15 Actors Who Went Fully Nude For Movies

Most people often dismiss sex and nudity as irrelevant topics, and it’s really annoying because I think nudity is one of the most important aspects of cinema. Actors who went completely nude for movies gave themselves on to their characters, and it means a lot and certainly takes immense courage and determination to pour yourselves into the character you’re playing, not just emotionally but also physically. There are certain actors known for taking on bold roles more frequently than others, and this demands a lot from them, and in most cases, nudity is unavoidable.

So let’s take a look at the list of celebrities who did fully naked scenes for movies. If you have any particular interest in seeing these nude actors, we have plenty of recommendations for you (and no.. there are no leaked celebrity nudes on this list).

15. Ben Affleck – Gone Girl (2014)

Well, this may come off as a surprise because Ben Affleck has no prior experience of going nude onscreen but remember the shower scene in ‘Gone Girl‘? Yes, that’s where Affleck bared it out in front of the camera for the very first time in his career. David Fincher‘s thriller was noted for its explicit violence and sex scenes, but Affleck’s shower scene completely catches us off guard as it’s not one you would anticipate especially considering the actor’s lack of experience in this area.

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14. Christian Bale – American Psycho (2000)

This is certainly not among the most pleasing-to-watch nude scenes in movies. Christian Bale‘s terrifying portrayal of a rich investment banker with dark psychopathic fantasies has now become one of the most iconic portrayals of villain cinema. And for the role, the actor not only had to push himself to the darkest emotional edges but also had to strip off for a few scenes, most famously in that chainsaw sequence where he chases off and kills a prostitute after having sex with her. It’s an immensely disturbing scene that goes well in tone with the darkly comic nature of the movie, and Bale is remarkably brilliant, flaunting his impeccable acting skills as he gives himself off completely to the character.

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13. Viggo Mortensen – The Indian Runner (1991), Eastern promises (2007)

Viggo Mortensen has stripped off onscreen a couple of times. In the 1991 crime drama written and directed by Sean Penn, ‘The Indian Runner’ where he plays an emotionally complex man with dark traits, trying to gel well with his brother, who has an extremely different persona. Mortensen does have a scene in the film where he strips off completely with his parts almost clearly visible. However, his most famous nude moment onscreen would come almost 16 years later in David Cronenberg‘s classic gangster flick, ‘Eastern Promises,’ which has a scene where his character is brutally beaten in a bathhouse after being mistakenly identified by a group of thugs.

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12. Anne Hathaway – Brokeback Mountain (2005), Love and Other Drugs (2010)

Anne Hathaway can be incredibly seductive and she fiercely flaunted her sensual powers in an intimate scene she had with Jake Gyllenhaal in the 2010 erotic rom-com, ‘Love and Other Drugs.’ She strips off for a lovemaking scene with Jake Gyllenhaal, and it goes on for quite a long time as they have a long conversation after the sex. Hathaway is playful, erotic, and irresistibly gorgeous here, exposing herself completely and not displaying the slightest bit of hesitation. Interestingly, she also had another lovemaking scene with Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Brokeback Mountain’ for which she had to expose quite a bit, but that one went relatively unnoticed for some reason.

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11. Richard Gere – American Gigolo (1980)

Richard Gere‘s famous nude shot in ‘American Gigolo’ must have been unusual for its time. After having sex, Gere calmly gets up and stands by a window, completely nude with his parts almost clearly visible. He plays a sex worker who is framed for murder, and his performance elevates the film from being a mediocre attempt at tackling such a bold subject. Considering this was among the earliest films to feature a nude shot of its main star, it’s amazing how calm and nonchalant Gere seems in the scene.

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10. Eva Green – The Dreamers (2003)

The Parisian beauty stripped off for the camera for her film debut in Bernardo Bertolucci’s erotic drama, ‘The Dreamers’. The film is quintessential Bertolucci with countless erotic scenes that have actors going completely nude, and Green shows her beautiful body here with a surprising lack of inhibition, especially when you’d think this was her film debut. Most of the nude scenes in the film add a lot to the story in that they manage to create a sensual atmosphere.

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9. Heather Graham – Boogie Nights (1997)

Paul Thomas Anderson initially did not consider Heather Graham for the part of “Rollergirl” because he had never seen her go naked on-screen but was convinced after she read for the part. She goes nude here in the scene where Jack asks her to have sex with Mark Wahlberg‘s character in order to assess his “abilities” so that he can cast him in the lead role for his next porno flick. It’s an endearing scene, filled with charm and energy as Graham strips off and gets into business straightaway, showing absolutely no sign of hesitation or discomfort, which is what makes the scene so good.

