Review: Narcos Mexico S02 E06

Felix had great plans for his empire in Mexico. In his vision, all the cartels in the country would be united under his banner. If he could pull that off, no one would stand against him. Not the Colombians, nor the government, and neither the Americans. The plan was solid and, for a moment, it looked like he had the future in his hands.

But then, Don Juan betrayed him. He went behind his back and made a deal of his own with Cali. On top of that, they not only have the future president of Mexico in their pocket but also attacked Felix’s envoy. This does not look good for him at all, and he has to come up with a back-up to get himself back in the game.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

The news of the attack on Felix reaches Benjamin and he realises that their boss is not as invincible as they had thought he would be. He wants to settle the score with Sinaloa and not by coming to an agreement. He threatens Felix with Tijuana backing out and demands the revenge on Palma. With no other option, Felix gives in, but this starts another chain reaction that will ultimately bring the Federation to rubbles.

Calderoni continues to provide intel on Felix’s operations to Walt Breslin. They discover that Amado has been sent to Belize to acquire more planes for Gallardo and an increase in shipment from Cali has been agreed upon. They keep an eye on Amado and come across an opportunity that will bleed Felix dry in just one stroke.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Episode 6 Review

Felix Gallardo has been losing on every end. In this episode, we see more problems emerge for him. The first problem is with Don Juan. Not only did the old-timer betray him, but it looks like he had been planning for this all along. His connection with the future President is very strong and no amount of money can get Felix into their good books. Also, because Don Juan is like family to them, they will not tolerate anything happening to him, which means Felix can’t even retaliate. Once again, he is back in the cage.

The problems between Tijuana and Sinaloa had been getting worse and he thought he had taken care of that too, but troubled stirred again. No matter how helpless he had been, no matter what betrayal he faced and what deals went to dust, it was Felix’s fear that kept the plazas in order. But there have been too many fuck-ups now and word is getting out. When he appears weak, his influence declines, and he becomes vulnerable. We see that happen with him when Benjamin demands something that leads to another crack in the wall.

Meanwhile, Walt Breslin is on a mission of his own. Acting on the advice of Calderoni, he played the gambit of dividing the houses of Felix’s empire, and it worked. Tijuana has already threatened to break away from the Federation, and after what happened with Cochiloco, Palma’s faith in the boss has also declined, if not vanished entirely. Breslin’s team manages to have another breakthrough, and if they succeed in what they are planning, Felix will have to run for his life. Everyone is getting a win, except him.

But as they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining, and Felix has found his in Sinaloa. He chances upon it but instantly recognises how important it can be for him. Perhaps, this could be the opportunity that brings him back in the game. In the last season, we had seen a similar losing streak for him. At one point, he had lost all of his allies and everyone was so sure that he had fallen that they were ready to share the spoils amongst them. But, at the last moment, he changed the game entirely. He could do the same again, but it needs to happen soon enough for him.

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