My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 15 Recap and Ending, Explained

A little over halfway into its fifth season, ‘My Hero Academia’ continues to be one of the best Shounen anime of all time. In episode 15, titled ‘One Thing at a Time,’ Hawks attends a meeting of the higher-ups of the Liberation Army. Among them, the audience might find some familiar faces. Endeavor successfully deciphers the entirety of Hawks’ encrypted message and decides to train all 3 interns himself. Midoriya, Bakugou, and Shouto soon start to grasp how fundamentally different working as a pro-hero will be from their time at U.A. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘My Hero Academia’ season 5 episode 15. SPOILERS AHEAD.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Finale Recap

As he returns to the Liberation Army base, Hawks internally hopes that Endeavor has understood his message. He goes in front of the nine lieutenants of the Liberation Army and gives status-report. A mysterious person with a sharp nose and sharper eyes compliments him on his understanding of The Meta Liberation War book. Hawks assures the others that the Liberation Army is not yet on the radar of the Commission as they still think that the League of Villains was behind the incident in Deika City. It is revealed that Dabi, Himiko Toga, Spinner, and Twice are four of the lieutenants.

After watching the footage from the cameras installed in Hawks’ wings, Dabi observes that Midoriya and the other two young heroes haven’t progressed much. As Hawks departs, he secretly leaves a feather lodged in the door to serve as a listening device. Shortly after he leaves, he overhears Himiko speaking about a catastrophic event that is supposed to be orchestrated by Tomura Shigaraki four months later.

Meanwhile, Endeavor figures out Hawks’ message for him and realizes that something big is coming, and that’s why the Commission has insisted for the U.A. to send the students out for the hero studies program. He takes over the training of the 3 boys and asks them to tell him something about themselves. Deku speaks about his Quirk without mentioning that it’s One For All and also brings up Blackwhip.

Bakugou asks for Endeavor’s help to learn the things that he doesn’t know. As for Shouto, he clarifies that he is there to “use” Endeavor to become a better hero. He admits that while he has learned to let go of his anger toward Endeavor with the help of his friends, the current No. 1 hero in the world should not see this as an opportunity for reconciliation.

My Hero Academia Ending: What Are the 3 Basic Things That Heroes Do? What Is Parallel Processing?

As Endeavor takes the students outside for training, he tells them about the 3 key aspects of being a hero: rescue, evacuation, and fighting. According to him, most agencies focus on either rescue or fight, but his philosophy has always been to do all three.
Parallel processing is basically situational awareness. A hero must always be aware of their surroundings and master the ability to do all three aspects of their job simultaneously. A hero must know every inch of the city they protect and must possess the ability to make quick decisions.

Endeavor demonstrates these traits when he takes down a hit-and-run motorcyclist after ensuring that the perpetrator doesn’t get to the main street and potentially cause more damage. When Bakugou says that he is not as fast as he generally is because it’s winter, Endeavor dismisses it as an excuse. While saving a woman from an oncoming truck, he reminds the 3 young heroes that people’s lives depend on their ability to go beyond their limits.

Why Does Endeavor Advise Deku Not to Use Blackwhip for Now?

Although Endeavor tells the 3 young heroes to work on their parallel processing, he tells Midoriya to focus on developing his skills regarding the use of Air Force and forget the secondary Quirk for now. Using driving as an analogy, Endeavor helps Midoriya understand that a solid foundation needs to be built around the first Quirk before moving on to the second.

Interestingly, this episode points out the similarities between Midoriya and Endeavor, as they both have to work for everything they want to achieve in life. In contrast, the episode places All Might and Shouto, both of whom are naturally talented. This fascinating combination of similarities and dichotomies between these four characters adds yet another layer of complexity to the plot of ‘My Hero Academia.’

Are Dabi and the Others Part of the Liberation Army?

Yes, they are. In the original manga series, Tomura, Dabi, and the others merge their organization with the Meta Liberation Army to create the Paranormal Liberation Front. Deika city was destroyed during the battle for supremacy between the League and the Liberation Army, and the former leader of the army stepped down from his position in favor of Tomura. This has garnered immense power and influence for the erstwhile league members. Now, they have about a hundred thousand operatives under their command, many of whom are heroes.

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