10 Movies You Should Watch if You Hate Your Job or Boss

We all work somewhere and have dealt with the ins and outs of our profession. Professional life sometimes become so insanely pressurizing that it appears to be a monster to deal with. It may be business, sports or a routine day job everyone needs to put in their maximum efforts to touch the height of success in their fields but the path to success often passes through excruciating emotions and stress. On one hand, if you are stuck in a day job, it comes with various type of office politics, office bullying and personal favoritism that can ruins anyone’s life, whilst on the other hand if you are into the business or are dealing with management of a company, then you will be subjected stark competition, betryals , cunning shortcuts to demean & damage your rivals, market threats and fear of failure. Sports also has its inbuilt psyches that makes man suffer.

There are a lot of movies that talk about the situation faced at work, however we are talking here about a list of movies that go deep down to explain and picturize the human reaction and bitterness. Here’s the list of top 10 films for those who hate their boss or job.


1. Nightcrawler (2014)

Media, a profession that carries a lot of responsibility to show what’s really important, it can become seriously disheartening if you can peek into their real life. This movie shows how deep the game of TRP works and how far a news company can go on displaying violent and unethical contents just for the heightened viewership. The competition among the cameraman’s & field executives to bring the next breaking news has crossed all limits. Nightcrawler is a movie about a crazy person with a camera in hand who keeps recording things just to sell them to news channels for money. He can go to any extent to get a recording that’s hot to sell & eventually he catches something in his camera that changes his life. He starts to not only deal with big news agencies but also stream his videos on internet. The picturization and script look very real.


2. The Wrestler (2008)

We all have seen and loved wrestling at some point in our lives and some say that it is fake but still fans know that a wrestler has to go through mental agony & physical injuries throughout their career. Movie talks about a retired wrestler’s life who is now living in a misery after a successful wrestling career. The effects that wrestling had not only on his physical body but his personal life too is reflected in the emotional turmoil that the main lead is trapped in. With the threat of a heart failure and with hopes of getting back family, returning back to wrestling was a big decision he had to make. Mikey Rourke has done an exceptional work in the movie and is a must watch for all.


3. Moneyball (2011)

Another sports movie with a great actor and a plot that signifies how difficult it is to coach a team. Brad Pitt, coach of a baseball team who hires and adopts a new and fresh programming based selection approach for the team which is criticized by all. Dealing through all the negative opinions and some of the not so good players, he ultimately leads the team to a record-breaking 21 match winning streak.


4. A Few Good Men (1992)

A Few Good Men is a great movie having some of the most remarkable acting performances. The movie basically deals with an army court case of death of a soldier where two other fellow colleagues are held in custody. The movie shows how a weaker and less stronger fellow was tortured in every possible way and his death was hidden in such a way that the truth was hard to find. Striking light is also shed on lawyer’s part being played by Tom cruise who displays strong content and holds movie tight by crisp acting. The movie is a strong recommendation for anyone who wants to see a good film.


5. Whiplash (2014)

With dream of being the best drummer , the lead actor is met with a crazy tutor who wants nothing less than perfection from his students. The movie portrays the harsh mentoring which goes beyond any measures. It shows how a strong will is necessary in adverse situation to adapt to the adversities and come out on top. The journey however reflects the sufferings in between.