Plunderer E10: Release Date and Streaming Details

On the surface, ‘Plunderer’ is nothing more than your regular Ecchi fantasy anime, but its mild commentary social status makes it a notch better other shows belonging to the same genre. Moreover, it also has a pretty good cast of characters who fit into stereotypes but are interesting nonetheless. That being said, if you have been following the first season of ‘Plunderer’, here’s everything you need to know about its next episode.

When is Plunderer Episode 10 Release Date?

The first two episodes of the series premiered on Funimation’s official Youtube channel in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand on December 8, 2019. Since its third episode was not a part of this special screening, it was only available when the anime began its regular broadcast on January 23, 2020. ‘Plunderer’ Episode 10 is scheduled to release on March 12, 2020. You can also refer to our preview to know more about the first season of ‘Plunderer’.

Where to Watch Plunderer Episode 10 English Dub Online?

Funimation has acquired the streaming rights for the first season of ‘Plunderer’. You can watch the anime on Funimation in most English-speaking regions.

Plunderer Spoilers

‘Plunderer’ is set in a dystopian world where the worth of every living human is measured through a fixed number imprinted on his/her body. This number can be a representation of anything in that person’s respective life. In the case of Hina, who is the main character of the show, it represents the distance that she has walked. She spends the greater part of her life with her mother in a well-protected home but tragedy strikes when her mother’s number falls back to zero. With this, she meets the same fate as many other humans—she gets dragged down to the dark Abyss. But before she leaves Hina, she gives her a glass orb that contains 10,000 inside it and asks her to look for the Legendary Ace.

To fulfill her mother’s last wish, Hina sets out on a journey to look for the Legendary Ace. However, since she has never been out of her home before this, the world seems to be a rather hostile place for her. Along the way, she runs into a Knight named Licht who travels the fabled lands of their world with his boss, Nana. Nana rants about the sporadic distribution of power in the world and complains about having a low number. The two of them then head their own way and Hina continues her journey. She later comes across a Sergeant who claims to be the Legendary Ace and by doing so, he attempts to molest her.

Hina then reveals her mother’s glass orb and asks him to leave her alone. But instead of following her orders, he tries to steal all of her numbers and only leaves her with one. This is when Licht comes there to rescue her and reveals his own negative count. He then claims that he is the Legendary Ace and the sergeant is left stunned. He is then forced to return Hina’s count.