Physical Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Inner Voices Clash with Reality

Apple TV+’s comedy-drama series ‘Physical’ follows Sheila Rubin on a journey that transforms her life. Her love for exercise and sharp wit keep her ahead of the competition, and she creates a sprawling business. It happens because she makes very smart decisions early on, quashing anything or anyone that might come in the way of her ambition. However, things take a turn for the worse this season as Sheila seems to be on a streak of making some not-so-smart decisions. In the last episode, she parted ways with Greta, which was a blow to her. But in this episode, she takes it a step further and might just have paved the way for her ruin. Here’s what the events and ending of this episode mean for her. SPOILERS AHEAD

Physical Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

When Sheila decided to give up on the cookie deal and go back to basics, she showed Greta that she’d never consider anyone else an equal partner in her business. Feeling underappreciated and ignored, Greta decides to switch camps and takes the deal to Kelly. While Sheila comes up with new material for her morning segment on Wake Up San Diego, Kelly Kilmartin does an ad for Figure 8 Diet Cookies, and it’s everywhere. Greta tries to stay focused on Kelly and not think about Sheila. However, this new job comes with its unique set of challenges, one of which might be Kelly’s dressing style.

Following their last meeting, in which Danny somehow managed to tug at Fidelia’s heartstrings, they go on a date. It doesn’t take a lot for Danny to realize that they are quite different from each other, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. At home, his sister, Debbie, takes care of his daughter. When he returns home the following day, Debbie asks him about his new girlfriend, commenting that he generally goes for girls much younger than him because they are impressionable, whom he can manipulate. This gives food for thought to Danny.

Meanwhile, John tries to give his wife some space and takes more responsibility for their daughter, Grace. He tells her wife to enjoy some me-time while he takes Grace to the doctor. He realizes how inept he is at the job and that he doesn’t know anything about his daughter when the doctor asks questions. He is in for a surprise when the doctor calls him to reveal that Grace’s blood group matches neither his nor his wife’s, which means she is not his daughter.

Physical Season 3 Episode 6 Ending

Sheila was plagued by a voice inside her head that tried to talk her down all the time. It was the worst thing in her life, but it was manageable. The voice was still her own, and she could keep it separate from reality. In this season, however, the voice evolves and takes different forms. At first, it appears as Kelly Kilmartin. But now, it has evolved even further.

It becomes difficult for Sheila to distinguish between the voice and real people when it takes the form of the people in front of her. If she’s talking to Carlos, the voice will take the form of Carlos, distracting Sheila from what the real Carlos is saying. At the meeting, where she feels free to talk about her struggles and finds support from other women like her, the voice takes the form of all those women, stopping her from revealing her true feelings to her friends, who could help her.

With Kelly Kilmartin’s face following her everywhere, selling Figure 8 Diet Cookies, which she’d binged at the expo, Sheila becomes frustrated, and all the feelings she didn’t let out at the meeting come out at a very wrong time. In her morning segment, she was supposed to talk about the gym as a great place for singles to find something to bond over and maybe find love. But she drops the act at the last moment and does something no one, including her, expected her to do.

She talks about her struggle with the eating disorder, how she used exercise to keep it at bay and throws massive shade on the Figure 8 Diet Cookies. She says there is no such thing as diet cookies, and they are being sold as a beautiful lie by a beautiful liar. She discourages people from going for it as an easy solution, asserting that there is no easy solution when it comes to exercise. There is only hard work and dedication. While what she says might not be wrong, the timing and place of her rant is completely off. It remains to be seen how the audience will receive it.

Perhaps her confession and honesty might sway the audience in her favor, and it might not be as bad as it looks right now. Still, that does nothing to protect her from the wrath of Kelly Kilmartin. In the final scene, Greta calls Sheila to warn her that this direct attack will not be taken lightly by Kelly. Sheila says she didn’t plan any of it and did it because she thought it was right. Still, Greta tells her to brace for whatever Kelly might do next.

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