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8. Halle Berry – Monster Ball (2001)

Halle Berry‘s famous Oscar-winning performance in ‘Monster’s Ball’ has her stripping off completely for a sex scene with her lover. Widely regarded as one of the most memorable sex scenes ever filmed, the scene is noted for its raw emotional power as the characters let themselves be soaked in each other’s pain and anguish which makes the moment so beautifully cathartic and liberating. Berry is amazing here and leads the scene, initiating the sex and building a moment of raw passion and intimacy.

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7. Monica Bellucci – Irreversible (2002)

The Italian beauty bared it all in Gasper Noe’s devastating masterpiece ‘Irreversible,’ where she plays a pregnant woman who gets brutally raped in an underground walkway and is later beaten unconscious. The scene goes on for about 5 minutes, and its impact is truly disturbing as it builds a very discomforting sense of realism, and you almost get the feeling of being present in the exact same place and yet not being able to protect her. However, the scene for which she went completely nude happens towards the end in one of the flashback sequences where she lays on top of her boyfriend after a passionate session of lovemaking. The scene goes on for more than 10 minutes as the couple prepares to leave for the party, and they playfully wander around, completely naked and elated at the possibility of her pregnancy.

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6. Mark Wahlberg – Boogie Nights (1997)

A film about the porn industry is obviously meant to have a lot of nude scenes. Heather Graham went nude for that famous “audition” scene where her character was asked to have sex with Dirk by porn movie director Jack Horner so that he could cast him in his next movie. However, Wahlberg was equally comfortable doing all the intimate scenes. The last shot is particularly memorable, where his character returns to making movies and, in a Raging Bull-esque moment, gives a long pep talk to himself before revealing his prosthetic penis in front of the camera.

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5. Kate Winslet – The Reader (2009), Titanic (1997), Little Children (2006)

Kate Winslet has gone nude on several occasions onscreen. Her iconic drawing scene in ‘Titanic‘ would forever remain etched in our memories as the most gorgeous portrait of feminine sensuality. She has also gone naked in ‘Jude,’ ‘Heavenly Creatures,’ ‘Iris’and ‘Holy Smoke,’ but nothing were as emotionally demanding as ‘The Reader‘ for which she deservedly won an Oscar. Winslet features in numerous scenes, appearing completely naked, most of which are lovemaking scenes with a teenage boy with whom her character develops a strong sexual and emotional bond. Winslet completely invests herself into the role and is so good with the intimate scenes that she dominates the film with an astonishingly vulnerable, haunting performance of such devastating impact.

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4. Michael Fassbender – Shame (2011)

Nudity has rarely had such a disturbing impact on-screen. Disturbing not just because of its visual explicitness but because of its devastating emotional power. Michael Fassbender plays a sex-obsessed New York corporate guy who is forced to confront his own demons when his sister comes to stay with him for a few days. Right after the opening sequence in a subway, there’s a scene where he walks off completely naked after having sex with a prostitute. Fassbender completely exposes himself here, and it’s a very disturbing scene because we are pulled into his world of bizarre obsessions and disturbing fantasies.

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3. Sharon Stone – Basic Instinct (1992)

In one of cinema’s most iconic moments, Sharon Stone floored us all with her raw seductive charisma and lethal beauty as she toys with a bunch of cops who are interrogating her by frequently crossing and uncrossing her legs, distracting and manipulating them. It’s a defining moment in the film, and Stone displays astonishing comfort and a remarkable lack of inhibition doing such a bold scene. It just defines feminine charisma and the inherent vulnerabilities of men, and we just can’t imagine any other actress donning the role of Catherine Tramell.

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2. Nicole Kidman – Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Beauty in Stanley Kubrick‘s films was always captured with mechanical perfection. His relentless quest to attain cinematic perfection can at times be tiring, and it often tends to hamper emotional investment, but you still remain in awe of the kind of control he has over your senses. The gorgeous Nicole Kidman went naked for the master’s final masterpiece ‘Eyes Wide Shut‘ where she plays a woman whose relationship with her husband takes a wild twisted turn after she admits to having sexual fantasies about a man she once met. Kubrick’s camera doesn’t tend to linger around a lot on her body parts but instead captures the sensual, enigmatic aura her presence brings on to the screen. It’s simply one of the most unforgettable cinematic portrayals of feminine beauty.

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1. Julianne Moore – Boogie Nights (1997), The Big Lebowski (1998), Short Cuts (1993)

Well, I’m assuming this wasn’t surprising at all. Julianne Moore is famous for doing nudity onscreen. I mean, there could be a huge list of films where she went completely naked. The painting scene in ‘The Big Lebowski‘ was endearing and hilarious, the famous sex scene with Wahlberg in ‘Boogie Nights‘ is possibly the most exhilarating lovemaking scene ever captured onscreen, and Moore’s maternal love for Dirk and her raw sexual charisma just elevate the sensual atmosphere to a whole other level. But perhaps the most hilarious and memorable of all would be her argument scene in Robert Altman’s ‘Short Cuts’ where she has a debate with her husband and dries off her clothes, walking around without her panties.

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