Never Have I Ever: Do Devi and Ethan End Up Together?

Image Credit: Lara Solanki/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Never Have I Ever’ follows the tumultuous life of Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian-American teenager who wants to be academically successful but also have a thriving romantic life. At the beginning of her story, she is single and is something of an outcast in her school. Over four seasons, however, she builds a reputation for herself, earning nicknames like “Crazy Devi” and “Coyote Girl” while exploring romantic relationships with a few boys. In the fourth season, a new love interest arrives in the form of Ethan. If you want to know whether or not they end up together, we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

Ethan and Devi: A Short-Lived Romance

After Paxton graduates from Sherman Oaks High, Ethan emerges as the next popular guy in school. The sudden increase in his attractiveness surprises everyone, making Eleanor interested in him. She talks with Devi and Fabiola about pursuing Ethan after her break-up with Trent. Fabiola is not interested in boys, and Devi, while acknowledging that Ethan is good-looking, steers clear of him. However, when their paths cross, Ethan becomes interested in her.

In the first episode, Devi’s car is vandalized. At first, she believes it was Ben’s girlfriend, Margot. They had been in a squabble since Ben left Devi for Margot, and Devi said some hurtful things about her. Later, Devi realizes that it was Ethan who vandalized her car. She notices that he writes “t” the same way the vandal wrote it. She confronts him about it, and he reveals that he mistook her car for a teacher’s who had given him bad grades. Devi threatens to destroy his skateboard if he doesn’t pay for repairs. Her aggression makes Ethan attracted to her. He tells her about it when he shows up at her house with paint remover.

Though Devi hadn’t thought about it before, Ethan’s interest in her makes her consider the possibility of dating him. She has a dream about him, in which she also realizes that being with Ethan would mean betraying Eleanor, who plans to get Ethan to date her. Devi decides to abandon the possibility of being with Ethan because she loves Eleanor more. However, Ethan continues to flirt with her and kisses her at a party. When Eleanor catches them, she tells Devi that Ethan had kissed her minutes before he kissed Devi.

Realizing that Ethan had played them, Devi and Eleanor decide to stay away from him. Eventually, Eleanor gives up pursuing Ethan and lets Devi have him. Ethan, too, confesses that he likes Devi. He had kissed Eleanor because, due to his glow-up, he had started to get attention from girls and got greedy about it. When Devi agrees to date him, he promises not to get involved with any other girl.

For the next few months, Devi and Ethan date. While she focuses on getting into Princeton, she also has a sexually satisfying relationship with Ethan, which is what she wanted to begin with. Over time, however, it is pointed out to her that Ethan is not the kind of person that she should be in the longer run. Her counselor Jennifer Warner points out that Ethan might become a distraction and cost Devi Princeton. Devi assures her that she can handle college and a bad boy at once.

Later, Fabiola and Eleanor also point out that Ethan is not just a bad boy but also a bad person. He is prone to doing things that will land him in trouble someday, and if Devi continues to be with him, it could cost her her future. They assure her they will get her out of this relationship when things turn dire. Despite this, Devi is convinced that Ethan is not that bad. Her point is proven when Ethan tries to help her with the Princeton rep. After blowing her chance by cutting the line, Devi begs Akshara to give her another chance. They talk over at lunch when Ethan shows up. Devi worries that he might say something untoward. Instead, he hypes up Devi, impressing both her and Akshara.

Just when Devi thinks that others might have misread Ethan and that he’s not a bad person, she is proven wrong when she discovers that Ethan stole Akshara’s wallet. When she confronts him, he shows no remorse for his action. Devi realizes that her college counselor and friends are right. If Akshara learned about it, it could ruin Devi’s chances. Through his actions, Ethan jeopardized Devi’s career. So, she decides to end their relationship and breaks up with Ethan.

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