Where Was Feel the Beat Filmed?

Life is about a lot of ups and downs and that’s what Netflix’s ‘Feel the Beat’ focuses on. It tells the story of a promising dancer, April, whose career is ruined on the day that she expects to land one of the biggest gigs in her life. With no way to rebuild her reputation, she is forced to return to her hometown, New Hope. Just when she has given up on everything, a new opportunity presents itself.

The film has a feel-good nature that leaves the audience with a smile on their face. On top of that, the charming town of New Hope also steals our hearts. Where is this place? Where is Feel the Beat filmed? Let’s find out.

Feel the Beat Filming Locations

Full of hopes and dreams, city-girl April is forced to take a hiatus from her career and go back to her hometown. She struggles with the idea for a while because she had to work very hard to get out of there in the first place, but eventually has to give in to her complicated situation. We find her returning to New Hope, Wisconsin, which is where her life takes an unexpected turn. In real life, however, the movie was not filmed in Wisconsin or anywhere near it. Like a lot of other projects of Netflix, ‘Feel the Beat’ turned towards Canada to tell the story of April. Toronto serves as the primary filming location, along with some of its neighboring towns.

Toronto, Canada

‘Feel the Beat’ follows the story of April, who has to return to the small town that she had previously escaped in order to chase her dreams. A few minutes into the film we see a stark contrast between the life she wants for herself and the one that she gets stuck in due to her misfortune.

The film captures the difference between the busy city life and the laid-back life in the suburbs very well. Even though the story is set in America, the backdrop is actually Canadian. For the city scenes, the production set camp in Toronto. The crew was spotted filming in several places all over the city. One of the real-life locations that you can easily spot in the film is the Adelaide courtyard. Several scenes have also been filmed in and around Yonge street. The film also employed the John English Junior Middle School to film several scenes.

A good part of ‘Feel the Beat’ takes place in New Hope, Wisconsin. To capture this small-town feeling of the film, the production found a perfect location at some distance from Toronto. The town of Millbrook near Peterborough serves as the hometown of April, the place that gives her another purpose in life. The crew had to change the look of some local places to give it a New Hope texture. For instance, the Home Hardware was turned into Rudolph’s Dry Tack and Hardware. Locals might also recognize the Pastry Peddler as one of the locations in the film.


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