Where is Nikki Cox Today?

The sitcom, ‘Unhappily Ever After’ from the 90s, delegates the troubles and concerns of the Malloy family and its various members. The exaggerated comedy delivers several laughs by highlighting the day-to-day affairs of its family members, be it the schizophrenic father, Jack, or his promiscuous wife, Jennie. In any case, one of the characters that stand out in the show is that of Tiffany, played by Nikki Cox. 

While the show has had its run and go, ending before the beginning of 2000, Nikki Cox rose in fame and headed to star in several movies and shows. While her life and fame have always been under the limelight, one cannot help but be curious about her current whereabouts. 

Nikki Cox After Unhappily Ever After 

Nikki Cox soon found herself in ‘The Norm Show,’ after ‘Unhappily Ever After’ stopped filming further episodes. The actress also featured in several shows, like ‘Baywatch,’ and ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’ She then played the role of Mary Connell in ‘Las Vegas.’ In 2006, she became the spokesmodel for Sportbook.com. Later, she also featured in ‘Lonely Street.’ In 2016, she was nominated as the writer of the album, ‘Happy. And a Lot.’

Her personal life was something that witnessed much attention as well. For many years she dated her co-star Kevin Connolly. Even though many believed that the couple would end up together, this did not happen. She was engaged to Bobcat Goldthwait, who was sixteen years older than her in 1997 but broke it off eventually. Goldthwait was the actor who voiced Mr.Floppy in ‘Unhappily Ever After.’ She ultimately married Jay Mohr, who is both an actor and a comedian, in 2006. Mohr even changed his last name to include Nikki’s surname. In an interview, he said, “She took my last name, I took her last name as another middle name, John Ferguson Cox Mohr. Her family devoured my whole…the least I can do is take three letters and put it on some paperwork.”  

Where is Nikki Cox Now?

Some shocking revelations were made when Mohr filed for divorce. He had initially made a statement regarding his intention to separate from Cox stating that she had substance addiction issues. But later he retracted the statements saying that he still loves her very much and that they are married. That did not last long, as just months later he filed for divorce a second time. Based on the court documents, Mohr allegedly requested full custody of their son, Meredith. As per reports, he even accused Cox of staying in the room for days on end using drugs, thus, he claimed that she was unfit to be a mother. Furthermore, it was stated that she threatened to take her life on multiple occasions. 

In this manner, they ceased from being a couple who often posted pictures of themselves together and instead became divorced in 2018. Since the divorce, Nikki Cox has been considerably inactive both on social media and elsewhere.

She does not have an official Instagram or Facebook account. Mohr, however, is quite active on social media platforms and can be seen with his son in many of his Instagram posts. Cox has not been actively seen in any movies or shows since 2011, as well. Whatever may be her reasons to take a back seat from the spotlight, one can hope that she is doing well. 

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