Ningen Fushin Episode 10 Recap: Labyrinth Dragnet

In the tenth episode of ‘Ningen Fushin: Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save the World’ season 2 titled ‘Labyrinth Dragnet,’ the Survivors meet the adventurer Ada the Sommelier, who thanks them for saving her daughter Reina. Later she helps the adventurers prepare for their confrontation with the Stepping Man. But when they eventually come across the notorious kidnapper, the Survivors realize that their enemy could potentially be using an artifact to give himself a slight edge. This realization makes Nick approach Leon, who gives critical intel about the artifact that the Stepping Man is using.

Ada the Sommelier Helps the Adventurers

After Olivia manages to flee, the Survivors are forced to reflect on the entire situation and arrive at the best possible strategy. As they are busy discussing the same, they are suddenly greeted by a woman, who is then revealed to be adventurer Ada the Sommelier. It turns out that she is Reina’s mother as well and wants to thank Nick and his friends for saving her daughter’s life.

Meanwhile, Reina wants to become Zem’s student so that she can learn from him. But Zem explains that because of past experiences, he is not comfortable becoming her master and teaching her his techniques. Naturally, Reina is a bit disappointed but Ada offers to help the Survivors with their preparation to confront the Stepping Man. She concludes that the notorious criminal uses Light Body and Heavy Body skills for flight and strength respectively.

So, if the Survivors wish to compete against him, then they too must master the technique as well. The adventurers soon face the Stepping Man one evening but he manages to run away. This confrontation obviously proves that he is using an artifact, which is why Nick meets Leon. He claims that the Illusion King Gem is most likely the artifact that the criminal has been using all this time.

Do the Survivors Find the Stepping Man?

Using the information about leaky roofs, Nick and his friends manage to narrow down their search. They then meet their informer who tells them about someone bringing a child’s body to the graves. However, he is uncertain whether the dead person was a boy or a girl. As they continue their investigations further, the Survivors feel that they are being followed at one point. Their suspicion turns out to be true as a hooded woman attacks them.

While Nick accuses her of being the Stepping man, she accuses him back of kidnapping the girls in the region. After a brief exchange, Nick asks her if she is Olivia after which the reporter confesses that he is right, revealing that she is also an adventurer. When asked one more time if she is the Stepping Man, Olivia accepts but then clarifies that she is not the infamous kidnapper. She goes on to shed more light on the term and proves that the name is used to refer to people who jump around the city’s roofs at night.

Accompanied by Olivia, the Survivors then investigate the girl’s dead body. They feel a bit suspicious since everything appears so perfect. Olivia is especially doubtful and suggests turning her body to examine further. There Olivia notices the Illusion King’s jewel. After it is removed, the imperfections and other facial features of the dead girl become more pronounced. The Survivors notice that there is a burn mark on her hand she also has a mole on her neck.

All of these details are crucial since they can then be used for further inquiry. Eventually, the Survivors accompanied by Olivia manage to learn that the girl was named Martha Cunning and she was just 10 years old. She had a habit of running away from home, which is why her parents were slow to approach the Solar Knights for help. Her body was eventually found inside the garbage collection. Zem has been observing everything closely and eventually reveals that he has figured out the identity of the Stepping Man.

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