Tucker Ricchio: Where is Next Level Chef Season 2 Winner Now?

The three distinct platforms of ‘Next Level Chef’ combined with its race-against-time rounds are the perfect conditions for competing chefs to show their mettle and for stars to be born. This was the case for Tucker Ricchio, the show’s season 2 winner, who became a champion and inspiration for women, immigrant families, and the LGBTQ+ community. Aside from earning the title alongside $250,000 and a one-year mentorship under the trio of judges from the third season of ‘Next Level Chef,’ Tucker also amassed a massive fan following due to her determination, spontaneous decision-making, quirky personality and her ability to prepare delectable dishes despite the challenges in the competition.

Tucker Ricchio Employed Multiple Cooking Styles and a Simple Mantra

Tucker began the season under the mentorship of Gordon Ramsay, impressing him by quickly adapting to the pace of the competition and cooking up a storm of flavourful cuisine. She participated in the show as a professional chef and was well prepared for its challenges after having watched the first season five times. Despite initially struggling with acquiring needed ingredients in 10 seconds, she soon developed a system that carried her throughout the show. Her deliberation paid off, and she soon found herself in the final round.

Up against Pilar Omega and Christopher Spinosa, Tucker was challenged to prepare an appetizer, a fish course, and a meat course within just 90 minutes using all three kitchen levels. Tucker lagged behind the other chefs in preparing her appetizer and fish course, leaving her rushing to complete the final dish. However, the extra time allowed her to showcase her complete culinary diversity, making fish with Asian flavors as opposed to her known specializations in Italian and French styles. The gamble paid off, and Tucker received the coveted prize of $250,000 and a year of being mentored by Gordon Ramsay.

Tucker Ricchio is a Traveling Private Chef Who Also Teaches Live Cooking Classes

After winning the show and receiving the enormous cash prize, Tucker Ricchio has been in demand as a private chef, worked in pop-up kitchens, continued to teach classes on Truffle Shuffle, and been involved in charity ventures. She has also spent a lot of time traveling with her family and her girlfriend. Being queer, Tucker’s win was extremely important to her for championing the cause of representation and inspiring future chefs as she was. “Being able to represent women and the LGBT community, it makes me want to cry,” she said in an interview. “Dominique Crenn inspired me, and to think now I could be her for someone else, I take a lot of pride in holding that role.”

Coming from a male-dominated industry, she also wanted to show women that they could throw down with their peers in the kitchen and come out on top. Soon after winning ‘Next Level Chef,’ Tucker started her own company, Gastronomy Gangster, LLC. She continued her Truffle Shuffle-hosted livestream class series ‘Eat Around the World,’ in which she explores foods and cooking styles from all over the world. When it comes to her one year mentorship under the judges of ‘Next Level Chef,’ a few invitations to events and shows were extended to Tucker, with the star chefs likely providing an open line to her for opportunities or advice.


Tucker also participates in fundraisers with nonprofits to raise money or make food for the impoverished and afflicted. Over the past year, she has collaborated with a number of professional chefs and cooked for several upscale private events. In October 2023, she appeared on ‘Access Hollywood’ to cook alongside Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover. In the following month, she was also featured on the red carpet grand opening of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen in Miami. When Season 3 of ‘Next Level Chef’ was filmed, Tucker was invited as a guest and motivated the contestants.

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