Mrs. Davis: Who is Jay? Is He Jesus? Is He Real or Does Simone Imagine Him?

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Peacock’s ‘Mrs. Davis’ follows the story of a nun named Sister Simone, who has dedicated her life to her faith in a world run by an algorithm called Mrs. Davis. While the rest of the world has accepted AI as their new God, some, like Simone, resist and want to free the world from the stronghold of artificial intelligence. When Simone receives a quest from Mrs. Davis, she decides to fulfill it, hoping it will lead her to destroy the AI. The things she discovers on the way make her question everything she holds dear.

Despite being a nun, we find Simone close to a man named Jay. He works in a falafel shop and gives Simone her assignments, which come from the people who work behind a closed door, which Simone is not allowed to enter. A lot of mystery surrounds Jay and the Boss he keeps referring to. If you want to find out more about them, we’ve got you covered.

Jay’s Identity as Jesus Revealed

Image Credit: Elizabeth Morris/PEACOCK

In the shows that feature an all-powerful artificial intelligence that has changed the world and is ruling it with barely any resistance from people, the mention of God or Jesus feels like throwing in a completely different genre. The mix of these things is weird and makes the twist in ‘Mrs. Davis’ intriguing and shocking. You never see it coming, but it was there all along. Jay from the falafel shop is Jesus Christ.

It is cleverly woven into the dialogues, like when Simone refers to herself as Jay’s wife and mentions being in love with him. Still, the situation is more complicated than usual. At the end of the second episode, it is confirmed that Jay really is Simone’s husband, as she is a nun married to Jesus Christ. This means that the Boss he refers to, the one who always remains behind the closed door that Simone is prohibited from entering, is God.

Jay’s Existence Beyond Simone’s Imagination

When it is confirmed that Jay is Jesus, we also discover that the falafel shop where he meets Simone is not real. Whenever she enters the shop, she disappears into her mind, meeting her husband, who doesn’t exist in the real world. This makes one wonder if this is how she imagines things in her head. Her faith manifests inside her head with Jesus being a real person who is her husband, with whom she is in a committed relationship. It would have been easier to believe that if Simone was the only one who saw him.

Image Credit: Elizabeth Morris/PEACOCK

One more person claims to have met Jesus in a restaurant, just like the place where Simone meets him. And the person to confirm that is none other than the Pope. Wiley meets him when both of them are held captive by a priest, Hans Ziegler. The Pope talks about how his desire to meet Jesus led him to rise through the levels of the Catholic Church and become the Pope. But when he finally got to see Jesus, the son of God put him on hold because he was with a woman at the time.

When Simone first told Wiley about Jay, he thought she was hallucinating all of that or making it up to convince herself that her faith was something more. He is shocked when the Pope corroborates her story, confirming that it isn’t inside her head. There really is a falafel restaurant where Jesus, aka Jay, meets with people. Later, Simone discovers that Jay meets with other women, his other wives, and sends them on errands just like he gives her assignments to keep her occupied. This means that many other nuns see Jesus regularly. Weird as it may be, it confirms that Jay is much more than an entity created by Simone’s brain to connect her to her faith.

Does this mean that Jesus meets everyone who believes in him or is married to him? No. While he has many appointments in a day, Jesus doesn’t meet with every other nun, or at least not in the same sense that he meets with Simone. This is what made her feel so special until she discovered that there are many others like her, which she had been warned about before she agreed to marry him. From what the Pope said, the only people in touch with Jay are the ones who have tapped into a deeper part of themselves. They fall into prayer deeper than anyone else, and that’s when they meet Jesus.

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