My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 Episode 4 Recap: Are You In Love with Yamada?

In ‘My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999’ episode 4 titled ‘Are You In Love with Yamada?’ Akane meets her FOS friends for the first time in a cafe. She is shocked to learn that Rurihime is not played by a girl but by a handsome man who is actually Yamada’s old friend too. Meanwhile, Eita’s sister Runa does not appear to like Akane as she feels jealous of her and Akito’s closeness. Later that day, Akane walks back to her home with Yamada and learns something interesting about him.

Akane Meets Her Online Friends

Akane meets with her game friends for the first time at a cafe with Yamada. She feels that Runa is Rurihime but when she inquires about it, she is quite shocked to learn the truth. It turns out that Rurihime is played by an old friend of Yamada named Eita. Since he is Yamada’s senior, Akito has to play along with his antics whenever they are playing FOS. Although Akane is very nice to everyone, Eita’s sister Runa is quite rude and jealous of her.

Akane may not want to show her feelings for Yamada, but her behavior does appear to give away what’s in her heart. Naturally, others too notice it, especially Runa who does not like it at all. Interestingly, Akito is quite nice to Akane the whole time and when he looks towards her in one instance, she gets so nervous that she drops the glass of water from her hands. Although she immediately tries to pick up the broken glass, Yamada stops her as he feels that she may end up hurting herself.

Yamada then makes the excuse that he has to go and call someone. Eita knows him long enough to realize that he is lying and goes to talk to him. The long-time friends then discuss mundane things and Eita eventually shows concern for Akito’s indifference to girls. Later that day, Akane and Yamada go back home together. When she inquires about his diet, Akane is shocked to learn that Akito almost never has home-cooked food.

Does Yamada Has a Family?

When Yamada talks about his diet, Akane briefly thinks about his family but does not dare to ask too many questions as she feels that it would be wrong to pry into his personal life. Although the matter is not discussed in the episode, Mashiro’s manga reveals that Yamada actually has a mother who is quite charming like him. Reiko Yamada has an undeniably attractive appearance but she is quite shy which severely limits her social circle. Because of her nature, Reiko told Akito when he was quite young that he will only introduce him to the girl he wants to marry. This was her way of limiting conversations or social situations to only the ones that were absolutely necessary. Apart from being shy, Reiko Yamada is also clumsy, a trait that eventually shaped her first meeting with Akane.

Why Does Runa Apologize to Akane? Why is Yamada Suspicious of Her?

Just when Akane is giving home-cooked food to Yamada, she gets a call. When she checks her phone, she notices that it is from an unknown number. It turns out that it was Runa who was calling her. She revealed that she got Akane’s number from her brother who wanted her to apologize for her behavior earlier that day. Akane feels embarrassed and tries to reassure Runa that she has nothing to worry. She argues that it is natural for one to get nervous during the first interaction so she should not worry too much about it.

Interestingly, Runa opens up about her desire to get to know Akane more and even invites her to spend the next Saturday together. Akane is thrilled to learn that and readily accepts the invitation. However, Yamada has been listening to the whole conversation unbeknownst to Runa. He is not that happy about Akane and Runa’s plan as he is suspicious of the latter. When he goes back to his apartment, he checks his phone and his suspicion turns out to be accurate as Runa already has plans for that day.

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