Olivanie: Don’t Hate the Player Star is an Aspiring Content Creator

Making good strategy and knowing the value of a good retreat is quite a skill for those who have been a part of Netflix’s ‘Don’t Hate the Player.’ This sentiment was well showcased by Olivanie in season 1 of the show and helped her shine bright amongst others. Though she certainly did not shy away from sharing her opinion on the show, Olivanie was also someone who believed in making her own choices and knowing just which battles to pick.

Olivanie Put Her Strategic Skills to Good Use on the Show

Since the moment that she learned that the luxurious villa shining brightly in the distance had to be earned through strategy, Olivanie tried her level best to form solid connections and be open about her opinions. When the contestants were told on the first night that they had to choose a leader, Olivanie became a firm supporter of Jordan Lecordier and convinced many of her female cast members to vote for him. During the voting, there were indeed a few people that Olivanie thought she had been able to convince. As such, when they ended up voting for someone else, she was more than open to voicing her dissatisfaction with the same.

However, she also felt that this might have put her in a negative light in Anthony Jomeau’s gaze. The latter had been chosen as the leader and the one who assigned the boxes containing their future fate. Olivanie was indeed skeptical when Anthony assigned her a box and hence chose to switch her boxes. She claimed this was because she would know that whatever happened had happened due to her own decision. The choice was indeed a fruitful one for her as Olivanie was able to evade elimination, even though she was still a camp resident. The latter was something she was certainly not happy about, and she often voiced her displeasure over lentils.

A seemingly golden opportunity was provided to Olivanie and Jordan when the latter was chosen as the leader for a camp-specific task. He was first asked to pick a companion, and he chose Olivanie. The two then embarked on a journey that led them to a wooden chest with the following task. They had to pick four of the camp residents to be nominated for the elimination duel, but one of the names should belong to either one of them. Olivanie decided not to protest at all when Jordan put his own name forward and seemingly let him make the decisions in order to not sour her own connections and avoid elimination. Given that Jordan was eliminated later on, her strategy certainly worked.

Not trusting herself with many of her co-stars, things came to a head for Olivanie during the one-on-one duels. Feeling that she had lost most of her alliances, she was unsure whom to trust. As such, when Inès Mèlas presented her with her box, she was unsure what strategy to follow. Having previously swapped the boxes, she, this time, chose to keep the one that had been given to her. Unfortunately, things did not work out the same way as the last time and Olivanie ended up getting eliminated.

Where is Olivanie Now?

Thanks to her sense of humor, communication skills, and charm, Olivanie has been able to make quite a name for herself. The reality TV star is actually quite a popular online creator, with her content mostly being available on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Her Instagram following is more than 101K, while her YouTube channel boasts a subscriber count of over 148K.

Today, Olivanie primarily posts her content on YouTube and has certainly not limited herself to a single type of video. Whether competing in exciting and viral challenges or partaking in adventurous activities, she posts videos of it all on her channel, much to the happiness of her fans, who adore her work. Many find her content to be highly relatable and eagerly wait for the latest updates from her side. As such, when Olivanie shared that she would be on Netflix, her fans could not help but feel happy for her. She has expressed much excitement for the same and has gained many new supporters thanks to her time on the show.

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