My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 12 Recap and Ending, Explained

While watching ‘My Hero Academia,’ one can’t help but marvel at the superhero action TV anime’s earnest and in-depth exploration of the idea of heroism. It doesn’t scrutinize its characters’ intent behind wanting to be a hero, even if it is driven by concepts that are traditionally considered negative, such as anger and ambition. Instead, it celebrates the outcome and the dedication that the characters display to improve and progress constantly.

Season 5 episode 12, titled ‘The New Power and All For One,’ is the 100th episode of the anime. It’s basically a filler, but an important one. Future plot points are established, some in a rather subtle manner. All Might and Bakugou learn about Blackwhip, and they and Midoriya try to bring it out in a training session, unsuccessfully. Aizawa attempts to see if Neito can copy Eri’s Quirk and then help the young girl learn how to control her ability, but the experiment doesn’t produce the result he has been hoping for. Shouto and Bakugou finally get their provisional hero licenses. Here is all that you need to know about the ending of ‘My Hero Academia’ season 5 episode 12. SPOILERS AHEAD.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 12 Recap

The episode begins with Aizawa and Vlad King analyzing the students’ performances during the joint training session. They announce that Shinsou will be joining the hero course, leading the students to speculate excitedly about which class he will join. Just before the students are dismissed, Aizawa asks Neito to meet him and Eri the next day.

Midoriya speaks to All Might and Bakugou about Blackwhip and his dream-like vision, during which he met the original Blackwhip user. Bakugou wonders aloud if this culmination of Quirks is in any way connected to All For One, as the One For All Quirk originally came from him. They try to see if they can activate the Quirk by having Bakugou relentlessly attack Midoriya, but all it accomplishes is making Midoriya afraid for his life.

Despite the stiff rivalry that they displayed in the training ground, the students of Class 1-A and 1-B get along perfectly well, bonding over beef stew. Shouto calls his father, asking him to train him. Meanwhile, the teachers meet in the conference room to make the final decision about Shinsou. As Aizawa leaves the conference and heads towards his meeting with Eri and the students, Present Mic joins him and mentions someone named Shirakumo.

It is revealed that Aizawa invited Mirio and Midoriya at the meeting as well, fearing that Neito’s peculiar personality might overwhelm Eri. Neito touches Eri’s hand to copy her Quirk. Although a horn protrudes out of his head just like Eri, Neito tells Aizawa that he can’t do what the older man has asked him to do and refers to Eri’s Quirk as “blank.” Elsewhere, 30 minutes after getting their licenses, Shouto and Bakugou take down a purse-snatching group called Cider House.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 12 Ending: What Is Detnerat?

Detnerat is mentioned in passing by a TV news anchor as the students of Class 1-A eagerly wait for Shouto and Bakugou to return and tell them whether they have gotten their licenses. In the original manga series by Kouhei Horikoshi, Detnerat is a company that produces customized everyday items for people. Since the emergence of Quirks, mass production has become obsolete, as people’s biology has evolved and diversified to supplement the Quirks. Under these conditions, Detnerat has established itself as the market leader in providing people with customized gear and items to suit their Quirks and biology.

As the news anchor reveals, the company has decided to venture into the hero support business, intending to produce gear and items for pro-heroes. If the anime continues to follow the manga series, this will become an important component of the plot in the upcoming episodes of season 5 as it starts to adapt the Meta Liberation Army Arc. In this episode, the Cider House leader seems to be using a seemingly malfunctioning gear. According to the manga series, this is one of the items that Detnerat releases in the black market to have them tested secretly.

Who Is Shirakumo?

After leaving the conference room, Present Mic asks Aizawa if Shinsou reminds him of his younger self. The two of them have been friends since their time at U.A. High as students. He knows that Aizawa has taken Shinsou under his wing. He then mentions Shirakumo, prompting Aizawa to tell the other man to keep it brief if he has something to say. This indicates that there is probably a tragic incident in Aizawa’s past involving Shirakumo. In the manga, Oboro Shirakumo was Aizawa and Present Mic’s classmate. His Quirk was Cloud, which allowed him to manifest and use clouds of various sizes. During his Hero Work-Studies, Shirakumo died while fighting a villain named Garvey.

Why Does Neito Call Eri’s Quirk Blank?

Neito’s Quirk gives him the ability to copy other people’s Quirks. However, when he copies Eri’s Quirk, he realizes that he can’t effectively use it because the Quirk specific things and then transforms them into energy. As Neito tells Midoriya, this is the same reason he wasn’t able to copy the other boy’s Quirk fully. This makes Midoriya observe internally that this was ultimately for the good as if Neito had been able to replicate One For All completely, his body would have been destroyed by it.

Aizawa wanted Neito to copy Eri’s Quirk so that the boy can teach her how to control it. As that doesn’t work, Eri becomes disheartened. To comfort her, Midoriya reminds her that she saved him and tells her that the most important thing about any Quirk is how a person uses it. Midoriya realizes that this applies to him as well. All For One might have created One For All, but it’s Midoriya’s Quirk now, and he will make it his own.

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