Nailed It Season 3: Where Are the Winners Now?

Baking reality shows are always fun to watch, even though they’re quite a rarity amid the drama shows. They are insightful and visually stunning, and the competition is massive. One among them is Netflix’s bake-off competition television series, ‘Nailed It!’ which first premiered in 2018 and became an instant hit. Season 3 came out in 2019 and featured another set of amateur yet promising bakers who attempted to replicate the perfect cake to get crowned the winner and take home a cash prize of $10,000. As it has been several years to the show’s conclusion, fans must be wondering about the whereabouts of the winners from ‘Nailed It!’ season 3.

Benjamin Mumford-Zisk Aims to Make a Career in Acting, Writing and Modeling

Benjamin Mumford-Zisk was the first winner of the season. A native of Ithaca, New York City, the science-fiction writer had accrued quite a bit of debt thanks to his travels around the world, and the money he’d won was used to reduce the sum considerably. Benjamin is now focused on building a career in acting and modeling while furthering his writing. In January 2021, he joined Drastic Games as their lead writer, and since August 2022, Ben has been working at Ithaca College as Manager of the IT Student Employment Program.

Other than that, he’s also been working as a critic, trivia host, comedian, competitive storyteller, and radio interviewer. So far, Ben has written three books; ‘The Origami Man,’ ‘A Farther Orbit,’ and ‘The Good Idea/Bad Idea Book.’ He’s currently associated with HTA Casting, but his social media profiles have been inactive for a while now.

Emily Cook is Now a Happy Mother and Thriving Realtor

Emily Cook is the winner of the second episode of season 3, titled ‘Cake-O-Phobia.’ After a convincing win on her episode, her life took a turn for the better. She married the love of her life, Joshua Stillman, on November 17, 2019. The couple had gotten engaged on April 23, 2019. Emily Stillman, as she is now known, became a proud mother to Sebastian Banks Stillman on June 16, 2023. Emily and her husband now run Stillman Properties and work for Hometown Realty. The Stillmans currently reside in Columbus, Mississippi, along with their loving family. Emily is also a photographer, although her social media profiles are more of an adorable picture book of the couple, their baby boy, their friends, and occasional property listings.

Cassie Stephens is Now a Published Author

Episode 3 winner Cassie Stephens has spent a large chunk of her life (over 20 years!) as an art teacher. Not only has she perfected the balance between the teaching and creation of art, but is now looking to help others learn from her experiences too. She runs a podcast on her name on Spotify to document her methods and understanding of life. She also has an active YouTube channel where she discusses all things art while teaching it in an elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee. Her love for art has also pushed her to start Cassie Stephens Signature Line.

Her titular artistic venture supplies all sorts of premium art goods exclusively designed by Cassie. She has written two books so far, ‘Art Teacherin’ 101′ and ‘A Clay and a Fibers Book’ and designed her first children’s book, ‘Larry the Line.’ She also provides downloadable posters, printout bundles, and art supply icons. Cassie writes a wholesome blog about how she tries to incorporate art and kindness into her life. She works to share it with her fans and those looking to learn a thing or two about humanity, emotions, and art from her. She has also served as costume assistant for the 2022 short, ‘Pre-Game,’ by Max Deleo.

Yolie Seal is a Product Support Analyst Today

University of North Carolina at Charlotte alumna Yolie Seal became the winner of the fourth episode after she managed to replicate Neanderthal cupcakes and a T-rex cake. Yolie’s professional life, ever since her short reality stint ended, seems to be going quite well. She has been working with OnTarget by Abound Health as its Technical Product Support Analyst since November 2021. However, when it comes to her personal life, Yolie, who seemingly resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, likes to create beautiful memories with her son, mother and their furry babies.

Beth Bailey is Fully Focused on Her Family Life

Beth Bailey won the ‘Oui Can’t Bake!’ episode. She was expecting her third child during the shoot, and the inspiration behind her final cake was her 15-month-old son, K.C. She had intended to use the money to pay off her credit card bills and take a trip with her kids. Since her episode aired, Beth seems to have decided to maintain a low profile. Even though she does have a social media profile, the account stopped being active some time ago, and the last post happens to be of the Healthy School Food Pathway Fellowship. However, Bailey likely resumed her role in the school cafeteria of Fortuna High and Bridgeville School after taking the much-awaited vacation with her kids.

Allison Rook is Now a UFC Gym Owner

In the last episode, titled ‘Ready to Wear, Ready to Eat,’ Allison Rook emerged as the final winner of the season. Going by the title, the kind of cakes the contestants were expected to bake is pretty self-explanatory. Although her Barbie doll cake left lots to be desired, she was clearly the undisputed winner, as the judges found her recreation to be better than her contemporaries. She is also a Certified Sushi Chef with Trapper’s Sushi Co and has also worked as a Marketing Director for Quark Aerosystems for over a year.

Allison is an avid biker girl, a tattoo enthusiast, and a fitness enthusiast who owns an MMA-inspired fitness center by UFC Gym. Aside from being a Venture Capitalist, she is also the entrepreneur of quite a few businesses, ranging from Pacific Northwest Customs, which provides customized paint jobs, stencils, and coloring, to ScribblyTees, Beaded Nostalgia, Royal Tea, and Royalty Costume and Arts.

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