My Best Friend’s Bouquet: Filming And Cast Details

Hallmark Channel’s Fall lineup includes the TV movie ‘My Best Friend’s Bouquet’, which revolves around a hopelessly romantic woman looking for her one true love. Josie Hughes believes in the kind of movie-like love that will sweep her off her feet and spends her life searching for “the one”. She is the kind of girl who believes in the superstition that whoever catches a bride’s bouquet will get married next. So when she catches the bouquet at her best friend’s wedding, she takes it as a sign and starts dating eligible bachelor Will, who she meets at the wedding reception. In all the flurry and excitement and guilt (over catching the bouquet and supposedly wrecking her other friend’s chances of getting engaged to her boyfriend), Josie misses the numerous signs of her “Mr. Right” being right in front of her all along – her long-time friend Alex, who has secretly been in love with Josie for many years. Will Josie come to realize who she is actually meant to be with or will true love pass her by? You will have to watch to find out. Here are the locations where ‘My Best Friend’s Bouquet’ was filmed.

My Best Friend’s Bouquet Filming Locations

The movie was filmed entirely on location in British Columbia, Canada, amid COVID-19 quarantine. The cast and crew were isolated for 2 weeks before they started filming in a COVID-free bubble (which took around three weeks). Here are the specific locations where the film was shot.

Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada

The cast was sequestered together for two weeks at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and the movie ‘My Best Friend’s Bouquet’ was mainly filmed in the small town of Harrison Hot Springs, situated at the edge of Harrison Lake in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Apparently, the cast, most of them strangers originally, ended up having a blast while filming and became quite close as friends. It’s truly heartwarming to see such bonds forming, all because they had to quarantine together for three weeks.

Fraser River Lodge in Agassiz, British Columbia, Canada

The wedding scenes took place on the 18-acre rustic property that sits right on the banks of the Fraser River – Fraser River Lodge located at 7984 McDonald Rd S, Agassiz, BC V0M 1A2, Canada. It is an incredibly scenic waterfront venue with loads of rustic charm, making it the perfect location for shooting a wedding.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The first week of filming was spent shooting scenes in and around the metropolitan city of Vancouver (a top favorite location for Hollywood films and TV shows). But Vancouver was only a minor location for this movie before the crew and cast moved to Harrison Hot Springs to complete principal photography.

My Best Friend’s Bouquet Cast

The leading lady of ‘My Best Friend’s Bouquet’ is Chaley Rose, best known for her role as Zoey Dalton in ABC’s ‘Nashville’. Starring opposite her is Nathan Witte (of ‘Batwoman’ fame) as Alex. They are accompanied by a talented ensemble of supporting cast including Rebecca Olsen (‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’), Luisa d’Oliveira (‘The 100’), Casey Manderson (‘The 100’), and Thomas Cadrot.

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