Where is Octavio Sanders From Beyond the Aggressives Now?

A sequel to ‘The Aggressives,’ Showtime’s ‘Beyond the Aggressives: 25 Years Later’ follows up on various individuals featured in the original 2005 movie. Directed by Daniel Peddle, the film sheds light on the changes that have taken place in their lives. Among them all, Octavio Sanders left quite an impression on the viewers with his newfound openness and dedication to creating stronger ties with his close ones. Octvaio’s story resonated with many of the viewers, which is something that was highlighted in the sequel.

Octavio Sanders’s Path to Transition Was a Long One

When Octavio Sanders appeared in the 2005 documentary, he went through some hard times. He had become a parent at the age of 15 to his son, Tyquan Sanders, which he confessed in the sequel film had impacted some of his decisions. Octavio shared that his son had been adopted by his aunt, who had told Octavio that if he ever came around, she would call the authorities. This was apparently because the aunt disapproved of Octvaio’s “lifestyle.”


Octavio shared that since he already has a criminal background, he did not want to jeopardize any chances he might have in the future. When his aunt passed away, Octavio had a chance to reconnect with his son, and he made sure to make good use of the chance. Apparently, it was with consideration to his son that Octavio had decided not to transition medically. He explained that while all his friends had transitioned, he was waiting for his son to grow up so that society’s judgments would not harm him in his younger years.

During his appearance in the follow-up movie, Octavio confessed that he had decided to turn his life. He had attended the Hudson Valley Community College and graduated with a degree in Electrical Construction and Maintenance. Octavio had restarted his hormone therapy and was happy with the changes that it had brought to his physical appearance. He stated that his face had started to look more “masculine,” and he had started to feel like himself more and more, thanks to the weekly injections.

Additionally, Octavio was looking into getting a top surgery. He confessed that he did not have the funds to go through the procedure, but it was something he wanted very much so that he could be who he wanted to be. When Octavio declared his intention to get top surgery for his son, Tyquan remained by his side and even seemed happy about Octavio making this choice for himself. Octavio himself confessed that he had always been sensitive about being “top-heavy” since he had never felt like a woman.

Octavio Sanders is Now Living Life on His Terms

Based in Troy, New York, Octavio now works as a Mechanic maintenance worker. Following his top surgery, Octavio claimed that he did not have the words to describe what he was feeling. That said, it was also revealed that the relationship he had been in prior to his surgery had now come to an end. However, he emphasized that the surgery itself was not a reason behind it. Octavio remained adamant that the process had not changed anything about him at a fundamental level, as he was still the same person.

Now, also going by the name ZyZy Perez, Octavio seems to be doing well in his life, though he suffered a great loss recently. His grandmother passed away in March of 2024, and both Octavio and Tyquan Sanders seem to be mourning the tragedy. Despite the loss, Octavio has built a good life for himself. His realization in the past years has helped him create a good life himself, which he has been quite proud of.

Octavio also seems to have a good relationship with his son Tyquan. In the Showtime movie, Tyquan confessed that he had not been completely comfortable with the idea of his mother’s identity. However, as the years have gone by, he seems to have become more understanding of his life as well as that of his parent. The love between the two remains stronger, much to Octavio’s happiness. The latter has also been open to promoting the documentary that has allowed him to open up more with the world.

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