Platinum End Season 1: Everything We Know

Based On a Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, ‘Platinum End’ is a Shounen survival anime series with mystery, fantasy, and psychological elements. The story follows Mirai Kakehashi, a Japanese orphan teenager dealing with severe depression due to abuse at the hands of his relatives. When he attempts to commit suicide, he is saved by Nasse, a girl with white wings. She claims that she is a Guardian Angel and wants Mirai to participate in a competition that will decide who will become the next God.

The original manga series was published in Shueisha Jump Square magazine between November 4, 2015, and January 4, 2021. An anime adaptation of Ohba and Obata’s work has been announced. If you want to know more about ‘Platinum End’ season 1, we got you covered.

Platinum End Season 1 Release Date

‘Platinum End’ season 1 is set to release in October 2021, on TBS and other Japanese channels AND comprises 24 episodes. The news about the anime adaptation of ‘Platinum End’ was officially made public at the Jump Festa ’21 online event on December 19, 2020. Studio Signal.MD, which also animated shows like ‘Recovery of an MMO Junkie’ and ‘Mars Red,’ developed the series. With ‘Platinum’ End’ being a full-cour series, Hideya Takahashi (‘JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze’) helmed the directorial team for the first part, whereas Kazuchika Kise (‘Kodoku no Gourmet’) led the team for the second. Shinichi Inotsume served as the leader of the writing staff, Kouji Oodate handled the character designs, and Yuusuke Ueno provided the music.

Platinum End Season 1 Plot: What Can It Be About?

‘Platinum End’ is the third collaborative work published by Ohba and Obata after ‘Death Note’ and ‘Bakuman.’ The inaugural season will likely depict Mirai losing his parents and being forced to live with his abusive uncle and aunt. He might gradually succumb to depression and try to kill himself. This is when Nasse will probably make her first appearance to reveal to Miral that she has chosen him to be one of the 13 candidates to replace God in 999 days. She might bestow upon him several tools, including angel wings, with which he can travel to anywhere at an astounding speed; a red arrow, which can make a person fall in love with the wielder for 33 days; and a White Arrow, which causes instantaneous death.

If Mirai uses the Red Arrow on his aunt, he will learn that she and her husband were behind his parents’ deaths. He might also figure out how potentially dangerous these tools can be. As the series progresses, he might discover that he can’t refuse to be a competitor and will be forced to fight against the other chosen individuals, many of whom will probably have no moral issue about killing other people.

One by one, the other 12 angels and their god candidates will probably be revealed in the first season. Mirai might develop romantic feelings for fellow candidate Saki Hanakago. Mirai and Nasse might ally with Saki and her angel Revel to fend off more ruthless and deranged candidates, including Kanade Uryu.

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