay), during the initial years of 90’s. The protagonists come from the confronting religions i.e. Hindu and Muslim communities. The couple raises their twin sons under the great philosophy of these religions and also makes them aware of the wrong aspects in them. The Hindu-Muslim riots bring out the possible evils in the friends who have been living with each other for several generations. However, the chaotic situation fails to violate the cultivated minds of protagonist couple and their twins.


7. The Bicycle Thief (1948)

Director Vittoria De Sica explores the war-related sufferings of the poor people in this much-praised Italian movie. Here also, we see a father-son bonding, family crises that have been impacted due to the chaotic era. The human nature and social reactions compel the story to be an emotional one.


6. Jakob, the Liar (1999)

Jakob Heym, a Jew shopkeeper in German-ruled Poland during Second World War, lies to his Jew fellows living in ghetto that he possesses a secret radio which he listens regularly. He does it to hide and save a little Jewish girl in his house. His rumors create an optimistic and hopeful atmosphere in the ghetto. It also makes them happy and humorous. Though the negativity overpowers all Jews after Jakob’s death, the prisoners get released by the Soviet troops eventually that proves one of his lies into truth.


5. The Postmen in the Mountains (1999)

The director Huo Jiangi has presented this Chinese movie almost like a sweet and soft poem. An old postman is retiring from his job of delivering mails to the poor and tribal communities of rural mountain region due to his health issues. He hands over the job to his son and accompanies the son in his first trip as a postman. In this journey, the moderate personality of the father gets unfolded before the son which he has been unaware of. He also watches the acceptance level of rural people towards the life which make them unconditionally happy.


4. Ikiru (1952)

The title of this Akira Kurosawa directed Japanese movie suggests about living a life with its fullest. The middle-aged protagonist Kanji Watanabe is on the verge of death. He is also distressed due to bureaucratic issues and his wracked family life with his indifferent son and daughter-in-law. The problems symbolize the country itself. Exiled by the family and his monotonous job, Watanabe tries to find a new positive meaning for his existence in nightlife (singing, dancing, drinking, gambling) and his endeavors for the playground.


3. Amelie (2001)

This French movie, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, is about a lonely girl Amelie who, at a certain point of distress in her life, decides to fill happiness in other people’s lives. She dreams of a better world for others and also envisions herself as a contributor to humanity. Basically, the human life is simple and clear. We make it complicated. Amelie guides us to enjoy pleasures of human life through minor aspects. She spreads happiness in the lives of ex-tenant of her flat, her father, co-workers, vegetable delivery boy, neighbors and many people around her. Moreover, there is a cute love story also. The treatment and music make the viewers happy and smiling while watching it.


2. Children of Heaven (1997)

This Iranian movie, directed by Majid Majidi, is one of the great examples of purest movies. It underlines the magical importance of ‘selfless affection’. It takes a lot of courage and innocence to sacrifice selfishness, and strive for other members in our family. The father, though deeply rooted in financial troubles, tries to shower happiness upon the children. The young boy, Ali, takes outstanding efforts to buy a new pair of shoes for his sister Zahra which proves him to be a sensitive human being. Moreover, the siblings generously withdraw from the proposed confrontation with Zahra’s classmate Roya who possesses her previously lost pink shoes.


1. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Directed by Gabriele Muccino, this beautiful movie is a just a masterpiece. It takes us with a journey that proves “the human life a cake full of struggles having a tiny cherry of happiness kept spectacularly on it”. There are many scenes such as Gardener’s first interview session on an odd dress, one shoe missing scene and the time-machine scene at the railway station that tackle our emotions so passionately. The dialogues are the soul of the movie. There is a matured and beautiful understanding between the father-son duo. Above all, the church prayer: “Lord, don’t move that mountain. But give me strength to climb it!” is just inspiring.

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