Obliterated: Do Chad and Ava End Up Together?

Image Credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Obliterated’ might be an action series, but it also plays with other genres, like comedy and romance, to give the audience a stellar time. One of the many things that the show employs to keep the audience invested in the characters is to string along something that is on the brink of happening several times but doesn’t quite happen until the very end. One of the members of the team doesn’t get to eat despite his strong desire to have a hearty meal, and the other members don’t come around despite it being clear that there is a connection between them. The couple in question is Ava Winters and Chad McKnight, who are at odds with each other for almost the entirety of the show until the final scene. SPOILERS AHEAD

Ava and Chad Get Their Happy Ending

Image Credits: Ursula Coyote/Netflix

Opposites attract in ‘Obliterated’ when Ava Winters and Chad McKnight team up, with a couple of other people, to stop a nuclear threat on Las Vegas. On the surface, they couldn’t be any more different from each other. Ava is a by-the-book agent whose superpower is to be sly and find a way to make things work in her favor without moving a muscle. She is smart and patient, completely in control of her impulses, which is what makes her a great leader.

Chad McKnight, on the other hand, is less brains and more brawn. He believes in going in guns blazing and doesn’t shy away from using violence to get the job done. He can be impulsive and isn’t always known to think things through before doing it, but he is dedicated, loyal, and ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He also likes to be in charge, which is why it’s a bit difficult for him to operate under Ava, who is repeatedly frustrated with him doing exactly what he’s told not to.

Despite their differences, Ava and Chad turn out to work great together. Their skills are complementary, which makes them quite a deadly pair. They realize each other’s strengths over the course of the twenty-four hours they and their team try to save Vegas, and with time, they start to respect one another more than they had at the beginning of their collaboration.

At the beginning of the season, Ava and Chad have sex, barely because they stop before things can come to a proper conclusion. Chad blurts out that he loves Ava, and this makes things awkward between them, especially because Ava doesn’t think much of Chad at this point and only sleeps with him because of the opportunity and the circumstances. But then, as the pressure of the mission starts to take its toll, they become more vulnerable to each other, and things start to get interesting between them.

At one point, the mission goes so horribly awry that Ava’s team is taken off the case. While drowning their sorrows, Ava and Chad, once again, find comfort in each other’s arms. They have sex, or at least try to, until they are interrupted, first by the camel and then by their team members. Of course, the mission takes priority, so they leave their unfinished task and focus on saving the city.

After a lot of running around, trying to find the villains and the bomb, and then desperately trying to disarm the thing so it doesn’t explode and destroy the entirety of Las Vegas, the team finally succeeds in what they’d set out to do the first time around. The city is saved, and before the team starts partying again, they make sure that there has been no oversight this time around, unlike last time when they partied too hard too early.

Once the job is done and Vegas is saved, the team drowns itself in booze and drugs, which is how they partied the first time, too, but harder. With the weight of the world off their shoulders (for now), Ava and Chad get the time to take care of their unfinished business. By this time, they have been more open to each other about their past and have a better understanding of one another. This time, when they have sex, they are not interrupted. It remains to be seen whether this physical intimacy will blossom into a romance for the characters, but for now, we can say that Ava and Chad are pretty happy in each other’s company.

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