8 Most Overrated Movies of 2017

“Overrated” is a term that often riles people up. Why? Well, because most of them don’t necessarily understand — or are willing to understand — what it actually means. “Overrated” doesn’t mean bad. Let me put it this way, all overrated movies aren’t bad — some of them could be but not all. Quite simply, the term “overrated” is used for a film if it received way more praise than it deserved. Sometimes, average movies are proclaimed to be good, and goo movies are proclaimed to be great. In all such scenarios, I don’t mind using the word “overrated”.

With that out-of-the-way, let’s now focus on films of 2017. Yes, it has been a decent year for cinema. It has been an especially good year for variety in cinema. Having said that, there also have been films that I felt were over-praised. We will look at 10 such films from this year.


8. The Beguiled

I am a big fan of Sofia Coppola. ‘Lost in Translation’ and ‘Somewhere’ happen to be my all time favorites. Therefore, my expectations with her is always high. Sofia Coppola’s remake of the 1971 film is an unsettling gothic film. It is good as long as it lasts. But once it is over, you quickly forget it. Repeat value? None. Zilch. Compare that with ‘Lost in Translation’, which I have watched zillion times.


7. Logan

Yup, arguably, the most acclaimed superhero film of the year isn’t as great as people have made it out to be. For my money, both ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ are better films. But I understand the love for the film. Father-daughter chemistry, Hugh Jackman final Wolverine film, emotional climax … all work in favor of the film. But hey, it is just a superhero film. It is also not The Dark Knight.


6. Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

I will never get the craze for Star Wars. Never. To me, it is just an overhyped marketing machine. That’s about it.


5. Darkest Hour

Textbook biopic! The film received praise from all quarters. And so did Gary Oldman for his splendid central performance. But ‘Darkest Hour’ isn’t even the best Dunkirk film this year. How about that?