Players: Are Mack and Adam Based on Actual Journalists?

In Netflix’s romantic comedy film ‘Players,’ Mack and Adam are two journalists who are working at The Brooklyn Ace, a New York City-based newspaper. While Mack tries to survive in the company as a sports journalist, Adam gives her immense support and confidence, especially while the former faces the possibility of losing her job. With Adam as her pillar, Mack sets out to write a feature about the fan experiences of the New Yorkers. Gradually, it becomes evident that they are more than colleagues or friends. Mack and Adam do not have real-life counterparts. Having said that, it may not be difficult to find traces of them in ourselves or the people around us!

Mack and Adam Are Not Real Journalists

‘Players’ is ultimately a film about the value of friendships and the significance of love. Screenwriter Whit Anderson conceived Mack and Adam and their intricate relationship to remind that “love is always possible” in the words of director Trish Sie. The two journalists tried to get together while attending college but they didn’t pursue their connection as a relationship. Years later, love gives them a second chance at a new and shared chapter of their lives, only for them to not miss it this time. Like Mack and Adam, there are several couples around us who understood the depth of their respective companionships the second time.

After their first try at dating, Mack and Adam choose different pathways to lead their lives. While Mack cherishes casual relationships one after the other, Adam tries his luck in a long-term togetherness. Still, the latter’s love for the former doesn’t evaporate from him. Even while he is committed to Claire, Adam fails to completely separate him from his feelings for his friend. At the end of the day, the strength of his love conquers his talent to hide his emotions. Adam’s plight is not only relatable but also a reminder that it is not easy to kill or conceal genuine love.

Despite being fictional, Mack and Adam’s friendship makes them rooted in reality. Whenever Mack goes through a hard time, Adam is there for her, extending his shoulder for her to lean on as an ever-reliable support system. Whether it is personal or professional, Mack’s concerns always lead her to her close friend, who hides his feelings for her to see her happy. Adam is more or less guaranteed to lead the viewers’ thoughts to their best friends. Their relationship succeeds in convincing one that a partner should be a good friend as well. The value they give to their friendship makes it evident that one shouldn’t take any friend for granted.

Mack and Adam’s concerns regarding the fates of their jobs as journalists can be paralleled with the reality of newspapers. The film begins with Mack expressing her fear of losing her job. The reality of journalists is as bleak as she worries. Earlier this year, Los Angeles Times and TIME reduced their staffers with Business Insider joining them, revealing that it would cut down its workforce. Journalism is a bleeding industry in which workers are finding it hard to survive. Mack clinging onto a feature as her last hope must be relatable for several journalists whose jobs are under threat.

Mack and Adam’s relatable tale succeeds in connecting with our reality in several ways. The movie reflects the world of journalism with authenticity while its protagonists appeal to our emotions commendably. Through these fictional characters and their relationship, Sie and Anderson’s film echoes the truth that love and friendship play vital roles in our day-to-day lives.

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