Where Was Nobody Knows I’m Here Filmed?

The cheapest way to travel to exotic places is by reading books. The new-age way of doing that is streaming a movie or a television show. This is one of the many appeals of foreign productions as they bring to notice some truly spectacular places whose existence many might not be aware of. ‘Nobody Knows I’m Here‘ is an extremely well-shot Spanish-language movie from Chile that does exactly that. The film is the full-length directorial debut of Gaspar Antillo. His command over framing shines throughout the movie. A gorgeous setting is made to juxtapose with a rather melancholic tale fantastically.

The film revolves around the character of Memo. Memo is depicted to have phenomenal singing talent. However, as a kid, his song, ‘Nobody Knows I’m Here’ was marketed with a different, more attractive boy because of his weight. This has led to Memo becoming depressed and living a mostly solitary life with his uncle on an island. He dreams of singing in front of a crowd someday, in a shiny dress, sporting pretty nail polish.

The character of Memo is essayed by Jorge Garcia of ‘Lost‘ fame. Other cast members of the movie include Milaray Lobos, Gastón Pauls, Luis Gnecco, and several others.

Nobody Knows I’m Here Filming Locations

Several viewers of the Chilean movie might have wondered where ‘Nobody Knows I’m Here’ is filmed. Most of the film takes place on the island that Memo lives on. The island is depicted to be located in southern Chile in the movie. Hence, viewers might have been curious to know whether the picturesque island is actually located in southern Chile. Apart from that, the last few scenes of the film are set in an unnamed city. International viewers would have also wondered where these scenes were filmed. Was the movie actually filmed in Chile?


To begin with, ‘Nobody Knows I’m Here’ was actually filmed in Chile. According to local sources, filming was carried out in Puerto Octay. It can be reasonably assumed that the scenes set in Memo’s house on the island were filmed here. Puerto Octay is a town that is actually located in the south of Chile. Hence, scenes depicting Memo’s house were actually filmed in the place that the plot was set in. As of 2002, the population of the town stood at 10,236.

Additionally, filming was also carried out in Santiago. It is reasonable to presume that the Chilean capital was used to film scenes towards the end of the film when Memo goes for his televised conversation with Angelo Casas.

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