Paul Nassif: The Botched Star is Happily Married and Has Four Kids

Image Credit: Paul Nassif/Instagram

Undoing the mangled results of inept plastic surgery, Paul Nassif reformulates people’s lives in ‘Botched.’ The E! reality series features a streak of patients who are unhappy after getting unwanted results following plastic surgery. In a feat to fit their aesthetic needs, Dr. Paul Nassif uses different measures to help patients find the physical appearance of their choice. Given his life-changing medical interventions, fans have been curious to know more about the surgeon and his personal life. So, if you’re also wondering the same, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Paul Nassif’s Previous Relationship and Children

Paul and Adrienne began their storybook journey after they wedded in a resplendent ceremony in 2002 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. With approximately 500 people in attendance, the duo kickstarted their life as partners on the right note. Shortly after, three young boys came and filled their house with a euphony of laughter. It wasn’t long before their envious lifestyles as socialites became the center of attention in ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’ In addition to the familial bonds of Paul, Adrienne, and their three sons, Gavin and twins Collin and Christian, other themes also emerged. It wasn’t long before the rift in Paul and Adrienne’s marriage solidified and became apparent to viewers, too.

Throughout their stint on the Bravo series, Paul and Adrienne constantly bickered with each other and pointed out several issues. Ultimately, Paul Nassif filed for legal separation from Adrienne on July 30, 2012. Adriene’s hope for reconciliation was swept off when Paul filed for divorce on August 28. The two failed to mediate their differences and were thus involved in a joint custody legal battle. Adrienne requested the court for primary custody of their three boys. What followed was a lengthy battle that came under the microscope of the media.

During the trial, both parties alleged physical and mental abuse against each other. Not just this, Paul also claimed that Adrienne had perpetrated violence against the children.

In retaliation, Adrienne also spoke up about Paul’s violent temper and how their children were afraid of the gun Paul carried in his briefcase. After the court proceedings ended and the matter was resolved, Paul reflected on the damage to his marriage and how reality television accelerated the same. He said, “I think being on a reality show did speed up our demise and divorce. I think it was going to happen anyway, eventually.’

Albeit seeing their marriage crumble due to a streak of unwanted circumstances, Paul and Adrienne have managed to bridge the gap. Since divorcing in 2012, they have attended counseling to come to terms with the anger and reservations they harbored against each other in the past. In a feat to come together for the upbringing of their sons, they have decided to forego the past. In an interview with The Daily Dish, Adrienne confessed, “The good thing is now we are very good friends, care about each other. I believe we really worked hard, we work at it to make things right for our children.” The duo’s children are now grown up. Their eldest, Gavin, has now enrolled in college and looks forward to new opportunities.

Paul Nassif’s Wife and Children

Despite the arduous circumstances that came to pass between Paul Nassif and Adrienne, the former still managed to find love. Paul met Brittany Pattakos at a medical meeting when the latter was studying nursing. However, it wasn’t until the plastic surgeon called up his future wife that the two finally hit it off. They later connected at Adrienne Maloof’s mother’s wedding. Despite the unique situation, it became apparent to Paul and Brittany that they were meant for each other. Since then, the two smitten love birds have continued to gush over each other and create memorable moments as partners. Their whirlwind romance was soon solidified by holy matrimony.

Paul and Brittany tied the knot in a quaint ceremony at their home in Los Angeles on September 28, 2019. The couple later held a wedding reception for their friends and family on October 6th at a lavish party in Greece. More good news awaited the happy couple when they received news of pregnancy. The duo shared their excitement with fans and even did a gender reveal party before the birth. The couple welcomed their daughter, Paulina Anne Nassif, on October 19, 2020. Since the birth of their young angel, the parents have spent days and nights at her beck and call. The family recently celebrated Paulina’s third birthday with their loved ones in their presence.

As for Paul and Brittany, the duo continue to share evocations of love and adoration for all to see. Despite a considerable age gap of 29 years, Paul and Brittany have proved that love really does not see age. Not just this, Brittany is on amicable terms with Adrienne Maloof, as well. Time and again, the couple have been spotted on the red carpet posing with Paul’s ex-wife. Paul and Brittany have also attended Adrienne’s team’s games. So, even though things have been turbulent for the television personality in the past, it is apparent that the medical professional now shares endless happiness with his little unit.

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