My Tiny Senpai Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Uchi no Kaisha no Chiisai Senpai no Hanashi’ or ‘My Tiny Senpai’ episode 5 titled ‘Shall We Go Somewhere Before We Head Home?’ Akina and Katase plan the Christmas celebration at the office. Later Shonizaki and Katase are interviewed by a Youtuber while pretending to be couples. Although they are told that the channel is small and does not get a lot of views, the duo later learns that they have been lied to and everyone in the office has actually seem them pretending to be couples. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘My Tiny Senpai’ episode 5. SPOILERS AHEAD!

My Tiny Senpai Episode 5 Recap

Since Christmas day is coming, Akina and Katase plan the office celebration together while Shinozaki watches. Later, he has a meeting with a client with Katase after which the duo decide to walk back home together. On their way, they are stopped by a YouTube crew that is finding a couple to interview. When Shinozaki and Katase tell the interviewer that they are just colleagues, she looks dismayed. The interviewer pleads with them to just pretend to be dating and claims that their channel is small and does not really get a lot of views.

Katase’s heart melts and she agrees to act in front of the camera, leaving Shinozaki with no choice but to accept the offer too. The duo are asked questions about getting intimate which leads to awkward moments between. But soon Shinozaki feels confident enough to just ramble on about made-up stories. Once the interview is done, they are asked to kiss which makes Shinozaki really shy. But Katase put her purse in front of their face and pretends to kiss behind it although they are just close to each other. The following day, the duo learn that the interviewer lied to them and all their colleagues have seen the video now.

My Tiny Senpai Episode 5 Ending: Do Shinozaki and Katase Give Each Other Christmas Presents?

On Christmas day, Shinozaki enjoys a party with his colleagues at a restaurant. Akina dresses up as Santa for the day and entertains everyone. After the party, Shinozaki and Katase decide to walk back home together. That’s when they start discussing the most memorable presents that they have received. Shinozaki recalls that he once wanted a specific video game but ended up getting the wrong one. But since it was from Santa, he decided to play it and eventually, it grew on him. He appears to have fond memories of spending hours finishing the game.

When Katase is asked the same question, she immediately says that there was a cute stuffed cat that she once got even though she was really young. She ended up liking it so much that she even took it to the school with her and the teachers called her parents. Katase feels that the two of them have not changed much since their teenage years. Shinozaki notices that her senpai’s hands are freezing and decides to ask her to put them in her jacket. But it turns out that she actually has warm gloves with her.

Katase and Shinozaki notice that there are couples everywhere on the street and feel a bit shy standing next to each other. They decide to head home immediately but Katase first gives Shinozaki the bear loungewear that they had noticed the previous day in the shop. Interestingly, Shinozaki has also thought of the same idea and bought the rabbit one for her senpai. Katase feels that they should show each other how the costume looks on them. Naturally, she and Shinozaki feel embarrassed about the suggestion since it implies that they wear it in front of each other.

Unfortunately, their special moment is when Akina tries to take a photo of them by hiding behind the bush but forgets to turn off the flash. Hayakawa is also with him. Shinozaki and Katase are shocked but they are left dumbfounded when their colleagues start questioning them about the gift and the latter’s idea of showing them to each other. Katase then clarifies she just meant exchanging contact information and sending each other’s photos wearing the costume. After knowing each other for so long, the duo finally give each other their number. Akina and Hayakawa also follow suit when they are pressured.

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