Review: On My Block S03 E03


The dynamics are shifting in the group. Monse is getting to know more of Jasmine, and the latter is turning out to be more fun and intuitive than Monse had expected. After Olivia, Jasmine is the only girlfriend she has. There is also a change in Jamal’s life who is trying to solve the mystery of Kendra. Cesar and Oscar, too, face a difficult time with the return of their father. Oscar doesn’t want him around for too long but Cesar wants to know him. As if this wasn’t enough to complicate things between them, a new problem shows up.

On My Block Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

Even though they are broken up, Monse worries that she is not being there for Cesar as his friend. Ever since his dad came back, she has not checked up on him, which is what makes her invite him to the pool where she is hanging out with Jasmine. In the same place, Ruby and Jamal are selling sandwiches which are not very healthy. But Ruby needs to do something about his family’s problem, and because there is still time in them figuring out where Lil’ Ricky is, if they figure it out at all, he has to resort to sandwich selling to make whatever money he can. It is only when the sandwiches start having bad effects on the ones who eat them that he realises how much he has messed up.

Meanwhile, Jamal keeps in contact with Kendra, the girl who had been stalking him. Ruby suspects that she is a Prophet and is getting close to him because she needs information on something, but she tries to convince him that she just likes him.

On My Block Season 3 Episode 3 Review

In its third episode, ‘On My Block’ creates more tension for the characters. Ruby already has a lot to worry about and the threat from Cuchillos doesn’t make it any better. He tries to make some money during the summer, pitching in as much as he can, but no short-cut to making money ever turned out well for anyone. His sandwiches made a lot of people sick, and just when his family is already in a sinking boat financially, a lawsuit from one of his customers could make matters worse for them. The call from the mob boss makes him even more worried about the safety of his family.

Another person whose paranoia has often been at the centre of the story is Jamal. At first, he had been sure that Kendra was a Prophet and she was either going to harm him or get him to turn against Santos. Then she told him that she liked him, which seemed impossible in the beginning, but Jamal warmed up to that idea. But there is still no clarity about what she really wants. Is she really just into Jamal, or is there is an ulterior motive behind her actions?

We also find Monse and Jasmine becoming better friends, especially after the heart-to-heart they’d had in the previous episode. Monse is trying to be there for Cesar, but her actions, if not her intentions, could be read the wrong way. She spends some time with him at the carnival, before he has to leave. A twist in their story is added when Monse shares a moment with Oscar! She has always been in opposition to him. She blames him for all that has wrong with them, but it is also a fact that, time and again, Oscar has protected them. Their interaction, no matter how minor, will surely cause a problem for Cesar, and his father might use this against Oscar to get Cesar on his side.

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