One-Time Wonders: Those Who Won an Oscar, but Never Got Nominated Again

Nominated once and they won, never to be heard from again…not even a nomination. Cast in a film, they give a performance deemed worthy of being an Academy Award winner, but never come anywhere close again. They continue to act, maybe, or slip into television or obscurity known as an Oscar winner, and when they die they will be announced as Academy Award winner.

Like hit songs by groups that hit it big then never again, these are Oscars one hit wonders spanning the years 1970-2002 (which seemed fair) …actors, actresses and directors.

1972 – Joel Grey for Cabaret – Best Supporting Actor
1974 – Art Carney for Harry and Tonto – Best Actor
1975 – Louise Fletcher for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Best Actress
1976 – John G. Avildsen for Rocky – Best Director
1978 – Michael Cimino for The Deer Hunter – Best Director
1979 – Timothy Hutton for Ordinary People – Best Supporting Actor
1984 – F. Murray Abraham for Amadeus – Best Actor
1986 – Marlee Matlin for Children of a Lesser God – Best Actress
1989 – Brenda Fricker for My Left Foot — Best Supporting Actress
1990 – Kevin Costner for Dances with Wolves – Best Director
1995 – Mira Sorvino for Mighty Aphrodite – Best Supporting Actress
1998 – Gwenyth Paltrow for Shakespeare in Love – Best Actress
1998 – Roberto Begnini for Life is Beautiful – Best Actor
1999 – Sam Mendes for American Beauty – Best Director
2002 – Adrien Brody for The Pianist – Best Actor