Pam Adkisson: Where is Kevin Von Erich’s Wife Now?

Image Credit: Lily James as Pam Adkisson

Stepping into the realm of a dynastic family through marriage unveils a unique tapestry woven with both grandeur and responsibilities. The enchanting allure of historical lineage and established prestige is accompanied by the weight of maintaining traditions, upholding family legacies, and navigating intricate relationships. This is all and much more that Pam Adkisson had to make her way against when she married Kevin Von Erich, the oldest son of the Von Erich wrestling family. Given all that the family went through in a matter of a decade, it would not have been easy for Pam to keep afloat and raise a family. ‘The Iron Claw’ casts its gaze, particularly on her husband, Kevin, but Pam has always remained a mystery to people.

Pam Adkisson Stuck by Kevin’s Side

Pam started her journey with Kevin Ross Adkisson, widely recognized as Kevin Von Erich, on August 1, 1980. While her life before marrying Kevin remains largely private, it is revealed that their connection blossomed during a brief encounter, leading to a short but impactful courtship. Their joyous union took root in marriage, and in 1981, they welcomed their first daughter, Kristen. Residing in Texas, Pam dedicated herself to creating a warm and nurturing home for her husband and their growing family.

Lily James as Pam Adkisson

The Adkisson family faced their first adversity when Kevin’s younger brother, David, passed away while on a wrestling tour in Japan in 1984. This challenging period not only meant coping with the loss of a cherished and youthful family member but also contending with rumors and whispers surrounding drug use and abuse among David and his siblings. Kevin and Pam weathered these difficult times together, and in 1985, they welcomed another daughter into their lives, whom they named Jillian.

The Adkisson family endured a relentless string of challenges as Kevin’s younger brother, Mike, took his own life in 1987. The preceding years had not been stable for Mike, who suffered from sports injuries and became dependent on painkillers and tranquilizers. The family’s upheaval persisted, and in 1991, Pam faced another loss when her youngest brother-in-law, Chris, passed away. Amidst these difficult times, moments of joy emerged when Pam and Kevin welcomed their first son on June 1, 1988, naming him David Michael Ross after his late uncle. Their youngest son, Kevin Marshall, arrived on November 10, 1992.

The year 1993 proved exceptionally challenging for Kevin, and by extension, for Pam, as they experienced the loss of Kerry to suicide. Witnessing her husband in such heartbreak, Pam navigated through the aftermath of the closure of WCCW, which had been a significant part of their shared vision. Kevin grappled with his struggles, and it undoubtedly weighed heavily on Pam to witness him at his lowest. In 1995, both Kevin and Pam made the difficult decision to relocate away from Texas, believing that a change of environment was necessary for healing, grieving, and rebuilding themselves and their children.

Where is Pam Adkisson Now?

Kevin and Pam started a new chapter of their lives by raising their children in Kauai, Hawaii. With Kevin’s father passing away in 1997 after battling cancer, the ties to Texas diminished. Professionally diversifying, the couple ventured into a family investment business. Kevin, fueled by a growing interest in commercial real estate, seized the opportunity to acquire the rights to Southwest Sports, the distributor for WCCW. With Pam’s unwavering support, they retained and revitalized the company, giving rise to K.R. Adkisson Enterprises.

Despite her daughters showing no interest in wrestling, Pam and Kevin’s two sons, Ross and Marshall, embraced the family legacy by pursuing professional wrestling and participating in competitive matches as a tag team. Jill, their daughter, has three daughters and a son, while their son Marshall has two sons. As grandparents, Kevin and Pam cherish their role in the lives of 11 grandchildren. In a heartwarming move, Kevin and his two sons, in May 2023, purchased a ranch in Texas near San Antonio, marking a return to the place they’ve always considered home.

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