Where is Netflix’s Baby Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘Baby’ is an Italian teen drama that tackles serious issues and explores the psyche of a young adult who is pushed to extremes due to the circumstances in their lives. Inspired by a true story, it mingles the gritty realism with the innocence and charm of teen stories and serves a gripping tale to the audience. Apart from the story and the characters, the setting of the show also catches our interest. If you are wondering where the show has been filmed, here’s the answer.

Where is Baby Filmed?

‘Baby’ follows the story of two young girls who find a way to make easy money through prostitution. While, initially, it seems like a simple way to get what they want, things soon, though not unexpectedly, turn bad and the balance of their lives spirals out of control. All of this begins at a private school in Rome and the events encompass the upper-class sections of the city. Because the location becomes such an important character of the story, the production decided to keep it real. Most of the show has been filmed on location in Rome, with different neighborhoods around the city employed for the purpose.

Rome, Italy

The events of ‘Baby’ mostly take place in the urban and posh areas of Rome. The neighborhood of Parioli becomes the central point of the story. The story takes the protagonists- Chiara and Ludovica- from their private schools to the shady places where they delve deeper into their newfound profession. From seedy nightclubs to the lavish homes of wealthy people, all the locations in the show are real.

The most important location in ‘Baby’ is the private school attended by the protagonists. This is where they come in touch with each other, where we get to see the contrasts in their life-styles, the class divide, and the overall chain of events that leads them to prostitution. This is also where they develop other relationships, fall in love, and invite more complications into their lives. For filming all these scenes, the production turned towards the University of Tor Vergata. The faculty of engineering, as well as that of economics, was used to recreate the Liceo Collodi school.

In addition to this, we also get to see some well-known locations in Rome like Piazza Navona in the show. For the beautiful landscapes of the city, the crew filmed on location and sought out local night clubs and hotels that become integral locations of the story. As their career takes flight, the girls move on to wealthier clientele, and the locations change accordingly. Villas and beach houses replace the shadier locations where they had previously conducted business. For these scenes, the crew got the real villas and beach houses to stay in touch with the authentic character of the story.

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