Najee Grimes Murder: Where is Tahje Michael Now?

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Najee Grimes, a straightforward and unassuming individual, dedicated his time as an assistant coach at Inderkum High School in Sacramento, California— the very institution from which he had graduated. In the process of stabilizing his life, he cherished his role as a father to his 4-year-old son and enjoyed the love and support of his parents. On July 4, 2022, his life was cut short when he was fatally shot. In the series ‘America’s Most Wanted,’ the show delves into the life Grimes led and the relentless pursuit to apprehend his killer.

Najee Grimes was Shot Outside a Nightclub

Born in 1990, Gregory Lewis “Najee” Grimes was a dedicated student and the pride of his parents. He excelled academically and stood out in sports, particularly football. After graduating from Inderkum High School in 2008, he was identified as the student most likely to be recruited quickly, and indeed, he became Inderkum’s first student-athlete to secure an NCAA Division I athletic scholarship. His achievements in both academics and sports marked him as a promising and accomplished individual.

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After graduating from Inderkum High School, Grimes continued his education and football career at Boise State University. From 2009 to 2012, he excelled as a defensive tackle for the college team, earning numerous accolades and contributing to the team’s impressive performance. During his tenure, the team achieved a remarkable record of 49-4 against the Broncos and secured a victory against TCU in the 2010 Fiesta Bowl. He earned the playful nickname “Greasy Greg” from his teammates, a testament to his elusive and challenging-to-catch playing style on the field.

After concluding his playing years, Grimes remained connected to his roots and sought ways to give back to his community. He returned to Inderkum High School, where he had once been a standout student-athlete, this time as an assistant coach. He participated in a federal program hosted by the Children’s Defense Fund and became one of the initial mentors in the RFDC’s Freedom Schools initiative. This initiative aimed to support approximately 640 low-income students through a curriculum that focused on reading, conflict resolution, social action, and activity-based learning. He displayed great dedication and activity in his role, organizing trips for the children and working tirelessly to contribute positively to the community.

In December 2021, Grimes decided to leave his position as an assistant coach to pursue entrepreneurship, establishing his staffing firm. By July 2022, he was on the verge of achieving several personal milestones — in the process of purchasing a new house for his family, having paid off his student loans, and settling his car payments. He felt that his life was finally coming into order and eagerly anticipated the Fourth of July celebrations with his son. Around 1:30 a.m. on July 4, police responded to reports of a shootout. Upon arrival, they discovered that five people had been injured, with Grimes, 31, among the victims.

Grimes had been shot three times in the chest around 1:30 am outside a nightclub located on 16th and L streets in downtown Sacramento. Emergency services swiftly transported him to the UC Davis Medical Center, where medical professionals made extensive efforts, including a 20-minute CPR attempt, to save his life. Unfortunately, despite their attempts, he succumbed to the injuries.

Najee Grimes’ Killer Absconded After The Shooting

Following Najee Grimes’ death, the police initiated an investigation and began piecing together a preliminary timeline of the events leading up to the incident. He had been at the nightclub to partake in Fourth of July celebrations, and around 1:30 am, he exited the venue. According to his friends, he was the first to descend the stairs, calling out to them twice. Unaware of his calls and already on their way down, they soon heard gunshots. The initial call to the police reporting the incident was made at 1:51 am.

According to Grimes’ friends, there were no confrontations or fights inside the club; it had been a night of celebration without any apparent issues. The police, facing the challenge of identifying the shooter, encountered a lack of eyewitnesses or initial camera surveillance footage. To gather information, the Sacramento Police circulated a QR code, encouraging people to anonymously submit videos that might aid in identifying the assailant.

In January 2024, the Sacramento Police issued a news release announcing that they had identified the suspect in the killing of Grimes as 29-year-old Tahje Michael. Emphasizing the significance of collaboration, they stated that they would be working alongside the popular show ‘America’s Most Wanted’ to aid in tracking down Michael. The release also provided contact information for individuals to reach out in case they possessed any information that could assist in apprehending the suspect and bringing justice to Grimes.

Tahje Michael Has Not Been Caught Till Today

The search for Tahje Michael continues, and authorities are actively pursuing leads to locate him. Despite limited information about his whereabouts, the Sacramento Police have allocated significant resources to apprehend him. The motivation behind the crime and details about his background remain unclear. Michael possesses a distinctive feature that could aid in his identification—a unique and large face and neck tattoo. This identifying characteristic may prove crucial in efforts to track him down.

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