Obey Me! Season 1: Everything We Know

Based on the namesake otome mobile app game developed by NTT Solmare Corporation as one of the entries of its ‘Shall We Date?’ series, ‘Obey Me!’ is a slice-of-life romance fantasy short original net animation series. The story revolves around the lives of Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan, Mammon, Beelzebub, Belphegor, and Asmodeus, the 7 princes of hell, at the Royal Academy of Diavolo. They play games, become interested in particular humans, and even discover romance. The source material is a top-rated otome game, the fans of which have wanted an anime adaptation for a long time. Here is everything you need to know about its inaugural season.

Obey Me! Season 1 Release Date

‘Obey Me!’ premiered on July 16, 2021, on Funimation. Premium subscribers of the site can watch the series in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. Studio Colored Pencil Animation developed the series in collaboration with Bouncy, NTT Solmare, Sotsu Co., Ltd., and Toei Agency. Following the series premiere on July 16, episode 2 is slated to air on July 30. Aside from Funimation, the episodes can be watched on the official YouTube channel of ‘Obey Me!. For the VIP members of Akuzon, an in-game shopping service, the first episode was pre-screened on July 9. The ending theme track of the anime is “It’s My Party” by Obey Me! Boys.

Obey Me! Season 1 Plot: What Is It About?

Each of the brothers in ‘Obey Me’ represents one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Lucifer is the Avatar of Pride, Satan is of Wrath, Leviathan Envy, Mammon Greed, Beelzebub Gluttony, Belphegor Sloth, and Asmodeus Lust. The anime and the original game have been heavily inspired by Abrahamic mythology. The anime might depict the 7 main characters attending the academy and drawing the attention of humans and other demons alike. Other Biblical characters that appear in the game, including Luke, Simeon, and Solomon, might appear in the show.

Diavolo, the de facto ruler of all demons, might also make an appearance in the show. ‘Obey Me’ will probably focus on the dynamic between the 7 brothers. It will also probably depict their romantic lives, as, after all, the anime is based on an otome game. The show might also depict the close friendship between Lucifer and Diavolo, who have been friends for thousands of years.

Lucifer is not only the oldest of the brothers but also the strongest. He might fulfill a leadership role in the anime as he is also the most reserved among all the siblings. The brothers might be depicted as the personifications of the Sins they represent. Lucifer might be extremely prideful, while Mammon will probably be incredibly greedy. In one of the episodes, the brothers might end up swapping bodies with each other, leading to hilarious results.

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