One Ton Family From My 600-lb Life: Where Are The Pierro Siblings Now?

The Pierro siblings AKA the One-Ton Family made an appearance on TLC’s ‘My 600-Lb Life‘ in season 6 wherein siblings Roshanda, Brandie, and Clarence opened up about their childhood struggles and how their weight problems spiraled after their parents separated. They were unsupervised, and no one guided them or inculcated healthy food habits during their formative years. As a result, they were obese after high school and could only avail of Dr. Now’s help years after their health was at stake.

Dr. Now categorized them as “super morbidly obese” and asked them to move to Houston from Louisiana. But did the trio manage to put off the weight they lost during the show? Have they lost more or gained it all back? Here’s the latest update about the Pierro siblings to give you an insight into their current situation! 

Roshanda Pierro is Dealing With a Personal Loss Today

Roshanda was 30-years-old and weighed around 800 pounds before embarking on her weight loss journey and deciding to make a lifestyle shift. She was motivated by her siblings’ losing weight, following a proper regime, and seeing results. So, Roshanda followed in their footsteps and worked harder to be disciplined in her diet. After losing 130 pounds, her mother’s demise sent her into a downward spiral again, and half the weight she lost was back. 

She followed a diet of 1200 calories a day and exercised three times a week. Alas, her surgery was approved after her weight dropped close to 600 pounds. In 2020, Roshanda revealed that she lost more than 300 pounds in two years. In ‘My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?’ she said, “I’m more motivated than ever to do this, I’m going to keep going and pushing ahead until I get to my goal, and I know we’re gonna come back together as a family.” 

She was seen enjoying her time, participating, and watching karaoke nights and church gospels. Roshanda is also actively a part of JournetFitness, her current workout place that provides fitness boot camps and personal training services. She also seems to be enjoying homecooked and protein-rich food, as opposed to junk food, which could be detrimental to her health. However, she is still bereaved by the death of her father, and we sincerely hope that Roshanda and her family get through the difficult times without relapsing on their journey.

Brandie Pierro is Focusing on Her Career Today

During her first appearance on the show, Brandie was 29 and weighed 620 pounds. She stayed with her sister at the hospital due to Dr. Nowzaradan’s concern and lost 30 pounds before leaving the vicinity. She lost 100 pounds in total after carefully following the doctor’s advice and not straying from her diet or workout plan. She was the only one who had the surgery to help with weight reduction, even after going through several drawbacks in their family life. 

 In 2019, she weighed 370 pounds and seemed motivated to keep going. She said, “We’re eating right, getting our exercise in, and hopefully, that will lead us to all our goals soon.” However, her priorities changed after her music career took off, and she received great offers for her skills. She reportedly gained back 70 pounds in 2020 and has kept a low profile since then about her weight loss journey. She needs a re-direction in terms of her health and fitness goals, but as of now, Brandi is only concerned about her profession, i.e., being a rapper and singer. 

Clarence Pierro is Focusing on His Health Today

Compared to his two sisters, Clarence’s journey was a bit turbulent. At the beginning of his journey, he was 33 years old and weighed 582 pounds. His hard work and dedication paid off when he lost more than 100 pounds and got approved for the surgery. But his process was halted when their mother passed away. He was hesitant to undergo surgery in such circumstances, but at last, he had a change of heart and went through the gastric sleeve procedure. 

During the 2020 update, Clarence stated that he lost 200 pounds, no longer needed Dr. Now’s program, and planned to lose the remaining weight by himself. He commented, “I came to realize that where I need to be is focused on what will help me keep making progress and not on doing things that are a waste and taking me off of that focus.” He took two months off work while his father was sick to be present with him in his last moments. Even though he had a difficult time coping with the loss, he is back and stronger than ever, playing basketball and living an active lifestyle.

In February 2022, Clarence posted a reel with an inspiring caption. He wrote, “I’m trying to work long enough to into sobriety for 90 days straight, work on my mental, physical, and spiritual. I’m going to need someone strong and accountable.” So, he hasn’t lost hope at all and is still on the right track to achieving great health and success. The family has moved back to Lafayette, Louisiana and are continuing to support each other through thick and thin. 

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