My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

It’s not an easy task to carve out your own space in a genre that has long become oversaturated. But that is exactly what ‘My Hero Academia’ has done, and in the process, has reinvigorated the superhero genre as a whole. The anime predominantly revolves around Izuku Midoriya, an ordinary boy born in a world where 80% of the population has superpowers or Quirks. This Quirkless boy grows up being horribly bullied by children with powers and still manages to hold on to his inherently idealistic and optimistic view of life. These qualities, along with his incredible courage, convince All Might to choose him as his successor for the One For All Quirk.

In episode 5, titled ‘Operation New Improv Moves,’ all nine participants reflect on how they performed during the first round of the Joint Training Session between Class 1-A and Class 1-B. In the next round, Momo Yaoyorozu, Yuuga Aoyama, Toru Hagakure, and Fumikage Tokoyami of Class 1-A take on Itsuka Kendo, Kinoko Komori, Shihai Kuroiro, and Manga Fukidashi of Class 1-B. Tokoyami introduces a new incredible move, which Hawks, the current number 2 hero in the world, helped him developed. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of the episode. SPOILERS AHEAD.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

After round 1 concludes, Aizawa helps his students see the mistakes they committed during the match. Vlad King does pretty much the same thing with his students, just with a bit of yelling. Later, Vlad King and Aizawa ask All Might about his thoughts on Shinso’s performance. The former number 1 hero in the world declares that he sees great potential in the young boy. As the two teams fighting in round 2 make their way to the battleground, Kendo, the leader of the 1-B team, challenges Yaoyorozu, the leader of the 1-A team, and the latter gracefully accepts. Kuroiro and Tokoyami converse, with the former claiming that they share a destiny.

As the round begins, Tokoyami sends out Dark Shadow to scout the opponents. However, Kuroiro, with his Dark Quirk, snatches control over Dark Shadow from Tokoyami and then attacks him with it. Class 1-A students are a bit baffled by the solo attack. When Kuroiro grabs Aoyama and starts to take him away, Tokoyami reveals that he can now fly. He rescues Aoyama, letting Yaoyorozu and Hagakure go after Kuroiro. They don’t realize that they have fallen into the trap that Kendo has set up for them until mushrooms start popping up on their bodies, which is Komori’s Quirk.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5 Ending: How Does Kendo and Her Team Trap the Class 1-A students?

Before the round even begins, Kendo makes it clear that she wants to fight Yaoyorozu. They are often placed in the same group, especially since their appearance in an advertisement during their hero internship. But according to Kendo, she has always disliked this comparison, particularly because she knows that Yaoyorozu gets better grades and feels that the other girl has a better Quirk.
During their interaction, it appears that Kuroiro feels the same way about Tokoyami. Clearly, he respects the Class 1-A student but can’t wait to defeat him. In fact, this sentiment is likely shared by all students of Class 1-B about their counterparts in 1-A, to whom they often end up playing second fiddle.

Because of her natural leadership abilities, Kendo has virtually become the big sister for her entire class. During the round, she tells her team that they and their opponents know each other’s Quirks, but it has been a while since they have been pitted against each other, and all of them likely have made significant improvements in the intermediate period. She requests her team to wait and watch until each of their opponents reveals what they are capable of. But as their Plan A fails when Tokoyami reveals his new power of flight, the 1-B team switches to Plan B, which is for Komori to manifest mushrooms on the battleground and their opponents’ bodies.

How Does Fumikage Tokoyami’s New Power Work? What Is Dark Fallen Angel?

During his hero internship with Hawks, Tokoyami thought that he didn’t learn much. When he asked Hawks why he chose him, the pro-hero told him that they were birds of the same feather. During the Hero Work-Studies, Hawks chose Tokoyami again. This time, he helped Tokoyami progress towards the pro-hero that he would eventually become and showed the aspiring hero how he too could fly. His Quirk, Dark Shadow, floats by default. Its weakness is light. By covering it with a cape, that weakness is nullified. Dark Shadow then holds Tokoyami, lifting him into the air and moving him toward whatever direction he likes. With his hands free, Tokoyami gets even better maneuverability. Tokoyami named this superhero move Dark Fallen Angel.

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