10 Best Pamela Anderson Movies and TV Shows

Pamela Anderson is one of the most popular models on the planet. Nicknamed ‘Pam’, she is surrounded by Paparazzi round the clock. She acclaimed international stardom after she posed as the Playmate of the month for Playboy Magazine in February 1990. Pam is also one of the most desired women on the planet. Famous for her roles in the popular TV series’, Baywatch and VIP, she has also acted in a subsequent number of films. Pam enjoys an immense following all over the world. After a brief stint in her humanitarian works, she returned to the celluloid with 2017’s Baywatch. Let’s have a look at the list of best Pamela Anderson movies and TV shows.

1. Baywatch

Baywatch is the most popular TV series that Pamela Anderson has acted in. Featuring in an iconic role of CJ Parker, Pamela was one of the longest running characters in the series. She immediately accepted the role when the executive producer offered her. Her red outfit turned iconic and the posters featuring Pam were a phenomenon. CJ Parker is her most memorable role till date.


2. Raw Justice

Directed by David A. Prior, Raw Justice is one of the sumptuous thrillers of the 90’s. Pamela Anderson plays the role of a prostitute, Sarah in this 1994 action thriller. The way she propitiates the murderer who is after her and Mace (played by David Keith) was mind-gobbling. It was a commercial success, and also made Pamela Anderson the poster girl of teens.


3. Some Kind of Wonderful

Douglas Schwartz has spectacularly displayed the characters of the renowned action drama series of Baywatch direct-to-video. Six friends decide to have some fun by moving to Hawaii on vacation. All of them eventually ended by making things messing up. Pamela Anderson played the role of CJ Parker in this teen drama.  It is one of her most successful movies till date.


4. Barb Wire

Based on the comicbook series of the same name, Barb Wire is a science-fiction drama directed by David Hogan. Pamela plays the titular role of Barb, owner of night club named Hammerhead. When the club is raided by the chief of the police, Wilis ( played by Xander Berkeley) who targets the fugitive Devonshire ( Victoria Rowell), the latter’s husband Alex Hood re-enters Barb’s life and complicate things up. The critics panned the movie outright, ending as a commercial failure.


5. V.I.P

Pamela Anderson, plays Vallery Irons in the TV series, V.I.P.  Vallery Irons works at a hotdog stand. She is hired by a bodyguard agency called V.I.P for saving the life of a celebrity accidentally. Despite the lack of investigative skills, she defeats the antagonists in the series. Her character was raved for her comic timing and the hotness quotient. This action-comedy TV series was released by Sony Pictures and was later extended to video-games.


6. Snapdragon

Snapdragon was the first movie that Pamela Anderson acted after her success as a Playboy mate.  It also marked her feature film debut. Pam played the role of Felicity in this 1993 crime drama directed by Worth Keeter. Sergeant Peckham who has moved lately from vice squad to homicide in order to solve the mystery in which a prostitute killed her lovers during sexual intercourse. She takes assistance from her boyfriend David Stratton, Police psychologist who eventually falls in love with the culprit Felicity.


7.  Scary Movie 3

Scary Movie 3 is the highest grossing Pamel Anderson movie. Made on budget of $45 Million, it went to collect a whooping $220 Million, making it huge box-office success. The movie’s plot was a parody of many blockbusters like The Ring, The Matrix series. Pamela Anderson played the role of Becca, in this teen drama. All her scenes with Jenny Mccarthy are teen favorites.


8. Superhero Movie

Superhero movie is the spoof of the 2003 movie, Spiderman. Written and directed by Craig Maizin, Superhero movie was a moderate box-office success. Pamela Anderson played a mutant, Invisible Girl in the movie. She is later met by Rick Riker, a student who transforms into Super hero upon getting bit by a Dragon fly inadvertently. Made on a budget of $35M, it grossed about $72M, making it an average fair at the box-office.


9. Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding

Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding is the direct-to-TV film featuring the reunion of the characters of popular TV series, Baywatch.  Pamela Anderson returns in her memorable role of CJ Parker. She opens up a bar in Hawaii and invites her friends. After receiving many fan letters to restart the series, the producers opted to make a direct-to-TV movie.


10. Stacked (TV Series)

Pamela Anderson plays the role of Skyler Danton in this popular sitcom. A comedy series which shows the life of a party girl, Skyler Danton, who starts a new life as an employee in a family bookstore, Stacked. Stacked provided Pamela Anderson with the much-needed success.  However, the show was canceled in the United states, leaving five episodes unaired. The sitcom also stars Elon Gold and Brian Scholaro.